Chocolate Cake Cooked in a Rice Cooker


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Delicious Chocolate Cake

Cooked to Perfection in a Rice Cooker

Cooked to Perfection in a Rice Cooker

Where I Got the Idea to Cook a Cake in a Rice Cooker

Using a rice cooker to prepare dishes other than rice is very common in Asia. My rice cooker has been used to cook soups, steam vegetables, cook fish, and eggs; in fact, the list of dishes that I have cooked in my rice cooker is longer than my arm.

But until recently, I had never baked a cake in my rice cooker. Honestly, I had never thought of it. I would probably still be baking my cakes in an oven to this day if I had not read one of peachpurples articles. She wrote about how she cooked a cake in a rice cooker.

Cooked to Perfection

Chocolate Cake Cooked in a Rice Cooker

Chocolate Cake Cooked in a Rice Cooker

My First Attempt

In the past, I had always baked my cakes in an oven. My first thoughts upon reading peachpurples's article was, "this is an interesting way to bake a cake," followed immediately by, "how come the cake did not come out all mushy?" As I continued to read and saw the photos she posted, I was intrigued. I tried my first cake recipe that very weekend. The results were fantastic; the cake came out delicious, fluffy, and cooked to perfection. I have since cooked many different cakes in my rice cooker, and to my greatest satisfaction have found them all to be equally tasty.

Simplest Way to Prepare This (No Fuss, No Mess)

This is a great way to teach kids. There is no need to pre-heat the oven or check on the cake while it's baking. Pretty much, you just pour the mix into the rice cooker, press start, and wait for it to beep. Once it does, your cake is ready to be popped out. Let it cool, decorate your cake, and it is ready to be served.

A Slice of Perfection

Chocolate Cake Cooked in a Rice Cooker

Chocolate Cake Cooked in a Rice Cooker

The Recipe

Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

15 min

1 hour

1 hour 15 min

8 Portions


  • 1 and a half cups Sugar
  • 250 Grams Butter, use margarine if you prefer
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence, Use vanilla sugar if vanilla essence is unavailable
  • 3 large Eggs
  • 2 cups All Purpose Flour
  • 1 cup Coco Powder
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • a dash of Salt
  • 1 and a half cups Milk


  1. Sift all the dry ingredients into a large bowl and put aside.
  2. Add the sugar into a large mixing bowl.
  3. Soften the Butter, over a low heat stirring constantly
  4. Add the butter to the sugar and whisk until the sugar dissolves
  5. Add eggs and whisk until it is fluffy
  6. Add vanilla essence or vanilla sugar
  7. Add in all the dry ingredients while whisking the whole time.
  8. Add milk and mix until smooth
  9. Grease the sides and bottom of the rice cooker, ( here is a little tip, use butter, it enhances the flavor of the cake).
  10. Pour the mixture into the rice cooker. Press start and you are good to go.

Video Instructions

Chocolate Topping


  • 500 grams cooking chocolate
  • 1 cup cooking cream or whipping cream
  • 50 grams of unsalted butter


  • You will need a bowl that fits snugly over the top of your pot.
  • Break the chocolate into small pieces, throw it into a small bowl.
  • Put a pot of water to boil and put the bowl with the chocolate over the pot. (Optimally your bowl would fit halfway inside the pot, the bowl touching the hot water, but not touching the bottom of the pot)
  • when the chocolate softens add in the butter and cream, stir well.

If there are lumps of chocolate, remove the bowl from the top of the pot and reboil the water. Put the bowl back on top of the pot and stir until the chocolate topping is smooth,
Pour the topping on top of the cake while the topping is still warm, so it can mold itself to the cake.

Chocolate Cake cooked in a Rice Cooker

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Cheryl on August 05, 2019:

Hi, how big is your rice cooker? How many cups?

Onella Ruth on August 15, 2018:

Tried this recipe n it was the best chocolate cake that I ever made. However the sides n the bottom of the cake was burnt due to issues of the rice cooker I used. Regardless of that the cake was super. Gonna make it again on my Hubby’s birthday week after next. Thanks for the recipe

jubelyn on December 04, 2017:

can i use all purpose cream instead?

Dash yang on September 29, 2017:

What kind of milk ??

Heather on September 28, 2017:

I'm trying to cook a cake in the rice cooker and as mine is automatic it keeps switching off and I can switch it back to cook, I have to wait a little while then press again is this normal, cooking for 32mins now and looks like it's done nothing when I look through the glass lid

v on May 29, 2017:

umm can i just use a normal rice cooker? you know, the type with the switch thingy and it will pop up when the rice is done?? will it be the same as using your rice cooker??

Sorry i had to ask i am just afraid my cake will turn out bad ^^

Mikaela on April 07, 2016:

Is it coco powder or cocoa? Sorry im just confused!

ketage (author) from Croatia on December 11, 2015:

I hope your mom enjoyed the cake @Skylar

Real happy you enjoyed the chocolate cake @aparajita bose :)

aparajita bose on December 10, 2015:

The cake came out awesome!!!! I put it in the "cake" mode of my rice cooker. It took about 95 mins. It was delicious, soft n moist and very fluffy.

skylar on November 12, 2015:

baking this for my mom

ketage (author) from Croatia on November 01, 2015:

Wow, 3 hours, that is a long time, sorry it took so long, usually takes me about 1 hour in the rice cooker at normal steam rice setting.

I haven't tried this recipe in an oven before, mostly because I am too darned lazy, the rice cooker is just simpler for me, although; my sister has baked it in an preheated oven at 160°C for 1 hour. test it to see whether it is baked all the way through with a skewer, just to be on the safe side :)

Glad you liked the recipe :))

Kris on November 01, 2015:

Hello, thanks for the recipe its really fudgy and very good. However, it took me about 3hours to cook it in my rice cooker. Have you tried baking it in the oven? If so can you give me the temperature and time? Thanks

raven on February 07, 2015:

sure gonna try this at home!thanks for this wonderful idea!

Easy-tasty-recipe on February 05, 2015:

Yummmmm.......I always looking for tips and tricks :) really very glad to have come across this.

Thank you buddy for sharing.

Jenny on September 24, 2014:

It is very usual but so love recepe! My Redmond 4500 do it very often for me! Also u can add some meat – for multicooker (if u have it) it’s not a problem. In cook book is one similar meal, but I tried it with u! Great idea!

stevothai on September 21, 2014:

Great cake, going to try it but just wondered. If the rice cooker pops to warm after 20 mins, do I leave on warm or switch it back to cook.?

Many thanks

jessica haloi......... on April 19, 2014:

Its was really super idea 2 make a cake in rice cooker i really luved d idea......

Agnes on February 12, 2014:

That's so different - but it sure looks delicious.

Victoria Van Ness from Fountain, CO on February 12, 2014:

This looks amazing! I never thought to cook anything other than rice in my rice cooker. lol How did you think of this?

Mazlan A from Malaysia on February 12, 2014:

I did not read peachpurple's article on baking using rice cooker, but I must admit this is totally new to me, and she is brilliant. I must share this with my wife and my two daughters.

brycekiguchi on January 10, 2014:

Wow! I don't bake but this article is really awesome I might try to do it some time.

Voted up!

RTalloni on December 31, 2013:

Okay, that did it. I'm getting a rice cooker. Soon.

Claudia Mitchell on December 31, 2013:

This looks awesome. Too bad I don't have a rice cooker. Great photos.

lemonkerdz from LIMA, PERU on December 31, 2013:

Looks fantastic,

Errr never thought about making a cake in my rice cooker. What an interesting concept.

iguidenetwork from Austin, TX on November 21, 2013:

That looks so sumptuous. I have a rice cooker at home. I want to try your recipe! At least you don't have to pre-heat it and measure its temperature. :)

ketage (author) from Croatia on September 27, 2013:

A pretty small one , i can only cook 1 kg rice at a time in it :) @Taylor Beall

Taylor Beall on September 22, 2013:

What size rice cooker do you have? I want to just make sure that the amount of batter will be correct.

This recipe looks fantastic, I can't wait to try it out!

ketage (author) from Croatia on June 10, 2013:

I use the white rice setting on my rice cooker, seems to work perfectly for me, takes about 1 hour.

tmbrit on June 10, 2013:

Hi again, I am going to do this today. I do have the "slow" cook cycle so will try that for 1 hr, as I saw that suggest on another site. But will check back for your suggestion later Thanks

Tmbrit on June 10, 2013:

Hi, my rice maker has 2 buttons one for White rice and the other for Brown which I believe the brown is longer which should I use Thanks

ketage (author) from Croatia on June 10, 2013:

Thanks Emma Harvey, if you like chocolate cake, you are really going to enjoy this one, its delicious even without the chocolate topping :) I made this cake yesterday, for my uncle and my cousin, they loved it :)

Emma Kisby from Berkshire, UK on June 09, 2013:

Looks interesting, and I love chocolate cake! Lovely :)

ketage (author) from Croatia on June 05, 2013:

Hello Thelma :)

Thanks for popping in, I was also surprised at how easy and tasty the cake turned out. It was great fun to make.

Thelma Alberts from Germany on June 05, 2013:

Wow! I have not tried baking a cake in a rice cooker. I´ll definitely try it next time. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and useful;-)

ketage (author) from Croatia on June 03, 2013:

Thanks for taking the trouble to post again idigwebsites, Hubpages is a little buggy I think, I didn't get your first post :(

I love these cakes and am going to play around with the recipe, next one is going to be with chocolate chips in it or maybe even chunks of cooking chocolate :)

idigwebsites from United States on June 03, 2013:

Thanks for posting this! (I didn't see my first post here, so I'm posting it again). Again, I don't have an oven at home, so now I know that I can bake a cake on my rice cooker. Steamed cakes are more moist than baked ones. Up and useful. :)

ketage (author) from Croatia on June 03, 2013:

Thank you Vacation Trip, I am happy that you are going to try this recipe.

The cake is easy to make and cookes perfectly in the rice cooker.

You might never bake a cake in the oven again :)

Susan from India on June 02, 2013:

A very unique way to bake a cake. Will surely try this out. The pics of the chocolate cake looks simply mouth watering. Thank you for sharing. Voted up and awesome.

ketage (author) from Croatia on June 02, 2013:

Thank you My Cook Book , If you like the photo, you are going to love this cake, it is moist, fudgy and delicious.

ketage (author) from Croatia on June 02, 2013:

Thanks Paul, it really is a very easy way to bake a cake, and it tastes good too :) I don't have to worry about it overcooking, once the cake is done the rice cooker beeps and you have a moist, tasty chocolate cake.

Dil Vil from India on June 01, 2013:

The cover pic dragged me here to read your hub. I love chocolate, the pic is mouth watering. Thank you, Voted UP and useful.

Paul Edmondson from Burlingame, CA on June 01, 2013:

That looks delicious. Very interesting way to bake a cake.

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