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How to Make Candy Birthday Cakes

I love making unusual birthday cakes, people are always so surprised when I show them off.

Why not make a cake out of candy?

Why not make a cake out of candy?

What's a Candy Cake?

I have been doing a lot of writing about unusual birthday cakes lately and then I came across these candy cakes. These cakes are just made up of candy, still in their wrappers, from top to bottom.

It does not take much to create one of these candy cakes, just a whole bunch of your favorite candies, a base, and some fun building and stacking skills. Ok and maybe some glue to hold it together.

Imagine the look on your guest's faces when they see a cake made of candy sitting in the center of your party table. You can create a candy cake in place of the actual birthday cake or just as a fun snack to have on hand at the party.

Either way, I think these are so much fun and I am going to share some other photos for inspiration maybe you will have one of these candy cakes at your next party.

How to Make a Candy Cake

You did not think I would not tell you how to make a candy cake, did you? Again it is not very hard to do at all—just requires some good stacking ability, lots of yummy candy, and a minimal amount of supplies.

So here is what you would use for a typical candy cake and remember you can build it any way you like this is just a guide:

  • 8" Styrofoam Circle
  • 6" Styrofoam Circle
  • 4" Styrofoam Circle
  • Cake Base—At least 10" Wide
  • Low-Temperature Glue Gun
  • 5+ Bags of Candy

Then just glue your bases together and starting from the bottom up carefully glue on each piece of candy going around the base. Use smaller pieces of candy to fill in any open spots so you do not see any of the bases. Keep going all the way to the top. You can add a fun cake topper or ribbons on the top—whatever you like—this cake is only limited by your imagination.

TIP: I have seen that some people like to wrap the bases of their cakes with wrapping paper in colors or holiday wrapping so if any parts do show through you would just see the color of the wrap, but it is really not necessary to do, just an option.

Who wouldn't want a piece of this candy cake!

Who wouldn't want a piece of this candy cake!

Creating a Theme Candy Cake

You can create your candy cake with any theme holidays, favorite characters, colors, favorite candies, movie night, baby showers, bridal showers, etc...

  • Holidays: Just choose holiday-colored candy and candles based on the Holiday you choose
  • Favorite Characters: You can do this by using some of the many candy wraps available. You can find lots of people selling candy Wraps online or some even that offer FREE candy wrap templates for printing. Candy wraps are just wrappers you can wrap around your candy bars like Hershey bars, Chocolate Nuggets and you can even find Hershey Kiss stickers (you would just place your Kisses on their sides to reveal the bottoms). These are available in all the characters and Designs. For example, if your child loves Justin Bieber, then get candy wrappers that have Justin Bieber on them and use them on the cake, simple. Of course, if you are creative yourself they are easy to make and print up right from your computer.
  • Colors: Working with a color scheme, then just choose candies within your colors.
  • Favorite Candies: Just get all your favorites candies and get building
  • Movie Night: Having a movie night party, build your cake with all the typical candy you would be able to get at the movies, for your topper use a popcorn container filled with even more candy.

You get the idea. You can really go crazy with what you can do and the ideas are endless.

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