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How to Decorate Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

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Here are some unique designs for chocolate-covered strawberries.

Here are some unique designs for chocolate-covered strawberries.

Discover plenty of great ideas for how to decorate chocolate-covered strawberries so you end up with sweet, fruity treats. They make perfect gifts, table décor, and party food.

You'll find lots of inspiration and tips on making a succulent and plump strawberry fruit into a divine chocolate treat so you get the sweet, melt in the mouth chocolate on the outside and the juicy sweet fruit inside for an amazing combination.

While it's neat to have a chocolate melting pot or fondue set, you don't actually need any fancy equipment to cover the strawberries. Having an icing kit can definitely be useful if you want to pipe on intricate designs (although, you can make gorgeous looking fruits just by dipping and sprinkling with chopped nuts, sprinkles or tiny candy pieces). I hope you enjoy making some delicious treats.

Ideas for Decorating Strawberries

  1. Pretty Plaid Decoration
  2. Bouquet of Fruit
  3. Box of Chocolate Candy
  4. The Wedding Tuxedo
  5. Sports Designs
  6. Contrasting Dark and Light
  7. April Fools!
12 Love Berries Chocolate Covered Strawberries look good for Valentine's Day and Special Sentimental Gifts and Sweet Treats

12 Love Berries Chocolate Covered Strawberries look good for Valentine's Day and Special Sentimental Gifts and Sweet Treats

Making a Plaid Design on Your Strawberries

These are truly beautiful plaid patterned chocolate covered strawberries. You can choose whether to dip your strawberry in white, dark, milk chocolate or cover with colored candy melts which are shown below. Once this layer has set firm, you can start work on the plaid effect patterning around each piece of fruit.

If you're used to icing, you can use a thin icing nozzle to pipe different chocolate around each strawberry. Otherwise, you'll probably find it easier to use candy decorating pens which you heat up in hot water and use to write on your chocolate dipped fruit.

First make some stripes running down the length of the strawberry in alternating colors. When these stripes have set, pipe on the same alternating colors across the width of each piece of fruit for a brilliant plaid design.

Plaid decorated strawberries in red, white and black

Plaid decorated strawberries in red, white and black

Make Plaid with Decorating Pens

Mess-free and easy to use are these snip-off tipped decorating pens which allow you to add color and draw detail onto homemade candies, cake pops, cookies and covered fruits. Simply warm up the tube in hot water, snip off the tip and squeeze.

Candy Melts Add Color to Fruit

An easy way to add other colors to your strawberries is to use candy melts. These come in a huge array of colors. Alternatively, you can color melted white chocolate with food dye to get the shade that you're looking for. It's actually best to color artificial white chocolate devised for baking with rather than the premium stuff.

Chocolate Bouquet of Strawberries in a vase

Chocolate Bouquet of Strawberries in a vase

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Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet

A bouquet arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries is a wonderful idea. A bouquet looks wonderful for romantic occasions especially like weddings, engagement parties and anniversaries. They are also perfect to present to your Mom for Mother's Day or to a new or expectant Mom for a baby shower.

Wooden skewers are used to insert into the dipped strawberries. You may well need to insert the skewer through the top of the fruit and almost down to the very end in order for it to stay in place. The bouquet can be as simple or complex as you like. You can also arrange the strawberries with other fruits as well.

Box of Strawberry Chocolates lovely sweet treats

Box of Strawberry Chocolates lovely sweet treats

Life's Like a Box of Strawberries!

I love this idea of strawberries which are presented like a box of cute candy. How neat! Simply dip the strawberries in different types of chocolate to create your base. Then drizzle over some melted chocolate in an alternating shade, i.e. white drizzled over dark.

Use a small spoon and allow only a small amount of the chocolate mix to run off it as you turn the strawberry around in your other hand. Alternatively, simply add on some finely chopped nuts or grated chocolate while the base coating on the strawberry is still wet. Make sure to sprinkle over the chopped nuts over the wet topping before it hardens.

Wedding Tuxedo Chocolate Strawberries

Wedding Tuxedo Chocolate Strawberries

Wedding Tuxedo Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Perfect for a wedding are these tuxedo decorated strawberries. First dip your strawberry into white chocolate. Allow this base to set firm then melt up some milk or dark chocolate. Now you need to carefully dip each strawberry at an angle.

Dip the strawberry on one side to get one half of a v-shape and then dip the other side at the same angle so you leave just a triangle of the white chocolate showing at the top of each piece of fruit.

Use an icing pen or nozzle to add on some 'buttons' and a tiny bow. You can also make a wedding dress by dipping strawberries in white chocolate and adding some milk or dark chocolate button details down the front of the dress design.

Sport themed Decorated Strawberries

Sport themed Decorated Strawberries

Sports Design

Baseball, Basketball and American Football Strawberries

How great are these sports theme designs - perfect for sports fans, birthday parties and for after game events. The baseball, basketball and American Football designs have been made in much the same way as the plaid decorated ones using colored chocolate or candy melts as a base and then decorating the top with candy decorating pens so they look just like the sports balls.

Orange Melts for Basketball

If you want to make the basketballs, you'll need some orange candy melts.

Dark and White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Dark and White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Dark and White Contrasting Ideas

Sometimes simple works best. I love the idea of dark and white contrasting dipped fruits which have simple yet elegant decoration. These have been dipped in either a dark or white version of chocolate and then have a small amount of alternate colored shavings or sprinkles on top. I love how these are nicely presented on a modern, white rectangular dish or platter.

Carrot April Fool Strawberries

Carrot April Fool Strawberries

April Fool or Easter Strawberry Carrots

One of my all time favorite ideas for dipped fruit are these joke or April Fool ones which are made to look like carrots. Fancy biting into that and getting a strawberry flavor instead. Love it.

For this brilliant idea to work, you need real stems cut from carrots and orange colored candy melts. Technically these are not chocolate covered fruits at all but I couldn't resist sharing the idea.

You will find an excellent step-by-step tutorial on these carrot April Fools over on the 1 Fine Cookie website.

Add Rainbow Sprinkles for Vibrant Color

Happy Birthday colorful chocolate decorated strawberries

Happy Birthday colorful chocolate decorated strawberries

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