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Easy No-Bake Key Lime Cheesecake

Leona J. Atkinson is a retired professional cake/cookie decorator who now enjoys writing and creating desserts.

Easy no-bake key lime cheesecake

Easy no-bake key lime cheesecake

A Mouth-Watering, Refreshing Dessert

Key lime lovers, this dessert is for you! It's a quick and easy cheesecake that not only looks good but tastes absolutely delicious. It's a great choice for any occasion for which you'd like to serve a refreshing dessert that will bring rave compliments.

I recently created this dessert as a birthday gift for my granddaughter's boyfriend, who was turning 19. When I was planning his birthday supper, I asked what his favorite dessert was, and he replied key lime pie.

Okay... who says a birthday dessert has to be a cake? In this case, it is going to be a birthday pie... or maybe a birthday cheesecake!

Now, I had never made or even tasted a key lime pie, so I wasn't quite sure how to go about creating his favorite dessert—but I was determined to try.

Having made some delicious lemon curd bars recently, I decided to adapt that recipe into a key lime cheesecake, and it worked! He loved the result, and I bet you will, too. Even though I've never been a lime lover, I am now hooked on the refreshing citrus taste of this easy, no-bake cheesecake.


  • 10-inch graham cracker pie crust, ready-made (store-bought)
  • 8 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 8 oz key lime yogurt
  • 8 oz cool whip, unfrozen
  • 2 key limes, squeezed and zested


  1. Juice and zest 2 fresh key limes. Set aside.
  2. Beat softened cream cheese until smooth. Add key lime yogurt and mix. Add 2 tablespoons of fresh key lime juice and mix. Add half of key lime zest (save the rest for garnish). Fold in cool whip. Mix ingredients well.
  3. Put mixture into the 10" graham cracker crust. Garnish top with remaining key lime zest. Refrigerate for 2 hours and serve (or freeze and serve later).
  4. I garnished the top of my birthday boy's key lime cheesecake with not only the zest but also a half slice of lime and some mini teddy grahams.
A happy birthday key lime cheesecake

A happy birthday key lime cheesecake

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