Mysore Pak

Updated on September 23, 2017

Mysore pak is an Indian sweet that is cooked in ghee from Karnataka, India. It is basically a sweet Indian fudge. It is traditionally served at weddings and other southern Indian festivals.

Mysore Pak

Asweeni's Kitchen
Asweeni's Kitchen


  • 1 Cup Besan, Gram flour
  • 1 Cup Ghee, Clarified butter
  • 2 Cups Sugar, Caster sugar
  • 1 Cup Water

Mysore Pak

Asweeni's Kitchen
Asweeni's Kitchen


  1. Grease a tray, and keep aside. In a pan, add 2 cups of sugar and 1 Cup water to make the sugar syrup. When sugar is dissolved, let it boil until you get one-thread consistency. See notes how to form a one-thread consistency.
  2. While your sugar syrup is getting ready, take a non-stick pan and heat the cup of ghee.
  3. Once the ghee is warm, add 1 cup besan. Fry the mixture in the pan. It should be watery, and there should be no lumps.
  4. When the besan starts to boil like milk and raise, add the sugar syrup and cook until it thickens up.
  5. Pour the mixture on to the greased tray, and let it cool for 5mins.
  6. After 5 mins, cut the mysore pak into desired shape, and let it cool completely. Serve once cooled.


How to Get the One-Thread Consistency

  1. When you put the syrup on your thumb and pointer finger, one thread should be formed.
  2. If it doesn't, keep cooking until it forms one thread.

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