Product Review: Food Lion Brand Brownie Mix

Updated on July 9, 2018
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Warm brownies, fresh from the oven

I'd Buy Food Lion's Brownie Mix Again

Food Lion brand brownie mix is pretty good as I will discuss in this product review hub here on HubPages. When you bake Food Lion’s brownie mix according to the instructions on the box, you will find that they bake up superbly and are comparable to a reputable bakery's brownies. You will be very pleased with this product. In addition to the delicious taste, you can purchase these cheaply. I have seen this box on sale a lot. It usually costs approximately $1.19, but I have seen this brownie mix on sale for as low as 88 cents! That is such an awesome deal! In addition to the box, you will need

  • oil,
  • eggs,
  • and water,

which also don't cost very much. Among the best tips often offered on various brownie mix boxes are that

  • if you want more dense brownies, you should use just two eggs.
  • If you want more cake-like brownies, soft and moist, then you should break a total of three eggs into the brownie batter instead.

There will be prescribed types of oils to use when using various baking mixes, but for these brownies, you can use vegetable oil, canola oit or even olive oil. I have baked brownies with this brownie mix numerous times and have the tendency to use whatever type of oil it on hand and the brownies have consistently baked up very well regardless. For a lengthy period of time in recent years, olive oil was practically the type of oil that I ever wanted to use when cooking or baking because it is a healthier choice. I haven’t had any negative experiences even baking desserts with olive oil. Olive oil is typically more expensive to buy than other types of cooking oils. Nevertheless, you will feel assured that you are making a healthier choice when cooking or baking with olive oil. Sometimes finances will dictate buying a cheaper oil. The most recent type of oil that we have purchased for our own kitchen and currently hold in the pantry is vegetable oil.

Bake lots of brownies at a very low cost

The brownie mix with the added ingredients yields such a big tray of brownies that it can be great for a party or special event. Look out for the most exceptional price on this brownie mix during holiday seasons. You might find this Food Lion brand brownie mix at its best price around Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas for example.

One healthy, protein packed and satiating ingredient that you can potentially add to the brownie mix is walnuts. Baking these brownies with walnuts gives them the wow factor. With one taste, you will feel like you are indulging in a truly decadent and seemingly expensive dessert that is in fact very economical. The most expensive ingredient in the brownies will be those walnuts. I typically like to purchase Fisher brand walnuts. Coupons for Fisher brand walnuts are usually readily available. You should be able to get at least $1 off of the standard price of the walnuts. Surely, you can add other types of nuts such as peanuts to the brownie mix instead but I particularly like using walnuts and highly recommend it. Yes, walnuts are a bit pricey at times but they are filling and make each brownie serving even more satisfying. Walnuts are also a heart healthy ingredient and they are good for you!

Brownies with milk

For a period of time, I genuinely enjoyed indulging in iced coffee drinks from Aldi supermarket. While I have cut down significantly on purchasing those iced coffee drinks at this point, one of the things my family enjoys doing is saving the glass bottles that the iced coffee comes in and reusing them. We peel off the labels, discard the caps and sterilize the bottles in the dishwasher cycle. Then, we enjoy using these glass bottles are we would other drinking glasses. The kids love drinking from these 12 ounce glass bottles with plastic straws. When we pour milk into these glass bottles, they bring nostalgia as they remind me of the old fashioned vintage milk bottles and they have quite an appealing look. A warm brownie from a fresh batch of baked brownies that were baked with the Food Lion brand brownie mix goes very well with a glass of fresh, creamy and whole milk. This cheap snack or dessert is indulgent and highly satisfying for adults and children alike.

What type of nuts would you add to the brownie mix?

For you, what would be the most preferred type of nut to include in the brownie batter before it bakes?

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