How to Make the Best No-Bake Reeses's Pie Ever

Updated on January 23, 2020
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Penelope Bucket is a professional chef. She has also managed busy ski-resort restaurants and beautiful lakeside dining establishments.

Let's Begin

This pie has chocolate both on the top and bottom of the pie, yes indeed. You will only need a few utensils to make this treat: a microwave, a freezer and a blender. Grab your utensils, and let's get started.

Cook Time

Prep time: 2 hours
Ready in: 2 hours
Yields: serves 12 or more size of slices is your choice

Prep time is short and easy. The freezer time is your wait time.

5 stars from 1 rating of No bake pie
Ingredients | Source


  • 1 bag semisweet chocolate chips
  • 2 tablespoons butter, no salt added
  • 2 1/2 large bananas, ripe
  • 1 cup peanut butter, creamy or crunchy
  • 1/2 tablespoon ground ginger, or fresh
  • 3/4 cup caramel, any brand
  • 2 tablespoons half & half, or milk
  • 7 ounces cream cheese


  1. Glass bowl or microwave container
  2. Wire whisk
  3. Spreader or rubber spatula
  4. Knife, for later
  5. Blender, I adore the Ninja but any good blender will do
  6. Empty pie tin, glass or disposable.
  7. Scissors are optional, I use them to cut open packages it is just simply neater.
  8. The spoons are for taste testing, use them taste testing is important and enjoyable.

Quick Instructions

  1. Use half of the chocolate chips, butter and cream for the bottom of the pie and the other half for the top of the pie. Melt in a glass container, whisk until creamy pour into your pie tin and freeze for 15 minutes, then coat the sides of the pie tin and place back into the freezer until firm.
  2. Place your other ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. Once smooth, grab your frozen pie shell and pour the filling in. Be sure not to cover the edge of your chocolate shell with the pie filling! You will need that edge to create the complete shell. Back into the freezer for another 15 or 20 minutes.
  3. Melt the other half of the chocolate chips, butter and cream and whisk until smooth and then pour over the top of the filling until chocolate meets chocolate. Smooth it out and place it back into the freezer for at least one hour until completely firm and solid.
  4. Use a warm knife to cut the pie, it will slightly melt the chocolate and make the cutting easier if you choose to serve the pie frozen.

A Couple of Side Notes

  • The melted chocolate mixture should pour easily; if it does not, add a little more butter and half and half.
  • If you decide to use glass, lightly butter the glass before pouring the chocolate so it slides out easily later.
  • Be sure to lick all utensils before you wash them; it just tastes good and might bring back some wonderful childhood memories.

Coating the shell. Nobody said it had to be neat.
Coating the shell. Nobody said it had to be neat. | Source


  1. In a microwaveable container (glass preferred), melt half the bag of chocolate chips, 1 tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon spoon cream.
  2. Do not overheat, you are just melting and mixing. Using a wire whisk mix the three ingredients until smooth
  3. Pour into the pie tin and begin spreading the chocolate to your desired thickness. (To thick will be hard to cut through later.)
  4. Place the pie tin in the freezer for 15 minutes before doing the sides, keep your chocolate warm, or warm it again lightly. Pull from the freezer and coat the sides using the spreader or spatula right up to the top edge. Place the bottom shell with the sides completed back in the freezer for half an hour.
Blend it until smooth.
Blend it until smooth. | Source

Instructions for the Creamy Filling

Take the rest of the ingredients except the rest of the chocolate chips, butter and half & half set those aside for the top layer. Toss, place or drop the peeled bananas, caramel, peanut butter, ginger and cream cheese into the blender. Since it is being blended the bananas can be ripe and firm, there is no need to have them be soft.

You also have one half of a banana left over, so eat it they are good for you. But wait! You might need it in a few minutes so hold onto it.

Once the mixture is fully blended and creamy smooth, taste it. Feel it's creamy smooth flavor ignite your taste buds and your body relax into that is so good. If this doesn't happen adjust the flavor, maybe you want a little more banana, if you still have that other half you can add it. Maybe you like just a little stronger peanut butter flavor add a spoonful, blend and taste again.

Once you have the flavor down to a delightful deliciousness. Grab your chocolate shell bottom out of the freezer. Pour it on in. Fill that chocolate shell. Smooth the top out with the spreader if you need to and place the filled pie tin back in the freezer for one half hour. Or until the filling is firm.

While you are waiting, sing a song, take a little break, maybe dance around for a bit. Now I just teased all my employees who knew the pie was going to be for them as a special treat. I quite enjoyed myself.

Now do not go over the top of the side chocolate when filling it, this is important for the seal of complete chocolate!

Pour it in.
Pour it in. | Source
Now I failed to smooth it out completely before taking the picture, sigh.
Now I failed to smooth it out completely before taking the picture, sigh. | Source

The Other Half Bag

Now take the rest of the chocolate chips, butter and half and half repeat the melting process and mixing and pour it over the top of the mixture until chocolate meets chocolate. Giving you a complete seal of chocolate around your creamy filling.

Completely cover the top. I missed a spot! (PS meet Henry the kitchen onion.)
Completely cover the top. I missed a spot! (PS meet Henry the kitchen onion.) | Source

Back in the freezer it goes. I left it in the freezer over night simply because there was one paticular employee who watched me make the pie from start to finish, was so patient about not drooling that I decided she should have the first piece. Since I had sent her home for the day everyone else much to their chagrin had to wait.

It is actually ready as soon as it is solid about an hour.

Out of the freezer. Doesn't it look like a giant Reese's?
Out of the freezer. Doesn't it look like a giant Reese's? | Source

Upside Down

I took the now frozen pie and turned it upside down out of the tin.

Why do you ask did I do this? I actually cut the pie this way with a warmed knife to get a really nice cut through the chocolate. Placed the tin back on and flipped it back over right side up, all cut and ready to serve.

You could just plate it after cutting and serve. I put it back in the tin, so I could walk around with it and watch people drool.

Chocolate top and bottom and all around.  except for the piece that stuck to the pan, another sigh.
Chocolate top and bottom and all around. except for the piece that stuck to the pan, another sigh. | Source

Did you notice the missing chocolate?

See results

Frozen or Not

I served it frozen, we ate it with our fingers no plates needed. If you desire to let it sit out for a bit and serve non frozen. Remember the chocolate will get soft, then you serve a yummy gooey pie either way is wonderful.

I did make this pie using a crust rather than chocolate. The crust was also gluten free using Bob's Red Mill flour and only chocolate on the top. But the chocolate top and bottom was my favorite of the two.

Add a little whip cream, drizzle it with caramel or dress it up with a beautiful piece of mint and enjoy.

Pure Enjoyment
Pure Enjoyment | Source

© 2017 Penelope Bucket


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    • Penelope Bucket profile imageAUTHOR

      Penelope Bucket 

      2 years ago from Seattle area

      Happy to be of service on the lick the utensils it is so very important! This was one of the best pies ever.

    • MsMinarchy profile image

      Miss Minarchy 

      3 years ago from Seattle

      YUMMMMMM! I so need to make this.

      I'm so glad you included "licking the utensils" in the instructions. That way I can tell my hubby that I had to. I mean, it IS in the instructions! lol


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