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Fig and Cinnamon Madeleine Recipe

These elegant, pretty, and easy-to-make madeleines have a very nice aromatic flavor from their combination of fig, cinnamon, and hints of cardamom. Wonderfully spongey and deeply satisfying to eat.


Ooey Gooey S'mores Cookies

These deliciously, moist s'mores cookies are amazing. They are the best of a chocolate chip cookie with the yumminess of a s'more.


Soft and Chewy Lemon Crinkle Cookies

Soft, chewy, delectable lemon crinkle cookies. Baking notes, tips, and photos included.


Fragrant Orange Cherry Biscotti With Coconut Recipe

These deliciously fragrant and tasty biscotti combine the wondrous aroma of orange with sweet, mildly tart cherry. Shredded coconut adds the crowning touch.


Perfectly Light and Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

I am always in search of the perfect cookie that is neither too sweet nor too rich. I like a nice light cookie to enjoy with my coffee, and I'm delighted to say that this recipe makes the perfect cookie!


Browned Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Browned butter adds a richness you will love to the nutty and spicy flavor of these soft and moist oatmeal cookies.


Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies: Basic Recipe for Any Festivity

This is an old recipe that has been in my family for at least three generations. They can be made for any holiday, season, or occasion such as a football party, birthday party, or just because.


Timeless Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe

Oatmeal raisin cookies, just like Grandma used to bake!


1939 Christmas Cookies Booklet: Wisconsin Electric Power Co.

I made five cookie recipes out of this vintage 1939 booklet from the Wisconsin Electric Power Co. I share photos and results here.


Striped Heart Sugar Cookies With Spring Flavors

These heart-shaped cookies showcase three springtime flavor combinations: (1) lemon basil, (2) strawberry mint, and (3) earl gray lavender honey. They taste like something born out of a spring meadow.


No-Bake Drop Cookies: Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Treats

These chocolate peanut butter cookies take just minutes to whip up on the stovetop. No baking needed!


How to Make Moon Pies With Jams From Roots Kitchen & Cannery

Homemade moon pies are the gourmet cookie sandwiches your friends wish they could make. Learn my secrets for baking perfect moon pies!


Exploring Madeleines: A Brief Biography + 10 Recipes

Madeleines are a delicate morsel of cake, a French creation. The original was simply a mix of eggs, sugar, flour, and vanilla. But there are many more ways to make this little cake. Let's explore its history and 10 great recipes.


Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies

Everyone loves these cookies, even the children at the daycare where my daughter works. The cookies are soft and delicious.


Tiramisu Cookies: The Essence of Tiramisu in Cookie Form

These bite-sized cookies capture the very essence of the popular Italian dessert. Make a batch for your next party or potluck. On second thought, you'd better make two batches!


Pineapple Jam Biscotti Recipe

These delicious biscotti have a delicate but tantalizing pineapple flavor, and they are perfect to go alongside a nice hot cup of tea.


Bienenstich Cookies: A Beloved Cake Transformed

These cookies capture the essence of the traditional German Bienenstich cake.


Chewy, Crunchy Chocolate Chip and Pecan Cookies

Delicious chocolate chip and pecan cookie recipe developed by Bo Montgomery of The Gardener & The Cook.


Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites Recipe

Have your cookie dough and eat it too! No salmonella risk here.


Spent Grain Spice Biscuits

Do you know a homebrewer? If they use grains in their brewing, tell them not to throw them away or put them in the compost. Share this recipe with them and make some beautifully spiced biscuits with the texture of a luxury shortbread biscuit.


Top 5 Secrets to Perfect Cookies

Here are the top five secrets that every baker should know about when striving to make the perfect cookie.


The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

After 10 years of experimenting, I have finally perfected my chocolate chip cookie recipe! I highly recommend trying this recipe out and tailoring it to your preferences.


Double Chocolate Espresso Chip Cookies

This chocolate chip cookie was made for coffee lovers!


August 4th Is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (With Recipe)

Did you know August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day in the United States? Let's celebrate the day by making America's favorite cookie and sharing these sweet treats with your loved ones.


Fave Layer Cookies

Learn how to make fave layer cookies with this step-by-step guide, complete with photos and tips. In my family, a special occasion is incomplete without these gooey treats!


Simple Homemade Ginger Cookies With Six Ingredients

These simple ginger cookies require only six ingredients. They bake in just 15 minutes, and they taste delicious!


Celebrating National Sugar Cookie Day (With Recipe & Baking Tips)

Did you know July 9th is National Sugar Cookie Day in the United States? Let's celebrate the day by making and sharing these sweet treats with your loved ones.


Chocolate Almond Cookies

Chocolate almond cookies are one of my favorite treats. They're packed with almonds on the inside, covered with chocolate glaze on the outside, and garnished with almond nibs on top. What's not to like?


Crispy Cornflake Cookies Recipe

These crispy cornflake cookies are absolutely addictive! Let me show you how to make this crispy and delicious treat for your family.


How to Make Dandelion Biscuits (UK Recipe)

Considered a weed, dandelions are surprisingly versatile and nutritious. Learn how to make this delicious treat made with the flower heads.


Everything but the Kitchen Sink Cookies: Easy Recipe

These are classic chocolate chip cookies, but with a twist! It's a delicious recipe you'll return to over and over again.


Soft Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Packed with antioxidants and whole grains, these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are the closest thing to a nutrient-rich cookie. At least, I like to think so.


Scotch Lace: Traditional Scottish Cookies Recipe

This is a traditional Scotch Lace cookie recipe with notes about how to change or add flavors for variations on a theme.


Crescent Cookies With Ricotta Cheese and Fruit Jam

Crescent cookies may look hard to make, but they are actually very easy. Sweet and decadent, they are melt-in-your-mouth delicious.


Recipe: Red Bean Paste Madeleines

Deliciously rich and decadent, like chocolate but with a more earthy and complex flavor, red bean paste madeleines are one of those recipes that is sure to delight everyone.


Recipe: Crispy Florentine Cookies

Florentines are one of my all-time favorite cookies. They are super crispy, sweet, and nutty. Trust me, these cookies are so delicious, you might finish a whole jar without noticing it. Let me show you how I make them.


Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies

If you love chocolate cookies, you are going to really enjoy this recipe. Read on to learn how to make a super tasty batch of triple chocolate chunk cookies.


How to Make Persimmon Cookies

Love persimmons? You'll love this recipe for persimmon cookies.


Peach and Blackberry Madeleine Recipe

These beautiful, delicious, and wonderfully fruity madeleines are sure to delight you as well as any guest.


Chocolate-Coffee-Orange Madeleine Recipe

These are deliciously fluffy, complexly flavored, and elegant cookies that combine chocolate, coffee, and orange. They are surprisingly easy to make, too.


Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican wedding cookies are delicious bite-size treats, loaded with pecans and rolled in powdered sugar. A perfect complement to any special occasion.


Perfect Snickerdoodles: How to Make the Best Cinnamon Sugar Cookie on the Planet

What is a snickerdoodle, and how did it get such a strange name? Learn the history of these cinnamon sugar treats and how to make the best!


Old-Fashioned Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Walnut Cookies

If you want a recipe for easy-to-make cookies, try this one. These cookies are delicious, and the oatmeal and walnuts make them a bit healthier, too!


Fruity and Delicious Lemon Rose Biscotti Recipe

A refreshing, light, elegant, and sweet biscotti recipe that marries together zesty lemon, fruity rose, and chocolate chips for a tantalizing dessert.


Easy Homemade Crispy Chocolate Chips Cookies

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! These crispy chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorite treats. Perfect for snacking, your whole family will enjoy these cookies.


Recipe: Rich Chocolate-Orange-Coffee Biscotti

A deliciously rich and heady biscotti recipe that combines coffee, orange, and decadent chocolate flavors in a vibrant and elegant dessert cookie.


Perfect Rugelach

Rugelach are popular crescent-shaped Jewish pastries with numerous names and even more recipes. They are filled with jam or nuts or simply dusted with sugar and sweet spices. Let's explore their origins and how to make them in your own kitchen.


Homemade Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles

These homemade pumpkin spice snickerdoodles are perfect for the fall season!


Easy Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies With Butterscotch Chips

Crispy peanut butter cookies with butterscotch chips are one of my favorite treats. Perfect for breakfast or snacking, your whole family will enjoy these cookies.


Easy Homemade Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Cookies

These shortbread cookies are super easy to make and require only five ingredients. They are so good with coffee!