Organic Chocolate VS. Regular Chocolate


What Exactly Is Organic Chocolate?

Before writing this hub, I always defined organic chocolate as ‘expensive’ chocolate; I never stopped to research why it’s expensive, and what the difference is between organic chocolate and the Big Name (cheap) stuff I usually bought.

One of the main differences is that organic chocolate is created using cocoa beans which have not been treated with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. True organic chocolate should not stop at the cocoa bean—any other ingredients included in the blend (sugar, milk, nuts, fruit, spices, etc.) should be organic as well. Of course, just because the label reads organic does not mean that it is totally organic; check the labels closely—your chocolate’s organic percentage could be anywhere from 70% to 98%.

USDA Organic Seal
USDA Organic Seal | Source

How Do You Know If Your Chocolate Is Organic?

1. There should be a label that reads: USDA Certified Organic. This can be either on the front or the back of the packaging.

2. The USDA National Organic program forbids the use of preservatives, artificial colors, and GMOs. If you see any of these listed on the packaging, then your chocolate is not organic

3. As mentioned earlier, organic farming should maintain and replenish soil for cacao trees without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers

4. Ideally, organic chocolate is minimally processed, and in separate facilities away from conventional chocolate

What Is the Harm of Eating Conventional Chocolate?

After finding out all this information about organic chocolate, I became dubious in regards to my current Big Name chocolate preferences. How, I wondered, was conventional cocoa treated and processed, if not cleanly and with safe environmental practices in mind? One of the most shocking discoveries for me was to find out that conventionally grown cocoa is one of the highest pesticide-using crops out there. For someone who consumes so much chocolate (almost every day), this did not sit well with my mind or stomach. Here are some additional unpleasantries found in common chocolate:

1. High fructose corn syrup: Also referred to as corn sugar, it is commonly found in sodas and other processed drinks and foods. Having too much HFCS has been linked to weight gain, cavities, and poor nutrition

2. Artificial flavoring and artificial coloring: While studies are still being made on the effects of using chemical combinations to create ‘natural’ tastes and colors (some claim it can cause allergies and exacerbates those with ADD or ADHD), I always was a bit perturbed to think of ingesting something called “red #5”

3. Wax! This I just find insulting…

Does Organic Chocolate Really Taste Better than Regular Chocolate?

After hours of research, I was at least willing to try some organic chocolate to see if I could taste any difference in flavor and/or quality. Here are the ones I started with:

Lake Champlain Organic Milk, Sea Salt & Almonds
Lake Champlain Organic Milk, Sea Salt & Almonds | Source

1. Lake Champlain: Milk, Sea Salt & Almonds. My verdict? Small squares of organic bliss, especially if you are a fan of sweet and salty pairings. The chocolate has 38% cocoa content, the almonds give it a nice crunch, and the grey sea salt is splendid.

Dagoba Organic Lemon Ginger
Dagoba Organic Lemon Ginger | Source

2. Dagoba: Lemon Ginger. This is for the dark chocolate aficionados; made with 68% cacao, the lemon essence is stronger than the ginger, perhaps because it’s crystallized. This bar is rich, and even richer is the fact that a portion of the proceeds will help fund tree planting projects in Costa Rica.

Vosges Organic Enchanted Mushroom
Vosges Organic Enchanted Mushroom | Source

3. Vosges:This self-described “haut chocolat” is indeed made with the finer things in life (many of which I have never heard of). The bar is entitled, “Enchanted Mushroom” and contains reishi mushrooms (known for various health benefits), walnuts and 66% cacao. For a half-ounce bar, it is definitely a splurge, one that I wouldn’t recommend unless you are an adventurous eater. This was the strongest of the bunch, and the mushroom powder lent a bitter aftertaste.

Organic Chocolate Convert

Now that I’ve tested the organic chocolate waters and sunk my teeth into a few varieties of edible gold, I have to say this: common chocolate fails in comparison. Organic chocolate really does have a more generous, complex taste, and while it can be pricey, I find that I am satisfied with less. In the past (ahem, last week) I could literally devour an entire bar of Big Name chocolate in one or two sittings. With the pure, smooth and mouthwatering flavors of organic, I’m happy with just a few squares. Now, more than ever, I love to give and receive chocolates with extraordinary flavor.

In conclusion: The light has been turned on for me; I can see clearly, finally, that chocolate is a thing of beauty and we should treat it (as well as those who make it and as well as ourselves) as such.

Of course, the danger of knowledge is that you are left hungry for more...this is why I decided to write a hub on Fair Trade Chocolate. Strangely, organic DOES NOT signify fair trade!

Still Have a Sweet Tooth???


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Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Please feel free to leave your organic recommendations if you have any! Thanks for reading!

workwithnature profile image

workwithnature 4 years ago from Ireland

Ah you can never beat chocolate :) love the stuff. Am much more inclined to buy organic any ways :) With all the extra addictive substances they pump into your regular chocolate. I stay well clear of them.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Agreed, worwithnature. Thanks for reading and I hope you get inspired to try some new organic choclaty goodness!

mamita 4 years ago

tried some organic chocolate from ecuador this week-end;complex is a good word for it in comparison to the Big Names....did not know about the pesticides....yikes!My lifelong m&m peanut habit may be coming to a halt, I find that my taste now leans toward dark chocolate anyway....the purer the better!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author


While old habits die hard, I think the more you try quality chocolate with quality ingredients, the harder it is to go back. Also, the way that workers are treated, not to mention possible child slavery on cacao plantations, is enough to make anyone chocolate pura, and thanks for reading and commenting!

Rachel Mazique 4 years ago

Ah, chocolate. I have long-loved the dark chocolate, and I'm becoming a fan of all the interesting mixes! I never really understood the difference between organic and non. Thanks for explaining!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Your welcome, rachel! Dark chocolate is so much better without all the additives! Thanks for reading...

JJ 4 years ago

Very Informative article, never tried organic chocolate but I am strongly considering it after reading your article. You mentioned that the USDA forbids GMOs.  what exactly are GMOs?  Also am curios of which one of the three chocolates you tried would you buy again?

Tia 4 years ago

Another enlightenment! Didn't know about the pesticides, eww. Already a dark chocolate fan, will be sure to look for the organic. Agree that one "fine" chocolate can be very satisfying, as opposed to feeling the need to devour an entire Big Bar. May not be organic, but Godiva dark chocolate key lime truffles...mmmm.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author


GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. While there are both pros and cons to GMOs (a pro is larger crop yields) there are a few big cons:

1. Currently, FDA does not require that food be labeled as being a GMO or not. You don't even know if you are eating a real apple! (Unless it is organic)

2. Some food alergins may occur in foods you are ot alergic to, due to ingredients from unknown sources

3. Not enough long-term tests have been conducted to know long-term health risks

Thanks for asking...I may include this in the hub, as it is another complicated issue.

In terms of chocolate--I would buy Dagoba or Lake Champlain again! But in different, organic flavors.

Thanks for reading and your great question!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author


Please do look for organic dark chocolate! There are a TON of options! They taste better and help the environment and the people who work the crops.

p.s. Theo "Bread and Chocolate" is sold in my organic grocery...probably in yours, too!

Thanks for reading!

AnaTMach 4 years ago

You're right about the Big Name chocolate - not all it's cut out to be. Nuthin like some raw organic cacao to get me going right before a workout/dance off. Not sure if you've ever tried Scharffen Berger Extra Dark but it's got some nice zing at the end like a sharp yet pleasant aftertaste. You'll know when you taste it.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Thanks for the recommendation, anat! I never thought of using chocolate as a pre- workout boost! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Simone Smith profile image

Simone Smith 4 years ago from San Francisco

Great overview- and hurrah for organic chocolate! I'd like to put a word in for smaller chocolate companies that don't always sell certified organic bars- often the chocolate meets all the requirements needed to be called organic, but they can't afford or don't bother to go through the special certification. Many of these companies sell chocolate that comes directly from growers they work with, and the stuff is AMAZING! So in addition to choosing organic chocolate, I recommend going with chocolate produced by small companies that work directly with cacao farmers :D

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Thanks Simone!

My only concern is how can you be sure it is organic unless you buy from the farmer? I just wouldn't want to inadvertently support a Big Name, or have the money go to an unknown source instead of those who deserve it.

Do you have any recommendations of brands or small companies?

Thanks so much for your thoughtful input!

Da 4 years ago

If you liked the initial batch of organic chocolate you tried, wait until you get the magnificent batch of dark beauties that we are sending you - look forward to the new reviews - welcome to the chocoholics club

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Da, what a great gift! Chocolates and compliments! Thanks so much for reading!

Anna 4 years ago

I love love organic chocolate and splurge when I make to my favorite health food store. But now I love it more because I didn't know about all the pesticides and grossness! Thanks for going through your rigorous and grueling "research" of testing out all these delectables. What a job! :D

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Thanks, Anna! It is worth it to make the switch! More and more I am excited to try new varieties and makers-there is a whole world of chocolate out there! Thanks for reading, I'll be sure to keep researching!

kikalina profile image

kikalina 4 years ago from Europe

congrats on hub of the day. Never realised there was organic chocolate on the market!

offpainting 4 years ago

Green&Blacks is heaven on earth

Swetankraj profile image

Swetankraj 4 years ago from India

Really after reading such wikis about chocolate i will be starting loving more chocolates. Really the hub truly deserves as hub of the day. Congrats for being hub of the day!

Emma Harvey profile image

Emma Harvey 4 years ago from Berkshire, UK

Oh wow, I had no idea. I thought organic meant the way things are grown and harvested without chemicals and pesticides. I didn't really think the rest of the ingredients were affected. So it is more expensive for a good reason!

You have me converted (especially when it comes to giving regular chocolate to my autistic son).

Congrats on your hub of the day :)

Melovy profile image

Melovy 4 years ago from UK

Congratulations on hub of the day. And what a worthy subject that needs to be given more exposure, so well done you! Organic chocolate is great. I loved reading about the mushroom variety. We have a wonderful small local manufacturer who makes fun varieties such as 'salt and caramel' or 'red bush chai'. (But I live in Scotland so I can’t recommend them to you. :()

susanm23b 4 years ago

Congrats on your hub of the day! I love reading about things we all use/eat every day. Chocolate is something amazing that should be savored--not gobbled. You do a great job of giving advice so we can be more discerning. Thanks for your interesting info :)

thesingernurse profile image

thesingernurse 4 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

Your hub is very informative! And you are right about the cacao trees involved in making some of the cheaper types of chocolate. Due to their high demand in the market, these companies engage to some sort of "hocus pocus" to manipulate cacao cultivation to increase chocolate production. Now, I am looking for some local stores in my area which are actually selling ORGANIC chocolate. I would also like to experience that chocolate 'bliss' you're telling about. :D

Voted up for this hub. Congrats for being featured today! :D

borneo profile image

borneo 4 years ago from Austria

I like to eat chocolate a lot but I never thought of organic types. Thanks for this hub!

snagerries profile image

snagerries 4 years ago from Singapore

Congratulations for becoming the hub of the day!

cclitgirl profile image

cclitgirl 4 years ago from Western NC

Congrats on a well-deserved hub of the day. I have tried to rid my life of chemicals...but I didn't think about chocolate. Rats! I bought some regular chocolate before I read this hub for a hiking trip today. I'll still eat it, but with a contorted face knowing I'll be eating corn syrup, flavorings and...WAX! Ew.

pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 4 years ago from sunny Florida

Congratulations on your hub of the day! Very interesting...I really had no huge fan of chocolate so now will need to check out these organic chocolates. Thanks for sharing this.

jenubouka 4 years ago

What an awesome read and very informative. Don't you love when chocolate has to be tested for the job? I love and prefer organic chocolate and the Green and Black brand is nice as well.

Working in a kitchen with mass production is challenging at the moment to work with 100% organic chocolate for the cost reasons. Although I hope the masses will learn the importance of unnatural additives involved making stream line products and make the switch.

BlissfulWriter profile image

BlissfulWriter 4 years ago

Aside from taste, is organic chocolate healthier due to less pesticides used in the cocoa plant? Or is it that by the time it becomes chocolate, the pesticides would not be detectible either way?

Cyndi10 profile image

Cyndi10 4 years ago from Georgia

Congrats on Hub of the Day. I love chocolate, but very picky about the chocolate I eat. I'll give organic a try. Thanks for the useful information.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Thanks, kikalina! Yes, there is actually quite a bit out there, especially in natural health/organic food stores. The market has expanded a lot in the last few years, and is getting bigger every day! If you try some, let me know what you think...and check out some of my recommendations if you need ideas!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

offpainting, I agree! Not to mention that they treat the earth well=). Thanks for reading!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Swetankraj, thank you! I wish you well in your love of chocolate, and thank you for the kind words.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Hi Emma,

I also was a bit clueless about how the rest of the ingredients are affected. It costs more, but I think it's worth it, and honestly, it tastes better. More and more I am uncomfortable with the idea of eating anything that is overloaded with chemicals...I just hope that more companies become organic!

Thanks so much for reading!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Thanks, Melovy! I have tried salt and caramel bars here in the U.S., but have yet to see a 'red bush chai'! What is the company's name? Perhaps these varieties can be shipped=). Thanks for reading and the kind words!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author


Wow, thanks for the grea compliments! I used to be a chocolate gobbler myself and after researching and writing, as well as trying organic, I can never be like that again. Good food needs to be savored, indeed! Thanks for reading!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

thesingernurse--You would be surprised, some of the bigger stores have organic chocolate, but just be sure that all of the ingredients (or most of them) are organic! Thanks for your vote!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

borneo--try it and you'll never go back! Thanks for reading!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

snagerries--thanks for reading!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

cclitgirl--talk about bad timing! try to think to yourself, 'self, this is my last non-organic chocolate bar!' Enjoy the hike and thanks so much for reading!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

pstraubie48--thank you! if you need ideas for what to start with, read my recommendations! you won't be disappointed=)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Jenubouka--it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it, right?! I hope that we get to the point where organic chocolate is the chocolate of choice, and also, that it can be a bit more affordable for everyone. Maybe the Big Names need to invest a bit more in their workers and farms, and not just selling the cheap stuff to the masses. Good luck with your kitchen work, how cool!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

blissfulwriter--organic chocolate is healthier for taste, less or no chemicals, no additives, etc. Basically, organic chocolate should be real ingredients and not harmful chemicals, and they should also treat the environment and workers with care and respect. With Big Name chocolate, sadly, these things are not priorities.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

cyndi10--thank you! If you need ideas, check out my recommendations! Or, shoot me a message with your particular tastes...I'm sure I can give you advice on the best bar for you=)

nina64 profile image

nina64 4 years ago from chicago, Illinois

Wow!!!!! I never knew that there was such a product like organic chocolate! I assumed that the Big Name companies used quality, wholesome ingredients when making their products. Just goes to show what I know after all these years. I guess you are what you eat!!!! Thanks for a wonderful and informative hub. I will definitely look into purchasing some organic chocolate. :)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author


I made the same assumptions... More and more I see that it is up to us as consumers to investigate what we are eating. This is another great think about a lot of organic friendly companies- they are more transparent and forthcoming about the steps and ingredients involved. Thanks so much for reading!

Austin Dawursk profile image

Austin Dawursk 4 years ago

I now know how to my chocoholic life style healthier. I love chocolate. Now I need chocolate. But I have none. Sad face. great article btw.

Tracy Lynn Conway profile image

Tracy Lynn Conway 4 years ago from Virginia, USA

Hi Danareva, I was not even aware that there was such a variety of organic chocolate. I would have certainly volunteered to be a taste tester if I knew you were doing this research. Excellent hub! Voted up and useful. Welcome to HubPages.


prasonline profile image

prasonline 4 years ago from Sri lanka

Congratulations for being hub of the day!

I like reading about the mushroom variety.

Thanks for sharing this.

carozy profile image

carozy 4 years ago from San Francisco

Thanks, lots of good info.

savannahsmith098 profile image

savannahsmith098 4 years ago

Awesome Hub!I would love to see more stuff from you!I also shared your hub on my facebook!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Austin- don't be sad just go buy some organic chocolate! Thanks for reading!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Tracy- thank you so much! I hope you try some of my recommendations and I will let you know if I ever need taste testers=)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Prasoline- thanks! The mushroom is def a strong flavor but if you like robust tastes, then it might be for you! Thank you for reading and commenting!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Carozy- thank you for reading! More to come soon!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Savannahsmith-wow thank you for sharing on fb! You will certainly see more from me soon!

arusho profile image

arusho 4 years ago from University Place, Wa.

Oh, great hub! I, too love chocolate and have it almost every day like you. We get our chocolate mostly from Trader Joe's which I believe is all organic. But I will have to check the label of the one I like the most. Congrats on hub of the day.!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Arusho-thanks for reading! There is no trader joe's in austin but I have heard good things. Nonetheless, check carefully on anything you buy, even if it says organic! Sometimes it is only partly organic, which is better than nothing, but not the best! Thanks for the congrats- it is quite an honor=)

DzyMsLizzy profile image

DzyMsLizzy 4 years ago from Oakley, CA

OMG--chocolate! How could I NOT read your article--you definitely have my number! I have known for decades about the difference between "regular" and "organic" foods. However, I did not realize that WAX was a component of my favorite treat! Ugh!

As for the additives in your thanks. With the possible exception of coconut or fruit, I prefer my chocolate "unadulterated." I'm not a big fan of almonds, either.

My preference is, "the darker, the better." I do not even like milk chocolate, as I find it 'not chocolaty enough.' A friend recently sent me a Dagoba 80% dark bar. Oh, my heaven! Bliss wrapped in foil!

This was a great read, and a well-deserved Hub of the Day! Congratulations! Voted up across the board, bookmarked and shared.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Dzymslizzy- Wow what a great comment and compliments! Yes, WAX shocked me as well, but also to know that sometimes organic is not 100% organic! I LOVE dagoba chocolate! I am also a fan of dark, although recently I tried 100% CACAO and it was awful! I guess I still need a bit of sugar=) thanks for reading!

modgirlok profile image

modgirlok 4 years ago from Oklahoma

I absolutely love Endangered Species' dark chocolate bars. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to cocoa products.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Modgirlok-Yes they are great for the environment and species though In my opinion they need to do more with fair trade to help the farmers! Thanks for reading!

THEHuG5 profile image

THEHuG5 4 years ago

A hub about chocolate...hmmm I think I like it lol. I've never tried organic chocolate but I know that organic food always tastes way better compared to the alternative. I'll definitely take your advice and give some organic chocolate a try. Thanks for writing this!

homesteadpatch profile image

homesteadpatch 4 years ago from Michigan

As sad as it is to learn, wax is used mainly to skip the tempering process. Adding wax gives a firmer chocolate with an attractive glossy sheen. Wax is used because it is cheap, and makes the manufacture simpler (and cheaper). The problem here is that paraffin wax isn't meant for human consumption, but they use it anyway... Voted up!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Thehug5-thanks for reading! I know you wont be disappointed when you try organic chocolate...

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Homesteadpatch-I'm a firm believer in quality food and not sacrificing quality for money, especially when it cones to the environment and the workers and o course the consumers! Why are we paying money to put gross and even unsafe products into our bodies? And why don't they tell us this?

I prefer to spend a bit more and feel better but I also believe that everyone has the right to eat good, wholesome food. I hope one day its affordable and available to everyone. Thanks for your vote!

Cosmic Bus profile image

Cosmic Bus 4 years ago from Maryland

Congrats on hub of the day and I can see why...super informative and now all I want is some organic chocolate! Voted up.

healthwealthmusic profile image

healthwealthmusic 4 years ago from Everywhere Online ~ Fingerlakes ~ Upstate New York

What an awesome and honest hub! I have had both organic and non-organic chocolate. The non-organic tastes flat and too sweet after eating the richer, stronger, organic chocolate. If it were possible, I would ALWAYS eat organic - not just chocolate, but everything!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Cosmicbus-thanks for your vote and for reading! Go buy a high quality bar and share it with a friend=)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Healthwealthmusic--thank you so much for reading! I would also love to eat organic all the time, but as a recent grad who studied creative writing that's probably not going to happen any time soon!

John Sarkis profile image

John Sarkis 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Very well written article - congrats on winning "hub of the day...."

Truth be known, I do not like organic anything! I find the taste of organic foods funny and don't care for them at all. I do like chocolate very much, but I would not consider myself a chocoholic by any stretch of the imagination. I tasted organic chocolate and it tastes bad to me.

Take care and God Bless


Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

John- thanks for the congrats! Perhaps you did not try the right chocolate for your tastes- there is a lot to choose from so I wouldn't give up! Thanks for reading.

tgopfrich profile image

tgopfrich 4 years ago from Stettler, AB

Very good hub! I want to go try some now! Voted up and shared on my Herbal Habits facebook page, feel free to check it out :) thank you!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Tgopfrich-thanks for reading and sharing! I will def check out your page!

Greg Sereda profile image

Greg Sereda 4 years ago from Sandomierz, Poland

The fact that conventionally grown cocoa is one of the highest pesticide-using crops out there is new to me! Good info.

Mushrooms in chocolate ... maybe not ... That's one of those things that you're probably going to find on a list of the ten worst snack ideas of the century in a few years.

I used to be like you - devouring an entire bar of chocolate in a sitting. However, I made a New Year's resolution to not eat sweets anymore; and I'm sticking to it. Although, I will eat some carob snacks. Have you tried carob? I had some kind of carob cake with nuts recently, and it was really good.

Duffee profile image

Duffee 4 years ago

This is a very helpful and informative blog on Organic Chocolate. As a chocoholic--I can tell you--that I enjoy organic chocolate--but I no longer have the wrapper to tell you the brand I bought. I will get it the next time I'm at the store--and share with you!! Great post--and congrats on the Hub of the Day!!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Greg- thanks for reading and commenting! Dark chocolate is actually really healthy, in moderation! I have not had carb and may have to look that up...

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author


Thanks for reading and commenting and your kind words! Please do tell me your preferred organic brand- i'm always looking for suggestions!

tsmog profile image

tsmog 4 years ago from Escondido, CA

Chocolate is awesome! Honestly never considered there being an organic chocolate until this article. Thank you for the enlightenment, so to speak. Cocoa is my candy of choice as a diabetic - low carb count for satisfying the sweet tooth. I'll pay attention for the label on organic now!

amymarie_5 profile image

amymarie_5 4 years ago from Chicago IL

I LOVE chocolate!! Organic chocolate is a bit more pricey but I go to Trader Joe's and I don't think their prices are that bad. I can't wait to try some of the chocolates on your list! I really want to try Vosges. I'm curious to see what mushrooms and chocoate taste like. I like mushrooms, would never think to combine the two!

Rated up, interesting, awesome and useful!

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 4 years ago from New York

Congratulations on a great hub and being hub of the day. Obviously I'm not a fan of pesticides but I do buy from a local candy maker who makes the BEST chocolate....

Claudia Tello profile image

Claudia Tello 4 years ago from Mexico

I have found that most of the organic chocolate in offer is very dark chocolate, 70% and up. The reason I don’t buy it that often is that I much rather have milk chocolate (or one that is on the light side of dark). I specially love chocolate with toasted hazelnuts, almonds, pecans or walnuts, mmmmm…...yummy! My recommendation for organic chocolate producers is: introduce variety!!!!

LoriSoard profile image

LoriSoard 4 years ago from Henryville, Indiana

Great article. I never really considered the differences. Very informative.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

tsmog--thanks so much for the compliments! I do believe it is an enlightenment--an enlightenment I myself had just a month ago. My grandfather was diabetic, so I know how tough it can be to find something that tastes good and is good for you!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

amymarie_5--you and me both! Vosges was actually not my favorite, only because I don't love mushrooms...but if you do (and it is a STRONG flavor) you will probably enjoy it. Start with a small bar, though, just in case=)

Thanks for your vote, I appreciate it!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

tillsontitan--yes, when you say "pesticides" of course we all's just that they don't tell us what's in our food that is even scarier! Try more organic--you'll fall in love. Thanks for reading and commenting!

rorshak sobchak 4 years ago

Great job on your Hub. Congratulations on Hub of the day. Well deserved. :)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

claudia--yes, dark chocolate is definitely more common! Lake Champlain has a lot variety--if you go back to my page I have a write up about their "Milk Chocolate, Sea Salt and Almonds"--you will love it! Also Theo's bread and chocolate says dark, but it's pretty light...

I think that the more customers demand high quality, eco and farmer friendly chocolate, the more producers will offer. Thanks for reading and commenting=)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Lorisoard--thank you and thanks for reading! i hope you consider trying some organic chocolate soon...

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

rorshak--thanks so much! I am humbled and so glad you read and commented.

Eliminate Cancer profile image

Eliminate Cancer 4 years ago from Massachusetts

Dark chocolate is an antioxidant which has many health benefits, so not only does it taste better - a good quality, organic chocolate is actually good for you.

By contrast, those health benefits are lost in the cheaper chocolates, which carry health risks with the addition of fats, and sugars.

So, you are doing something good for the world, good for the environment, and good for yourself. Plus, it tastes great - Win, Win, Win :)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Eliminatecancer-I agree wholeheartedly! I can never go back to Big Name chocolate now and have found that by becoming more aware, my tastes are changing and expanding. Thanks for a great comment!

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

Indeed, "common chocolate fails in comparison!"

Congrats on your Hub of the Day award--no surprise that a quality hub on quality chocolate would make the grade! :) Good chocolate is such a nice friend!

moiragallaga profile image

moiragallaga 4 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

Congratulations for Hub of the Day, well deserved. Very informative and you make your point very clearly and convincingly. I love chocolates and now you got me thinking about organic chocolates, I should try them out. Thanks.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Rtalloni--Thank you for reading and for the support, and here's to our mutual friend chocolate!=)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

moiragallaga--yes, please do try organic chocolate! It is worth it, and I have some good recommendations to try on my page, as well as on the "What is free trade chocolate" hub. Thanks for reading and commenting!

rebeccamealey profile image

rebeccamealey 4 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

I would never have realized the difference.Thanks for this information. Congratulations on Hub of the Day!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

rebeccamealey--thank you for reading! I also was not aware of the difference until recently, but believe me, it is a HUGE difference in terms of flavor, ingredients, treatment, etc.

vasantha  T k profile image

vasantha T k 4 years ago from Bangalore

Useful hub learn't about organic and regular chocolates. Congrats.Best wishes.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

vasantha T--I'm so glad that you learned something from my hub! That is a great compliment and thanks for the congrats=)

Thelma Alberts profile image

Thelma Alberts 4 years ago from Germany

Congrats for the hub of the day! Thanks for sharing this. I love chocolate especially on cake. Voted up. Take care.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Thelma-thanks for the vote! You can't go wrong with chocolate and cake=)

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 4 years ago from Philippines

I love chocolates and this one is really interesting. I haven't seen one in my country yet but I will try to look for one...I am really curious bout the taste though I love the bitter sweet taste of dark chocolate...

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Maria- thanks for reading and let me know if you find anything good!

David 4 years ago

I really enjoy the darker varieties of Equal Exchange chocolate bars. They're fair trade, too.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

David- so far I'm happy with the milk and dark! What is your favorite? Thanks for reading and commenting.

Gemini Fox profile image

Gemini Fox 4 years ago

Congrats on the hub! I'm a chocolate lover too, especially dark chocolate, but I've never tried organic - will have to now!

Don't normally eat Big Name choc. bars but after not having eaten one for a long, long time, did buy one the other day - milk choc. with almonds. It was soooo bad: the bar was smaller than they used to be, the almonds must have been mutant miniature 3rd grade almonds and, worst of all, it left that waxy aftertaste - AWFUL!! So bad I emailed the company . . . of course, I got the standard form letter back saying they would keep my comments in mind. Guess the moral of that story is that it is worth paying more for good chocolate!!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Gemini fox-thanks for the congrats! I am with you on Big Name chocolate- there is no point in paying good money for bad chocolate, or worse- something disguised as chocolate! Check out my recommendations for a much better choco experience!

skyfire profile image

skyfire 4 years ago

How about dark chocolate? I eat a lot of them during holiday season. Are they safe (I mean made up of non-harmful ingredients) ? I'm just confused with the brands and genuine chocolates in the market. Thanks for this hub. :)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author


unless the dark chocolate is specifically certified "organic" then there exists the risk that you are eating chocolate with pesticides, GMOs, chemicals, and worse. If you are still confused, try any of the chocolates I listed, or check out my hub on FAIR TRADE chocolate, which also has some nice recommendations=)

Thanks for reading and commenting, and here's to healthy, quality,organic, delicious chocolate!

Cosmic Bus profile image

Cosmic Bus 4 years ago from Maryland

Danareva, spent $5 on a fair trade organic candy bar called Alter-Eco Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Velvet made in Switzerland. It does not have the green and white sticker though, it says Certified Organic by QAI? The package says by purchasing it you are supporting the Boliivan Amazon farms. It is one of the best tasting candy bars I have ever had, so delicious! I found in in the organic section of our Safeway grocery store.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Cosmic Bus--I LOVE Alter Eco chocolate! So far I really enjoy the Dark Chocolate Quinoa, but I will have to try the Dark Chocolate Velvet!

If it is Certified Organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International), that's great--QAI is a USDA-accredited certifying agent!

I am so glad that you like the chocolate, and thanks so much for sharing. Isn't it worth the $5??? =)

Cosmic Bus profile image

Cosmic Bus 4 years ago from Maryland

Thanks for the info and it is most definitely worth it. Spending that much will also give me better self control! I will have to find the Quinoa one.

Jena Kirkpatrick 4 years ago

Live Oak Market on Manchac has the best selection of organic chocolates. yum

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author


I will have to check that out! Thanks for reading!

DougBerry profile image

DougBerry 4 years ago from Abilene, TX

Hey, congratulations on your HubNugget nomination. You can vote and view the other nominees in the Food and Cooking Topic here:

Hub of the Day and HubNugget nominee, you must tell us your secret!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Dougberry-thanks so much for the kind words! All I can say is I read, write and edit... All the time!!! Lately, everything else has been second...even sleep! Maybe that's not the healthiest secret!

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Wow so many chocolate lovers out here LOL I haven't tried organic chocolate as I have been staying away from chocolate lately. :) Gosh, but you made me want to look for some organic ones....

Congratulations on your Hubnuggets nomination. To all who would like to read and vote, join the Hubnuggets team and their adventures right here:

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Ripplemaker-why stay away from chocolate?? You really need to try organic- it's much more tasty, healthy and kind to the environment. Thanks for reading and commenting... And the congrats!

THEHuG5 profile image

THEHuG5 4 years ago

Just an update! I tried that seeds of organic milk chocolate that you recommended and it's really good! And it doesn't take a lot to satisfy so while it was more expensive, it will definitely last longer and I won't inhale it like I would a snickers bar. Plus knowing how much you spent on it helps you slow your roll. Thanks again for this hub!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Thehug5-wow that's great! I'm so glad you enjoyed and welcome to the ranks of organic fans! Now you have to try fair trade...

adrienne2 profile image

adrienne2 4 years ago from Atlanta

Hi Danareva, Are you serious, wax in chocolate?? This is certainly a shocker to me. Very interesting, voted inteeresting, and voted up!!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Adrienne2-yes, it was a shocker to me as well! Once you start to try organic chocolate, you will begin to notice how fake the regular stuff tastes...I had no idea the level of garbage I was eating until I gave organic and fair trade a try! Thanks so much for commenting and I hope you join me on the organic side=)

chrisand profile image

chrisand 4 years ago

Informative hub Danareva. I was aghast to read that cocoa is one of the highest pesticide-using crops out there, as I LOVE my chocolate and now won't be able to enjoy it as much knowing the cocoa used in it was heavily sprayed with pesticide :( I may now have to become an organic chocolate connoisseur. Will be interesting and enjoyable to do my own taste tests :)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

chrisand--Yes, it is bittersweet to know that we really have no idea what real, organic chocolate tastes like. But, on the upside, taste testing is fun and delicious, and gives you good karma!

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

LittleHomestead profile image

LittleHomestead 4 years ago from Illinois

I recently started ordering organic, fair trade chocolate from Santa Barbara can find them online. They sell a variety and you can order in bulk. We ordered 50 pounds and split the order with friends. The price came to around $5 per pound, if I remember correctly.

Thanks for the great hub. Can't say I have any interest in chocolate with mushrooms. :)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

littlehomestead--ordering organic, fair trade chocolate in bulk is a great idea! I can't imagine what I would do with 50 pounds of it, though!

Thanks for reading...maybe mushroom isn't for you, but perhaps, ancho chilies???

LittleHomestead profile image

LittleHomestead 4 years ago from Illinois

Not sure about the chilies either! I guess I'm not that adventurous. ;-)

We split the chocolate up between several families. We all belong to a co-op together and I have the scale so it is easy. But 50# would last us a year or so. That company also sells in 3# bags. For anyone who likes to prepare most of their foods from scratch, it is great to have bulk products on hand.

twoseven profile image

twoseven 4 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Thank you for the hub - I've always wondered about this and never taken the time to find out. I too think organic tastes better, but now I have extra reasons to spend the extra money to buy it! I really like the Dagoba chocolate you mentioned. And Newman's Own makes some organic chocolate bars too which are great.

Beata Stasak profile image

Beata Stasak 4 years ago from Western Australia

Always loved organic chocolate, now I know why:)..thank you and all the best with your hubbing:)

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Beata- once you try it you can never go back! Thanks for reading and commenting and happy eating

MeaghanMossburg profile image

MeaghanMossburg 4 years ago from Las Cruces NM

I really want to try some organic chocolate now lol!!

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Meaghan- today is a perfect day to start! Thanks for reading!

rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

Great hub on the merits of organic chocolate. We do not get organic chocolate in India. I am including a link to this hub of the day in my forthcoming hub on the benefits of dark chocolate.

And congrats on getting hub of the day for this hub!

Voted up, awesome and useful. Shared too.

Danareva profile image

Danareva 4 years ago from Miami Author

Rajan- thanks so much for your kind words! I am a huge fan of dark chocolate- is it popular in India?

Thanks for reading and sharing and I look forward to your hub!

MeiraP 4 years ago

Hi thanks for this,

I am a chocolatier and while I would love to use organic chocolate for my truffles, the organics I have found simply do not taste as good as Guittard. After experimenting with different chocolate for years, I settled on Guittard. So I felt very validated when I started working in bakeries and saw that they used Guittard. Do you know anything about their provonance, I am hoping they are one of those companies that just didn't pay to get certified organic.

afro-cerealist 4 years ago

In the end. I like both. Thanks for the knowledge.

Best Language profile image

Best Language 4 years ago

Very thoughtful article. I'm just curious whether there have been any actual studies done on the health benefits of organic vs. "normal" chocolate? In other words, is there a real difference? Or, do we just assume that there is a difference because we like organic things?

lemonkerdz profile image

lemonkerdz 4 years ago from TRUJILLO, PERU

great hub and love the pics. as an official chocaholic i was used to eating anything that has chocolate on the label. now living in peru and the lack of good commercial chocolate i did find they produced 100% organic coco blocks. living in the region of coffee and cocoa growing in jaen and seeing the time and work in caring for these plants to produce so little in the way of fruit you learn to appreciate that quality counts.

thanks for the research

B. Leekley profile image

B. Leekley 3 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Up, Useful, Interesting, and shared with followers and on social networking sites. You've convinced me to opt for organic. I've added this article to a links capsule in my How to Host a Poetry Night Party with a Wines and Chocolates Potluck hub.

rasta1 profile image

rasta1 3 years ago from Jamaica

I do enjoy the bitter taste of dark organic chocolate. I also prefer it unflavoured.

Amy Peterson 3 years ago

Danareva, I work for an online magazine, Chocolate Connoisseur and we were going to do an article on Fair Trade and Organic chocolates. I wanted to know if you would allow us to repost both of your articles in our magazine? Organic vs Regular this month and Fair Trade next month. Let me know as soon as you can. I will check here but you can also reach me at Thank you!

spice527 2 years ago

Personally, I find organic chocolate almost almost a bit too bitter in it's taste. Give me a bar of Galaxy any day!

ecogranny profile image

ecogranny 2 years ago from San Francisco

I'm new to HubPages--one of the Squidoo pass-overs, and when my lenses are finally brought over, you will see that I am a HUGE fan of organic and Fair Trade chocolate, among other products, so I am absolutely delighted to find this page here.

Thank you for writing this piece, and for thinking about the health and environmental impacts of the food you eat. One of the reasons I eat only organic and Fair Trade chocolates now is because of the child labor in most conventionally grown chocolate. Not only are children used to grow, harvest and produce much of the chocolate we eat in the west, but quite often they are not free to leave their jobs, and their pay, if any is extremely low.

I am grateful to find you here on HubPages and grateful for this hub. Now I'm off to read your article on Fair Trade! Yay!

Lisa 2 years ago

Newman's own organics

Mocha milk chocolate

It has a hint of coffee. Which I'm usually not a fan of in chocolate but now I am.

It is awesome.

hen 13 months ago

chocolate is good

Andrew Disame :: 6 weeks ago

Just knowing that chocolate eaters like Dana De Greff have their eyes on what is healthy in terms of chocolate.

Their research on choclolate is beautiful and extremely valuable to me in particular.


I recently bought DAGOBA DARK CHOCOLATE with this label on their package. Please tell me what you know about this. Thanks


New York City.

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