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Snickers vs. Baby Ruth Candy Bars: What's the Difference?

Snickers vs. Baby Ruth candy bars

Snickers vs. Baby Ruth candy bars

How Are Snickers and Baby Ruth Candy Bars Different?

The indulgent combination of chocolate, peanuts, nougat, and caramel have captivated the taste buds of people across the world for over 100 years. The chewy, smooth, and crunchy candy bars, Snickers and Baby Ruth, are favorite treats for both children and adults. These two candy bars have become household names. They're a constant companion when you check out of the grocery store, alongside other staples like gum and playing cards.

One Saturday morning, I was eating a "fun size" Baby Ruth, and I thought to myself, "Hmm, this tastes a lot like another candy bar!" Suddenly, it hit me like a sugar coma: "Snickers! This tastes just like a Snickers!" I began to present my observation to the outside world and to my surprise, I was met with harsh disagreement.

  • "Baby Ruth has way more peanuts!"
  • "Snickers has smoother chocolate!"
  • "Baby Ruth has BIGGER peanuts!"
  • "Snickers has more caramel!"

After the sugar-hyped mob had resigned their pitchforks and doused their torches for the night, I still had my burning question to answer. "How do Snickers and Baby Ruth candy bars compare?" So began my journey to the truth.

The Visual Comparison

Upon returning to my lair with a candy bar in each hand, I noticed the air was a perfect room temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the kind of precise climate needed for a candy bar comparison. I set the Snickers bar alongside the Baby Ruth, and I saw an instant difference between the two before I had a chance to remove them from their packages. The Snickers bar appeared to be shorter and thicker, and the Baby Ruth was longer and slightly thinner. I had to get a closer look. After undressing them and setting them side by side, this was in fact the case, along with other noticeable differences.

  • Snickers bar: Has a shorter thicker body, with a shiny, almost reflective layer of chocolate, coating its tasty insides. The chocolate ripple on the top creates a weave pattern reminiscent of an argyle sweater. No peanuts protruding, just a simple smooth bar with a chocolate drizzle pattern on the top. It presents like an edible fashion statement.
  • Baby Ruth bar: Has a longer thinner body, with a matte chocolate exterior, as if to say, "Nothing to see here. Go on, keep walking." But we won't keep walking. The Baby Ruth bar has curves in all the right places. The peanuts are almost escaping the chocolate, and it's not even trying to hide it. We see you, Baby Ruth.

After ogling each candy bar the visual differences between a Snickers and a Baby Ruth couldn't be more obvious. Their shapes, their sheen, and their sizes make them easy to tell apart from the outside, but as Momma always says, "It's what's on the inside that counts."

Snickers dissection

Snickers dissection

Baby Ruth dissection

Baby Ruth dissection

The Dissection: What's on the Inside?

With my knife sharpened and my eye sharper, I began to delicately slice the candy bars from chocolatey top, through layers of peanuts, nougat and caramel as an almost-silent squeal of excitement escaped my lips.

  • Snickers: The chocolate crumbled slightly less than the Baby Ruth as I moved my serrated blade through the candy bar. It has a flat layer of light-colored nougat at its base with peanuts inside the nougat. Above that, a rich layer of caramel rests with more peanuts inside the caramel. There are peanuts all throughout this thing!
  • Baby Ruth: Unlike the Snickers, this bar has a roll of nougat at its base without any peanuts inside of the nougat. Instead, the peanuts surround the nougat that is coated in a thin layer of caramel.

From what I see after dissecting the two candy bars, It appears the Snickers has more caramel than the Baby Ruth, though the Baby Ruth has more nougat. Also, the nougat in the Baby Ruth is a much darker color than the Snickers bar. To my surprise, the number of peanuts seems to be comparable, though distributed differently throughout the two candy bars.

The Taste Test: The Moment of Truth

  • Snickers: Has a smooth milk chocolate taste, balanced with creamy nougat and caramel, but the dominate flavor is the peanuts blended throughout the entire bar. It's nicely balanced and isn't overly chewy. The chocolate has a very familiar taste that is much different than the chocolate in a Baby Ruth bar.
  • Baby Ruth: Has a bit more chew than the Snickers but also isn't overly chewy. It has more crunch than the snickers, which makes me believe that it has larger peanuts. The crunch also comes from the fact that the peanuts are more consolidated than the Snickers. There's a strong flavor in the nougat that tastes a bit like molasses. Also, the peanuts have a bolder taste because they are dry roasted.

After tasting both side by side, there are obvious differences. Not only in the way the bars are layered but how each ingredient is made. The chocolates are much different from one another. The nougats do not taste the least bit similar, and each candy bar provides a completely different level of crunch from the peanuts. All in all, both candy bars are delicious and can stand on their own.

My Favorite Candy Bar: There Is a Difference!

I returned to the town center to report my findings that following morning, but the street lamps were still burning from the night and the only person up and about was a small wide-eyed boy delivering the daily news. I quickly got his attention, "Boy!" He was quite startled and scurried off.

So, I headed to the church, where a large bell hung below the eaves. I burst through the doors and climbed one, two, three flights of stairs to the sight of my bronze messenger. I grabbed its rope and yanked. From the top of the church I rang that bell and shouted, "Snickers and Baby Ruth are NOT the same! Snickers and Baby Ruth are NOT the same!"

In complete exhaustion and knowing my work was done, I collapsed. In celebration, right there in that old church tower, I pulled a candy bar from my pocket. It was a Baby Ruth Bar. My favorite candy bar of all.

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