How to Fix Flat Cupcakes

Updated on March 29, 2020
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Mickie Gee is a retired librarian and a grandmother. She knows a little bit about a lot of topics. Life experiences are wonderful.

These Are Not Cookies!

Yes, my cupcakes went flat, and I had only an hour before they were to be at church for our potluck lunch!
Yes, my cupcakes went flat, and I had only an hour before they were to be at church for our potluck lunch! | Source

What Can I Do to Save This Cupcake Flop?

Cupcake disaster! Call the cake paramedics!

Have you ever had to make cupcakes for a special occasion in a hurry? Have you ever had a cupcake or cake fall in the middle? Have you wondered what to do to rescue those cakes?

Well, here is one lifesaving treatment that might help you fix that cake disaster!

No, those are not cookies in the picture. Those are my "flat-on-the-top" cupcakes, still in the cupcake pan.

Flat Cupcakes Can Be Saved!

A crying shame-my flat cupcakes! But they taste good!
A crying shame-my flat cupcakes! But they taste good! | Source

Yes, My Cupcakes Fell Flat

Now, what do I do with these failed cupcakes?

They rose so nicely. Yes, they looked lovely. I left the kitchen for only a second. When I came back, disaster had struck. My cupcakes fell in the middle. They were for church on Easter Sunday. I had no more ingredients. I didn't want the effort and the top ingredients to make those lovely cakes go to waste.

I thought, "Help! What to do with these great tasting but flat cupcakes?"

The picture to the left is a side view of my poor flattened cupcakes. They are in a mini muffin pan.

What made my cupcakes fall? Well, I changed the temperature of the oven just before I put them in. I also switched from regular baking to convection baking. (I could not fit all the pans on one shelf of the oven.) Yep, a big mistake. I take full responsibility.

Reasons a Cake Will Fall & Mistakes to Avoid

I remember that my grandmother used to tell me not to stomp on the floor in the kitchen or to slam doors when she had a cake in the oven. One time, I wanted to see what would happen if I did either of those things. I got a whooping!

  • Temperature: Cakes fall when they are cooked at a temperature which is too low, or too high. The oven should be preheated all the way before inserting the cake pan—that is the mistake that I made!
  • Subtle Differences in Air Pressure: Baking at altitude—not attitude. According to The WiseGeek, "As a general rule, you want to increase the liquid, decrease the sugar, and decrease the amount of baking powder included in a recipe. If your cakes fall frequently when you are baking at altitude, you may want to ask a local baker for tips."
  • Ingredients Used: One important thing you can do to prevent falling cakes is to use fresh ingredients. Also, using insufficient liquid, for example, or not enough oil. An excess of sugar or flour can also create problems with the batter which may lead to falling cake. So measure carefully! Do not "guesstimate" if you want to make sure your cakes do not fall.
  • Cake Is Jostled as It Cools: Avoid slamming a door!
  • How the Cake Is Mixed: Both over mixing and under mixing can cause cake failure!

My flat cupcake, side view.
My flat cupcake, side view. | Source

First Step in My Cupcake Rescue Effort

I used a pair of clean kitchen scissors to cut the flat sides (the edges of the top that are sticking past the cupcake liner cup) off the cupcakes. This can be tricky because you do not want the paper cup to come away from the sides of the cake.

Mini Easter Baskets Made From Flat Cupcakes!

I think my cupcakes were well rescued! Jelly eggs and green sprinkles saved the day!
I think my cupcakes were well rescued! Jelly eggs and green sprinkles saved the day! | Source

The Second Step in the Cupcake Rx

My rescued Easter cupcakes looked pretty good!

I got a baggie and put in some pre-made icing. I cut a small portion from one corner of the baggie. I then "piped" the icing on the cupcakes. Since I was making these cakes for Easter, I sprinkled on some green sugar (grass) and put some jellybean eggs in the middle (remember, that was the low part of the cupcakes!).

The result can be seen in my photo to the right.

You could also visit the Wilton website and find some really fun decorating ideas using their "piping" tools. I think making green "grass" would have helped my "Easter" disaster.

Use a Decorating Kit to Save the Day

Decorating tips are a must-have for anyone who makes cakes of any kind. They are NOT hard to use, and it is actually fun to experiment. If you make a booboo, just smooth the icing out and add sprinkles or some other decoration.

I had the tips for a "bag" that I could have used to pipe icing on my flat cakes, but no bag to pipe from!

I used a zip lock baggie. Not perfect, but it will do in a squeeze!

If you are a perfectionist and have a set of decorating tips but do not know how to use them (that is me) you can find instructions here: Wilton Learn Videos--

Wilton Basic Cake Decorating Set
Wilton Basic Cake Decorating Set
A must have for any baker!

Share your thoughts about saving a baking disaster

Feel free to share with us your ideas for rescuing cakes that have been ruined or have had a disastrous beginning. I was so surprised and disappointed that my mini cupcakes had fallen, but quick thinking saved me. I was also lucky to have my piping tools handy.

© 2010 Mickie Gee

How have you rescued any fallen cupcakes lately?

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    • profile image

      Angela M. Johnson 

      11 months ago

      Exactly what I did too but I begin wondering if you can fix or salvage the cupcakes

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      2 years ago from Central Florida

      You are a genius. I would have given up and made a humble apology as I presented my disgraceful cupcakes.


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