Desserts & Sweets


Refreshing Honeydew Panna Cotta Recipe

A wonderfully light and tantalizing panna cotta recipe with the fruity refreshing taste of sweet honeydew melon.


Chocolate, Coffee, and Orange Pavlova With Fruit Garnish Recipe

Pavlova is a delicious, elegant, and easy dessert, and this version of it brings it to another level with orange, coffee, and chocolate cream on top.


Apple and Poppy Seed Pie: Quick and Easy Recipe

Apple and poppy seed pie is a simple recipe suitable for inexperienced cooks. Made with apple, tinned poppy seed, ready-made puff pastry, sugar and a little spice for flavour.


Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites Recipe

Have your cookie dough and eat it too! No salmonella risk here.


Cherry and Red Bean Paste Ice Cream Recipe

This rich creamy and delicious red bean paste and cherry ice cream recipe bursts with a wild fruity flavor that is grounded by a hearty, almost chocolate-like, undercurrent.


Brown Butter Almond Cake With Plum Variation

Redolent of toasted nuts and light as a feather, this easy-to-make brown butter almond cake will instantly become a firm favourite with your family and friends!


Everything You Need to Know About Glazing Sweet Desserts

Why do we glaze, and what are the best techniques and recipes? Check out this complete guide.


Red Bean Paste and Cherry Sesame Balls Recipe

Try this red bean and cherry twist on the classic Chinese sesame balls. Delectable!


Red Bean Paste and Cherry Bbang: A Korean-Inspired Recipe

These delicious little pastries are elegant and combine together the superb flavors of red bean paste with cherries, mixing wonderfully with sweet bread


Caramel Orange Angel Food Cake With Mincemeat Recipe

A deliciously beautiful and springy angel food cake with layers of sweet and spice-infused fruity mincemeat and an orange-caramel glaze, dusted lightly with powdered sugar


Old-Fashioned Nut Cake Recipe

This nut cake is a deliciously easy treat!


Red Bean Paste Pancake Layer Cake With Cherry Cream Recipe

This extravagant cake uses layers of red bean paste pancakes, cherry-infused whipped cream, and a chocolate ganache to cover it all to make a delicious and wonderfully rich cake whose contrasting flavors work together perfectly.


Delicious Banana Fritters: A Quick and Easy Dessert Recipe

I have a small banana plantation, which means I always have bananas. This dessert is not only very tasty but quick and easy too.


Easy Baked Beignets (A “Healthy” Twist on a NOLA Classic)

Nothing says New Orleans like Bourbon Street, jazz, and beignets. Baked beignets are a healthier alternative to the traditional deep-fried pastries.


Gobs: A Western PA Version of the Amish Whoopie Pie

A gob is known as a whoopie pie everywhere but in the south central/western region of Pennsylvania. It's a small handheld treat that sandwiches a layer of frosting between two chocolate cookie mounds.


Lord and Lady Baltimore Cakes: History and Recipes

Lord and Lady Baltimore cakes are the fraternal twins of Southern hospitality. Both are cloaked in fluffy white frosting and sandwiched with a boozy fruit filling.


Creamy Pumpkin and Red Bean Paste Pots de Crème Recipe

Deliciously creamy, rich, and luscious, this pot de crème combines the punchy cinnamon spice of pumpkin butter with the fruity, almost chocolate-like taste of red bean paste, an unlikely pairing that works wonderfully well.


Easy Peanut Butter Squares With Oats

A quick, delicious snack everyone will love!


Aromatic Orange Date Angel Food Cake Recipe

A heady and exotic mixture of date and orange makes a light and elegant angel food cake. Topped with date syrup.


Lemon Berry Cake With Almond Flour and Chia Seeds

This is a no-guilt treat I make for myself. Lemon and berries! What more could you ask for?


How to Make a Delicious Chocolate Tart

Who doesn't love chocolate tart? I love any dessert, especially one that's made from chocolate. This rich chocolate tart is one of the best desserts I have ever made. It's the perfect sweet treat for you and your family!


Creamy Soft-Serve White Chocolate Butterscotch and Red Bean Paste Ice Cream Recipe

This deliciously rich, soft, and creamy ice cream recipe combines together red bean paste, white chocolate, and butterscotch into a deeply sweet, almost fruity combination of flavors that is sure to delight any ice cream lover.


Valentine's Day Truffles: Basic Recipe Plus Four Variations

This easy truffle recipe lets you make multiple truffle flavors out of one basic chocolate recipe. Wow your sweetheart or family members with a box of their favorites.


Spent Grain Spice Biscuits

Do you know a homebrewer? If they use grains in their brewing tell them not to throw them away or put them on the compost. Share this recipe with them and make some beautifully spiced biscuits that have the texture of a luxury shortbread biscuit.


Delicious Lemon Loaf With Lemon Glaze and Fresh Berries

This lemon loaf is a soft and moist bread. It's bursting with lemon flavor, topped with a sweet lemon glaze and fresh berries. This quick and easy homemade bread is perfect with a cup of coffee or tea.


Top 5 Secrets to Perfect Cookies

Here are the top 5 secrets that every baker should know about when striving to make the perfect cookie.


Exploring Babka: Story of the Jewish Bread and 12 Amazing Recipes

Babka is a braided cake-like bread originating in the Jewish communities of Poland and Ukraine. Learn its history and how to make one dozen different types of sweet and savory babka.


How to Extend a Boxed Cake Mix: 3 Recipe Options

Sometimes you'll catch yourself in a situation where you need more cake than the box mix has in it. This extender recipe is perfect for times like that.


The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

After 10 years of experimenting, I have finally perfected my chocolate chip cookie recipe! I highly recommend trying this recipe out and tailoring it to your preferences.


White Chocolate, Red Bean Paste, and Butterscotch Haystacks Recipe

These wonderfully rich, sweet, warm, satisfying, and delightful white chocolate, red bean paste, and butterscotch haystacks are joyfully simple to make and even more joyfully simple to eat.


Southern Banana Pudding Recipe With Homemade Vanilla Wafers

You may have had banana pudding before, but I bet it wasn't as good as this one. This Southern staple recipe is exactly the right amount of sweet, creamy, and a little tart from the bananas. If you haven't had the chance to taste this, I insist you try it.


Soft and Creamy Date and Cheese Pie With Caramelized Apples

This delicious and beautiful cheesepie is a less firm, but still wonderfully creamy, smooth, and rich version of a cheesecake, with a heavenly marriage of date, orange, apple, and caramel which makes for a delight to eat, with the multiple flavors mixing together beautifully into a great dessert.


Oh My! Banana Cream Pie

My son loves banana cream pie, and so do I! Here's an easy make-at-home recipe for one the best banana cream pies you'll ever have.


The Secret to Real, Traditional Key Lime Pie

My grandmother picked up this recipe when she lived in the Keys in the 1930s. I’ll also cover the age-old debates: baked or not? Key limes or Persian limes? Graham cracker crust or pie shell?


Vintage Pumpkin Icebox Pie Recipe

This delicious vintage pumpkin icebox pie recipe is one that I found in my mother's old recipe box. The recipe card is yellowed with age and dates back many decades. I am happy to be able to share it here with you!


How to Make Easy Lump-Free Custard for Puddings and Trifles

Custard is quick and easy to make and goes well with many styles of pudding and pies. It only takes about three minutes to prepare and a further three minutes to cook.


Rosy Apple Cake Recipe Discovery

When I found this rosy apple cake in my mother's recipe box, it tickled my curiosity. It was in my grandmother's handwriting on some old motel stationery! I had to make it, and I am glad that I did.


Red Bean Paste and Chocolate Haystacks Recipe

These red bean paste (adzuki beans) and chocolate haystacks have a delightful crunch from the chow mein noodles. Rich chocolate pairs with fruity and earthy red bean paste and walnuts to make this delightful treat.


Retro Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake Recipe

This chocolate mayonnaise cake is quick and easy to make with a few pantry ingredients. If you enjoy eating a moist cake that does not need frosting, then this is the cake for you!


Delicious Apple Pomegranate Pie

This apple pomegranate pie is the perfect combination of sweet, tart, and cinnamon spice to tantalize your taste buds. The pomegranate adds a tiny bit of crunch for those of you who like a little bit more substance to your foods. This recipe is definitely a winner for your next holiday gathering.


Ultimate Guide to Fruit Desserts: Crisps, Cobblers, and More

The history of British and American fruit desserts is full of funny names (bettys, buckles, crisps, cobblers, dowdies, and slumps). Learn what they are and how to make them.


Candied Grand Marnier Almond and Walnut Balls Recipe

This is a rich and decadent dessert of toasted almonds soaked in Grand Marnier to give notes of orange, wrapped in candied walnuts, and mixed with delicious cream cheese.


How to Make the Best Fudgy Double Chocolate Brownies

I love any dessert, especially one that's made from chocolate. These rich double chocolate brownies are one of the best desserts I have ever made. They're the perfect sweet treat for your family!


Chocolate, Orange, and Coffee Soufflé Recipe

This chocolate, orange, and coffee soufflé recipe is based on Julia Child's chocolate soufflé. It is delightfully rich but also light, very elegant and pretty, with a wonderful fusion of flavors.


Chewy and Chocolaty Brownies: Perfectly Light (but not Cakey)

Unlike others, these brownies aren't too heavy yet aren't too cakey, either. They're fantastically chocolaty, too!


Luscious Golden Beet Cake Recipe, With Variations

This autumn-colored cake is worthy of being added to your favorite recipe box. Luscious, moist, and vivid, it is a perfect treat, and it is easy to dress up for any party or gathering. It is lovely for any summer or autumn/winter holiday . . . or just because!


How to Make Sweet Potato Pie

The fall season brings with it so many delicious foods... especially now that we don't mind turning on the oven. This pie is so creamy and tasty, and sweet potatoes are very healthy. So please, enjoy!


5 Baking Tips for Better Baked Goods

This article clarifies some baking directions and discusses ways that can improve the consistency and appearance of your baked goods.


Exploring Whoopie Pies: History Plus 10 Recipes

Whoopie pies are a funny name for a seriously delicious Amish sweet treat. Learn the history of this cake/cookie mash-up and fun recipes.


Blueberry Skillet Cake: A Rustic Dessert

This rustic blueberry skillet dessert is super-easy to make and oh so delicious!