How to Make a 3D Bear Cake

Updated on August 30, 2018
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I love baking and sharing my journey of becoming a full-fledged, real-deal cake decorator.

3D Bear Cake

One day, I was approached by someone who wanted a panda bear cake for his little girl's birthday. As usual, I accepted the task and did what I always do: research. I looked through many different cake sites for ideas and inspiration. One cake that I saw repeatedly, in several different forms, was the 3D bear cake. So off I went to Michael's, 50% coupon in hand, to purchase a Wilton bear pan. This cake can be made with a 3D cake pan or cut freehand. The latter was out of the question for me, so the bear cake pan was the way to go. While making a test cake, I learned what to do and what not to do. I figured I would help spare someone else the headache I had as I experimented with this medium.

Bear Cakes

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My version of a panda bear cake.First attempt, I did not use enough batter. Don't make this mistake or your bear will be pawless!!
My version of a panda bear cake.
My version of a panda bear cake.
First attempt, I did not use enough batter. Don't make this mistake or your bear will be pawless!!
First attempt, I did not use enough batter. Don't make this mistake or your bear will be pawless!!

How to Make a 3D Bear Cake

  • The Pan: This pan is the Wilton Stand-Up Cuddly Bear pan. It can be purchased at hobby shops like Michael's, AC Moore and Hobby Lobby. If you have a second-hand store in your area, check them out. Don't be afraid to peruse second-hand stores, you may be surprised what precious gems you may uncover. If you do purchase a used pan, you may find out you do not have the heating core or clips. Don't fret! This cake can be made without the core and giant paper clips can be used to hold the pans together.
  • Preparing the pan: Prepare the pans as you would for any other cake. I use shortening and a dusting of flour. Be sure you grease the inside and outside of the heating core thoroughly, or your cake will surely stick. Clip both sides of the pan together and place core in middle.
  • Cake recipe: This cake requires a dense cake recipe in order to stand properly. Wilton recommends you use a box cake mix and pound cake mix together. I found that combination quite boring, so I used 10 cups of my doctored cake recipe. If you have a delicious pound cake recipe that will do also. Pour batter into cake pan and heating core. My test cake didn't have paws because I failed to use enough batter.
  • Bake: Place pan on foil-lined rack on a cookie sheet. Your rack may need to be lowered to the bottom placement prior to preheating since this is a tall cake pan. Cook cake for approximately 55 minutes. Test doneness by sticking a skewer into heating core. If the skewer comes out clean, it's done!
  • Cooling: This step is very important! Stand the cake up to cool in pan for about 10 minutes. Then loosen clips and remove half of the bear pan. Let cool for an additional 15 minutes. Switch sides and repeat.
  • Icing: I have found it beneficial to use a crusting buttercream. I make my own icing, but any decorator's icing will do. After applying a crumb coat, refrigerate for about fifteen minutes. The icing is ready when it doesn't stick to your hands when you touch it. I usually do these steps the day before actually decorating the cake.
  • Decorating: Be creative! My initial cakes were done with the ease of a star tip. For a more realistic fur effect, you may want to try a grass tip. Take your time. It may take a while to completely cover the cake, but if you do it in sections you will have a cleaner look. I use fondant for the eyes, nose and fondant flowers.

Well, I hope these tips will help you produce a lovely bear cake. Take your time and be creative. Your options are limitless. Whoever receives this cake will feel so special.

Are you a visual learner? Bear cake video

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      • profile image


        6 years ago

        did you use both the box mix and your own pound cake mix.? or can you use just the pound mix.?

      • tulika4321 profile image

        Rita Bose 

        7 years ago from Kolkata,India

        Awesome!! Very cute:P

      • indanila profile imageAUTHOR

        Inda Blackwell 

        7 years ago from Hampton Roads

        No problem, I like to share info as I learn new ways to bake cool cakes

      • sabrani44 profile image


        7 years ago

        Great hub, thanks for sharing. I really want to try a panda cake :)

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        I have had this pan for a long time & am going to use it for my grand-daughters 3rd birthday this week! I got the cake mix & the pound cake mix & am ready to go ... I was lOOking online to see if anyone has put a princess crown on the bear to get measurements to make mine out of gum-paste (I am sure I will figure it out) LOL! Just wanted to tell you ... your cake is cute! wish me luck ... I made a 3D duck for my niece's baby shower about 7 years ago ... it turned out OK! :)

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        Thank you for the advice. I, too, will be attempting to make a panda cake for my daughter's 9th birthday. I didn't know where to find the wilton's pans, but now I am off to Michael's (with coupon, of course)! Thanks again. This was VERY helpful.

      • profile image


        9 years ago

        Thank you for this posting. I just tried making my own test bear & it's a mess. The head fell off & the body started caving in on itelf! Since it's just the test I just used icing to glue it back together but I'm hoping my next one will turn out better.

      • profile image

        gasan gasim hasan 

        10 years ago

        its too funny and interest

      • indanila profile imageAUTHOR

        Inda Blackwell 

        10 years ago from Hampton Roads

        I would like to take a course also. Right now I just surf the web and read a lot of tutorials. I really enjoy cake decorating!!

      • judydianne profile image


        10 years ago from Palm Harbor, FL

        What a cute cake! I have always wanted to take a cake decorating course.

      • indanila profile imageAUTHOR

        Inda Blackwell 

        10 years ago from Hampton Roads

        My pleasure!!

      • profile image


        10 years ago

        Thanks 4 The Tips & Pics.


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