7 Different Mint Flavors of Trident Gum

Updated on December 21, 2019
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Different Trident Mint Flavors
Different Trident Mint Flavors

Trident Gum

Trident will be quick to remind you that their company has produced the original sugar-free gum since 1964. Throughout the decades, they've introduced a myriad of flavors. You have your regular Trident, your Trident Layers (one flavor layered within another), and your Trident Splash (which contains a gel-like liquid inside). The United Kingdom even has some additional types, like the long, thin Trident Soft.

Clearly, the organization manufactures several flavors and styles. But do you know just how many of the flavors include "mint"? At least seven! How are there so many different versions of a single flavor? Read on and find out.

Trident Wintergreen Gum
Trident Wintergreen Gum

1. Wintergreen Gum

Trident's Description: Perfect for close talkers, sometimes referred to as ‘kissing sticks’.

Wintergreen is actually not derived from the mint plant; rather it is its own unique flora. The "chilling" flavor of Wintergreen comes from its oil. In large doses, the oil is poisonous, but in smaller quantities, it simply emits a minty scent (and tastes like mint, too). Of course, the amount in Trident Wintergreen isn't nearly enough to harm you, so chew away!

Personal Rating: 3/5

I like Wintergreen, and it's the favored flavor of many chewers, but there are others I prefer.

Trident Spearmint Gum
Trident Spearmint Gum

2. Spearmint Gum

Trident's Description: We recommend packing a bag before chewing a piece of this gum. Just to avoid confusion.

The green-boxed counterpart to Wintergreen is the popular Spearmint brand. Spearmint is indeed a species of the mint plant and has a sweeter taste than other varieties. If you have a big sweet tooth as I do, this may be your favorite type of gum (no worries, it's still sugarless). Spearmint supposedly helps with stomachaches, giving you another great reason to taste it! You can even buy it in bulk online for a nice discount that saves you the trouble of heading to a store.

Personal Rating: 5/5

I really enjoy the flavor and sweetness of this gum. Choose this if you seek a stronger flavor than Wintergreen.

Trident Original Gum
Trident Original Gum

3. Original Mint Gum

Trident's Description: Wonderfully original. Excitingly eccentric.

Trident Original was dubbed the official gum of the White House by President Jimmy Carter in 1980. He must have enjoyed its blend of spearmint, mint, and cinnamon. If you're ever shopping for Trident, be sure not to confuse Original flavor with Wintergreen—the two have very similar packages.

Personal Rating: 3/5

I'm not this flavor's biggest fan, but I'm in the minority—try it and see if you love its interesting taste!

Trident Minty Sweet Twist Gum
Trident Minty Sweet Twist Gum

4. Minty Sweet Twist Gum

Trident's Description: Refreshes your tongue and does jumping jacks with your taste buds.

It's hard to articulate the differences between Minty Sweet Twist and other flavors. The taste is sweet, cool, and refreshing. Imagine a cross of 75% Spearmint and 25% Wintergreen, and you can picture Minty Sweet Twist This flavor is becoming harder to find in stores, so if you see some, give it a try while you can—I doubt you'll regret it.

Personal Rating: 4/5

It has an enjoyable texture. Maybe it's just my imagination, but the flavor seems to last longer than most.

Trident Splashing Mint Gum
Trident Splashing Mint Gum

5. Splashing Mint Gum

Trident's Description: We inject mint flavor into this gum with precision lasers, or something like that.

Not to be confused with the Trident Splash variety of gum, which we'll see in a little bit. Splashing Mint is another hard-to-pinpoint flavor; I'd call it a stronger a Wintergreen with a dash of Spearmint. Splashing Mint also seems to last longer than many gums, and has a notably softer texture than most Trident flavors. Give it a try to see if you agree!

Personal Rating: 4/5

Pleasant, long-lasting taste with a smooth texture.

Trident Layers: Cool Mint and Melon Fresco
Trident Layers: Cool Mint and Melon Fresco

6. Cool Mint and Melon Fresco Gum

Trident's Description: We weren't sure what would happen when we introduced melon flavor and mint flavor. Turns out they get along great.

If you enjoy both fruity and minty flavors, why not mesh them together with Cool Mint and Melon Fresco? Honestly, I was skeptical of blending these two tastes; my doubts were unjustified. Chewing this gum is a delightful experience; it's just minty enough to freshen your mouth, and just fruity enough to provide an extra kick. For a unique, milder mint, I highly recommend Mint Melon Fresco. Unfortunately, it's hard to find nowadays—hopefully, Trident will keep it alive.

Personal Rating: 5/5

Perfect for anyone searching for a varied, subtle mint flavor.

Trident Splash: Peppermint Swirl
Trident Splash: Peppermint Swirl

7. Peppermint Swirl Gum

Trident's Description: When was the last time a piece of gum kicked your teeth in the teeth?

Here's a type of the aforementioned Trident Splash, meaning you have a harder shell on the outside with some liquid on the inside. Peppermint Swirl's gel center tastes great, and is my favorite part of the gum, but it'll only last a few seconds. The outside will be what you're chewing for any substantial amount of time; thankfully, it's pretty decent, too. Peppermint tastes just like, well, peppermint. Imagine those red mints you receive at fancy restaurants that always leave gunk in your teeth; that's how this gum will taste.

Personal Rating: 4/5

I prefer Spearmint to Peppermint, but I'm sure many will enjoy the stronger taste of this gum. The liquid center is also nice while it lasts.

Your Favorite

Which flavor do you prefer?

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Benefits of Chewing Gum

There you have it, seven different mint flavors. Chew to your heart's content; in addition to tasting great, gum offers several benefits:

  1. Works the muscles in your mouth.
  2. Improves digestion.
  3. Freshens breath.
  4. Cleans teeth (but only mildly, don't use it to replace brushing and flossing)
  5. Keeps your mouth busy, reducing the change you'll overeat.

So get out there and chomp down on some delicious Trident gum, but first, vote for your favorite flavor and I'll see you at our next food review!

Gum Fact: The paper wrappings that come with most gum (including Trident) are edible. Meaning they're safe to eat, but I'd advise against doing so—they're flavorless and have no nutritional value. And of course, never give gum (or its wrapping) to a young child.

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    • Jeremy Gill profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Gill 

      5 years ago from Louisiana

      No problem. Trident's pretty good - I especially like their Layers varieties. If you ever run into them, give 'em a shot and see what ya think.

    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      we don't have trident brand here but i love mint taste bubblegums, thanks for the review


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