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How to Make and Store Your Own Baking Pre-Mix

Jana is a baking enthusiast. She loves sharing tips and recipes with fellow flour-sprinkled souls.

Pre-mixed ingredients make for hassle-free baking.

Pre-mixed ingredients make for hassle-free baking.

Store-Bought Vs. Homemade Pre-Mixes

Why make your own blends when food companies already sell pre-mixed ingredients? Their products offer mouthwatering options like pancakes, muffins, red velvet cake, and more. Sure, these commercial products are easy to use, which is a blessing for bakers with two left hands! There is no need to measure out the ingredients, the baking process is quicker and the results are delicious.

There are two problems, though. The range offered by pre-mix companies is limited. There might come a day when you realize that your favourite treat is not among the boxes. Secondly, a store might offer a pre-mix of that cake you love but it works out cheaper to make your own.

Thankfully, there is a simple way to make and store your own batches.

A Home Baking Business Opportunity

Do you love coming up with your own recipes? Do people go nuts over your baking? Then this suggestion is for you!

In the last few years, consumers have returned to supporting home bakers. It's not hard to see why. Home bakers offer personalized products, fresher cakes than store-bought, and better prices.

But if you have a specialty or signature cake that’s too expensive (when baked and decorated), then few customers might open their purses. Here's the trick. Customers might buy the pre-mix of your signature items at a reduced price. It’s a great way to expand your business and best of all, the shelf life of a pre-mix is longer than a cake's. You needn’t fear that it will go bad when it does not sell immediately.

Step 1: Pick Your Recipe

The most successful pre-mix recipes are simple ones. If you are new to pre-mix, start with something that will turn out great and give you more confidence. You can start with cookies, small cakes, and muffins. Once you gain more experience, you can experiment with more complicated recipes.

A pre-mix is perfect for a quick, hot breakfast.

A pre-mix is perfect for a quick, hot breakfast.

Step 2: Gather the Dry Stuff

After you have chosen a recipe, make a list of all the dry ingredients that you'll need. Once you have gathered them together, follow the recipe's instructions and measure each dry ingredient. Put them aside.

Choose a clean container to store your mix in. If you’re going to sell pre-mixes, you can pick out an attractive bottle and decorate it with twine and a card stating the instructions.

Step 3: Create Your Mix

There are two ways to do this and both are very easy!

  • If the pre-mix is for your own use, just mix the dry ingredients together and put them in the container.
  • The second is an aesthetic tip for the entrepreneur. A product's appearance is a big selling point. You can add the dry ingredients in layers inside the bottle to create a fascinating appearance.

Step 4: Add a Label

Having a jar bursting with tasty pre-mix is wonderful. But sometimes, one might stare at a bottle of pre-mix and have no idea what it's supposed to bake. Do yourself a favour—especially if you plan on making a lot of pre-mixes—and add a label.

Write down the name of the recipe, the wet ingredients that are required, and other details you think are necessary. For a customer, this is both a helpful and a professional touch that will reflect well on you.

Cookies are hugely successful in the pre-mix industry.

Cookies are hugely successful in the pre-mix industry.

How to Store a Baking Pre-Mix

The easiness continues! You don’t need a diploma in storage to keep your pre-mixes functional and yummy. The most important thing to remember is to seal the containers well. This will prevent moisture from reaching the contents. A good seal will also stop ants and roaches from trying their luck.

Place the container in an area that is dry, cool, and dark. A corner in the pantry is the perfect spot. Don’t forget to add storage suggestions to the label when selling your pre-mix.

Useful and Cost-Effective

There you have it. Pre-mix bought from the store might be quicker but can be more expensive and with limited options. More often than not, making a pre-mix at home is more affordable and varied. Once you become more adept at making your own batches, there will be a ready supply when you have unexpected visitors—or you just feel like spoiling yourself with the best muffins ever.

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