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Tiny Teddy Cars - Easy, Fun Treats Kids Can Make by Themselves (Almost!)

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Tiny Teddy Fun Racing Cars

These super cute little Tiny Teddy cars look fantastic and are always a hit with the kids. They are surprisingly very simple to make and are a great edible craft project.

It's easy to make as many or as few of these treats as you need. As well as just for fun, they are perfect for birthday parties, decorations on the cake or cupcakes, or as an alternative to cupcakes to send to school.

My nine-year-old made these by herself with only just a little help to melt the chocolate and with cutting. Here are her own kid-friendly instructions.

Tiny Teddy Car ingredients

Tiny Teddy Car ingredients

Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

20 min

2 min

22 min

We made 18 with one packet of chocolate bars


  • Tiny Teddy biscuits
  • Mini Chocolate Bars, (Milky Way or Mars Bars work well)
  • Smarties, (or similar chocolate buttons)
  • Milk Chocolate Bits
  1. Sort Smarties into colors. You will need 4 1/2 smarties of one color for each car.
  2. Cut some Smarties in half for the steering wheels. You will need 1 smartie for 2 cars.
  3. Cut the bottoms off the Tiny Teddy biscuits. You will need 1 teddy head for each car.
  4. Unwrap the chocolate bars. You will need 1 for each car.
  5. Organise the teddies, half Smarties, whole Smarties and chocolate bars ready to assemble the cars.
  6. Melt a large handful of chocolate bits in the microwave. Do this by putting the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, and microwaving for 20 seconds then stirring. Repeat until the chocolate is melted.
  7. Put the melted chocolate into a plastic sandwich bag, and snip a tiny corner off it.
  8. Put some melted chocolate onto the sides of the chocolate bars, and press on the Smartie wheels. Keep going until all the cars have wheels.
  9. Keep going until all the cars have wheels.
  10. Next use the rest of the melted chocolate to add the half Smartie steering wheels and the Tiny Teddy drivers.
  11. Put in the fridge to set, and enjoy!

Sort Smarties Into Colours.

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Cut Some Smarties in Half for the Steering Wheels.


Cut the Bottoms off the Tiny Teddy Biscuits. Keep the Heads.


Unwrap the Chocolate Bars.


Melt a Large Handful of Chocolate Bits in the Microwave.


Put the Melted Chocolate Into a Plastic Sandwich Bag, and Snip a Tiny Corner off It.


Put Some Melted Chocolate Onto the Sides of the Chocolate Bars...


...And Press on Some Smartie Wheels.


Keep Going Until All the Cars Have Wheels.


Next Use the Rest of the Melted Chocolate to Add the Half Smartie Steering Wheels and the Tiny Teddy Drivers.


Put in the Fridge to Set, and Enjoy!

© 2014 Suzie Armstrong

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