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Making Desserts at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Jill is an award winning food & entertainment critic. She used to attend red carpet events, theatre & restaurant openings before COVID-19.

Chefs Chris Ford and James Drye

Chefs Chris Ford and James Drye

Creative Pastry Chefs at Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Two years ago, Pastry great Chris Ford joined the team of culinary experts at one of the most outstanding hotels in the world—The Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills.

Recently, I was invited to meet and assemble a dessert with him. First I was escorted below the lobby into the pastry kitchen. It's different than the food and beverage kitchen, and a second home to chefs Chris Ford and James Drye.

Touring the spotless multi-room kitchen we were led to the spacious ice cream making room, then to the two walk-in coolers, a dry room and a decorating room filled with sealed containers of a multitude of different chocolates.

While standing in the decorating room learned actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba played in the kitchen with Chef Chris on Mother's Day. They made pretty cake-pops

At a prep table, I noticed Marilyn Monroe cake pops. They were fun and creative in an Andy Warhol spirited way. Very impressive.

Marilyn Monroe Cake Pops

Marilyn Monroe Cake Pops

Living in So Cal

Chris Ford shared that he lives in Marina del Rey, "It's always chill there." He likes to dine at J. Nichols Kitchen to get a huge stack of pancakes layered with bbq pork and a sunny side egg. Pecan and maple butter enhance this breakfast item to get his day started.

I also learned Chris Ford enjoys taking his three dogs for a walk around the marina. He owns one chihuahua and two French bulldogs. "One is still a pup and requires a lot of attention," said Ford.

New Pastries

Chris Ford likes to create new pastries often for the guests who stay and dine at The Blvd. at the Beverly Wilshire. "I get bored making the same pastries each day, my staff does too," he said. He also likes to play music to inspire his team to have fun and get inspired to create. "Every Saturday we blast The Black Eyed Peas and dance in the kitchen," said Ford. "I take Sundays off, so Saturday is the end of my work week."

With Jazz music playing in the background, Chris made all of the Pretty in Pink components for a small group of journalists and social media experts to assemble and take home. Here's how we made a dessert that was almost too pretty to eat:

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

The multi-step process was easy to make with James and Chris by my side.

Pretty in Pink Dessert

  1. First, we took a little sucrose to dab on a gold foil cardboard round base. We attached a caramelized puffed pastry round on top.
  2. Then we took three raspberry pectin spheres and placed them in a triangle formation on top of the puffed pastry.
  3. We pipped a pink kiss of raspberry mousse in-between the pectin spheres.
  4. Then we pipped whipped cream with mascarpone with a different bag and tip in-between the spaces to offer an exciting pink and white color.
  5. Two fresh raspberries tips down were placed in the center of the dessert.
  6. We glazed thin shortbread donuts with a pink raspberry frosting that is made with rose water, raspberries and sweetened condensed milk to give the top of the donut a nice shine.

Shortbread Donuts

Cook timeReady inYields

25 min

25 min

12 donuts


Bake all ingredients at 325 degrees.

  • butter, cream butter with brown sugar
  • vanilla immersion, blend cream, vanilla, and yolks
  • cream
  • egg yolks
  • all-purpose flour
  • salt

Chris Ford's Culinary Career

Chris Ford got his training at Le Cordon Bleu. He has worked with some of the most esteemed chefs and in some of the finest restaurants and hotels.


  • Worked with Bryan Voltaggio; Thomas Keller; Michael Mina

Hotels and Restaurants

  • Bouchon Beverly Hills; Four Seasons; Clifton Hotel; ChikaLicious and Ritz-Carlton. A Tavern by Michael Mina.
  • At the Beverly Wilshire, Chris Ford prepares all the bakery items for THE Blvd., The Pool Bar & Cafe, and in-room dining and banquets.

Butter Love & Hardwork

At the end I took home Chris Ford's Butter Love & Handwork treat box.

At the end I took home Chris Ford's Butter Love & Handwork treat box.