The Most Sour Candy in the World

Updated on July 2, 2016

The Sourest Candy On Earth

If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than sour candy. For some reason, the combination of sweet and tart just makes my mouth water and makes me want to keep chasing that flavor.

Well, pucker up, folks and get ready for some of the sourest candy you’ve ever encountered. Some of the candy you’ll see below is so sour that you won't be able to talk with it in your mouth. Some are so sour that you'll want to spit it out as soon as you can.

Below, you can find a countdown of the sourest candies in the world, which have been rated on a scale of 1 to 5 according to their sourness, tastiness, and how long the flavor lasts. A “1” is as bland as your grandmother’s oatmeal, while a “5” will burn your taste buds off. Buckle up and enjoy!

#8 - SweetTarts

Sourness: 1

Tastiness: 5

Long-Lasting: 2

Sweet Tarts are a classic and so can’t be left off the list. But, for the real sour fans among us, Sweet Tarts are child’s play: a tiny dollop of sour on a fruit candy. Though safe enough to feed to your Great Aunt Edna, Sweet Tarts are still delicious: the little hint of sour just makes the sweet taste that much stronger.

#7 - Sour Nerds

Sourness: 1.5

Tastiness 4

Long-Lasting: 1

Real proof that there's strength in numbers. No one eats just one Nerd, if such a thing is even possible. While individually, Nerds aren’t that sour, if you get a big mouthful of these little devils you’ll still go to go into sour overdrive. These are worse, in our opinion, than the sour Gobstoppers, also made by Wonka. At least there's only one big Gobstopper, and if it's too much you can spit it out. Nerds are a lot harder to get rid of -- and we've tried.

This candy is TOO HOT for Most People

#6 - Sour Punch Straws

Sourness: 2

Tastiness 5

Long-Lasting: 3

These sweets are not as powerfully sour as some of the others on this list. They're really more like candy, but sour punch straws show up on "most sour candy" lists online. It's surprising but true -- sour punch straws are a sweet that lightweights can handle, but sour candy enthusiasts can appreciate. One thing I like about the Sour Punch Straws is that there’s not just a single outer layer of sour coating. Instead, it’s sour the whole way through so you get a nice even dose of sourness as you eat each one.

#5 - Sour Flush

Sourness: 3.5

Tastiness 4.5

Long-Lasting: 2

Maybe not quite as brutally sour as the other candies on this list, but it still rates a mention for bad taste alone. This gross little item requires you to dip a plunger into a toilet bowl of yummy sweet and sourness and then lick it off. And repeat. How much do you REALLY like candy? The sourness for this candy varies by flavor: for instance, the blue raspberry flavor is sourer than the grape.

#4 - Cry Baby Tears: Extra Sour Candy

Sourness: 4

Tastiness 5

Long-Lasting: 2

These are so sour they come right our and call them tears. Well, crybaby? Are you gonna cry? Probably not, especially after you've had Toxic Waste -- these just aren't quite as powerful as those "stunt candies." But, all things considered, these are a good choice for your sour enjoyment -- sour enough to know it matters, but not enough to take the enamel off you teeth (see Toxic waste above).

#3 - Altoids Apple Sours and Lemon

Sourness: 4

Tastiness 3

Long-Lasting: 5

Packing that traditional Altoids punch in the mouth, these apple sours are the kind of sour candies that they hardly make anymore. Not exactly the freak-out that Nuclear Waste represents -- more like an old-fashioned smackdown from the big glass canister on the counter. Apple Sour Altoids will make your teeth itch, but they won't send you running for cover.

Altoids Apple Sours are one thing; Altoids Lemon Sours are quite another. The sweet/sour charm of Altoids Apples are meant to be more like candy while the lemons are meant to be... well, an experience. Although not as brutal as the kick-in-the-teeth power delivered by Warheads or Toxic Waste, Altoids Sour Lemons are a surprisingly strong sour candy. It's easy to picture an unsuspecting person popping a few of these little guys into their mouth, expecting a mildly sour experience, and winding up with tears in their eyes. Don't say you haven't been warned!

Sourness: 4Tastiness 3Long-Lasting: 5

#2 - Atomic Warheads

Sourness: 5

Tastiness: 5

Long-Lasting: 4

Plenty of people swear by these bad boys as the most extreme example of sour candy out there -- even to the point of having contests and timing their endurance: whoever spits it out first loses (or wins, depending on how you look at it). Loaded with a double-handful of citric acid, the sour substance supreme, Warheads also have a touch of sugar just to keep you entertained while your eyes water. Not fun in the least, but with sour candy, enjoyment is hardly the point, right?

As if it weren't enough abuse to actually chew Warheads, there's another delivery system that seems designed by a mad scientist, or at least someone with a twisted sense of humor. Now you can spray your Warheads straight down your gullet. That's right, Spray Warheads. Just when you thought American culture couldn't rise any higher.

#1 - Toxic Waste

Sourness: 5+

Tastiness: 1

Long-Lasting: 2.5

This stuff is pretty nasty no matter how you look at it. Definitely the sourest of the bunch. It’s accurately named, at least: to call it anything else would be false advertising. Toxic Waste candy is so loaded with face-shrinking, mouth-puckering, saliva-inducing citric acid that you are advised – seriously – to brush your teeth or at least rinse your mouth afterwards so that you don’t hurt your teeth. That's right, Toxic Waste is so sour it can dissolve your tooth enamel. Fun! Don't believe me? Check out the video below of people trying tasting it for the first time.

Toxic Waste may be the sourest candy ever. However, if you can make it past the first 30-45 seconds or so, the sour coating will eventually dissolve, and it’ll actually start to taste like something you want to eat. But that first 45 seconds or so is pretty awful.

Toxic Waste Challenge: Are You Ready?

If you take a look at the back of the case, you can find the Toxic Waste Challenge: a double-dog dare to try to keep the toxic waste in as long as you can. Here's how the rankings break down:

15 Seconds: Total Wuss!

30 Seconds: Cry Baby!

45 Seconds: Toxie Wannabe!

60 Seconds: FULL TOXIE HERO!

If you're angry at one of your friends, you can play it with them: make it a competition to see who can hold it in their mouths the longest. Just be careful when you lay this stuff on a friend, because really who wants a friend with an inside-out head? How can you go to Arby's with a dude with an inside-out head? This is a world-sized question, people.

TOXIC WASTE Hazardously Sour Candy, 1.7-Ounce Plastic Drums (Pack of 12)
TOXIC WASTE Hazardously Sour Candy, 1.7-Ounce Plastic Drums (Pack of 12)

This stuff is surprisingly hard to find in some areas, maybe because some areas know what's good for them and what's you, know, TOXIC. And waste.


Bonus Entry: What Could be Better than Toxic Waste? Nuclear Sludge!

Because, let's face it, when the radioactive mess starts leaking out of the reactor and pouring down the street where you live, you're gonna want it to taste like sour cherry. Am I right? Pour some of this acidic stuff into your mouth and hang on. It's got one of the highest ratios of ultra-tart additives of any candy you can buy. It gives Toxic Waste a run for its money as the most sour candy in the world.

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      • profile image

        toxicwasteisnottoxic 2 weeks ago

        Toxic waste is not even sour...

      • profile image

        MingoDaMango 2 weeks ago

        I’ve ate 7 Toxic Wastes before it was too sour I’m not having one again.

      • profile image

        Madeline 2 weeks ago

        Hello. i recently ate a sour candy called Rager Dynamite drops, and it was super sour but it basically singed the hell out of taste buds. They are red and sore and i am pretty scared. I dont know who to contact as the supplier doesnt have an official website, any advice for tongue burns?

      • profile image

        Funfdunphys 3 weeks ago

        I’ve heard if you eat so many toxic wastes your mouth will bleed and I can tell you that that is not true. I ate 10 toxic wastes and my mouth did not bleed and toxic waste is not sour at all.

        Find me on PS4: FunfDunphys

      • profile image

        Zeroshiki 4 weeks ago

        this list is bullSh*t one sweet more sour than all these called Black Death its a British sweet that can burn your mouth with one big sweet

      • profile image

        Derp 5 weeks ago

        I’m pretty sure there is a new recipe that makes it less sour making it less dangerous

      • profile image

        Bruh 7 weeks ago

        These aren't really do It I'm eating 5 toxic waste right now.

      • profile image

        Peanut 7 weeks ago

        Toxic waste and warheads don’t even make it to sour they don’t get me at all

      • profile image

        Random person 2 months ago

        There not that sour but they do tast gog though in my opinion at least

      • profile image

        Mia 2 months ago

        None of those are sour

      • profile image

        Elly 2 months ago

        I've eaten so many sour candies and foods that Toxic Waste and War Heads and lemons aren't even that sour anymore.

      • profile image

        Amelia 2 months ago

        To me Toxic Waste isn't even sour because to tell you the truth I LOVE sour stuff and i did the sour challenge for all of these easily. Only at the beginning the Toxic Waste was sour and that was on the first try!!!!!!

      • profile image

        No toxic east is more sour than war j 2 months ago

        No toxic waste is more sour than war heads I've tried both and toxic is worst

      • profile image

        John 2 months ago

        Warheads are more sour then toxic waste

      • profile image

        Mallows 3 months ago

        Sour flush tastes weird... like it's kinda biiter... Yuck :P

      • profile image

        Selfie 3 months ago

        I can’t try anything that’s sour I’m the worst sour taking person to live in Antarctica

      • profile image

        MEW3Z 3 months ago

        try 24 toxic wastes, a canister of Super Sour Foami warheads spray, 36 Duo raspberry Ice Breakers, sour Nerds, all liquid and fermented for one and a half months, I tried it and it is still in my mouth after 5 hours.

      • profile image

        Bob 3 months ago

        I've been trying toxic waste since 5

        I could only lick it

        But now it's not so bad as have got used to it

      • profile image

        sour_chaser 4 months ago

        i tried the toxic waist challenge it was as sour as the sweet tarts... not sour at all

      • profile image

        Dianca 4 months ago

        Those guys saying if you think __ is sour then you're a idiot toxic waste is sour for me since I have sensitive taste buds everybody is built different it has nothing to do with IQ.

        If you think it does, you're a idiot ;)

      • profile image

        Kat 4 months ago

        Toxic Waste is not sour at all! I just tryed one with my mother and father and it wasn't sour.. My mother says she had War Heads Extrime sour gum and she had to spit it out

      • profile image

        Bushlushda 4 months ago

        All of these are childs play now. Especially after I got toxic waste under my belt.

      • profile image

        Jhon 5 months ago

        toxic waste is not the most sour. mega sour barnetts are. toxic waste is childs play.

      • profile image

        fin 5 months ago

        mr simmes black death are more sour

      • profile image

        Ashley 5 months ago


      • profile image

        DAT GOAT 5 months ago

        eat toxic with miracle fruit

      • profile image

        Laycie 5 months ago

        Not ever sour what a big wuss

      • profile image

        Jordan 5 months ago

        They ain't sour at all

      • profile image

        TOXIC WASTE AIN’T SOUR!!!!! 6 months ago

        Dis list is so wrong!

      • profile image

        Sour Expert 6 months ago

        @Jordan Look up Sour Power Popping Quattro. That is most sour candy I can get my hands on. If you want a challenge, down the whole package.

      • profile image

        HI 6 months ago

        Yeah they are not sour

      • profile image

        Jordan 6 months ago

        Toxic waste and Wareheads aren't sours for me anymore... Anyone knows something stronger?

      • profile image

        some girl lol 6 months ago

        Once my family went to Newfoundland and brought back a bag of no brand sour balls. They were about two inches in diameter, and probably about as hard as a dum-dum pop, but holy F U C K were they the most sour, most delicious candies I've ever tasted. Imagine the sourness you get on the outside of a warhead, but the flavor of the candy itself is actually good and it's sour all the way through. They were much easier to eat crushed up, and I could only eat a couple before my tongue and gums felt raw. I really wish I knew what they were called, because they topped all of the candies on this list by a million.

      • profile image

        Danny 6 months ago

        Nah i ate malic acid its better

      • profile image

        Steve 6 months ago

        I took 3 of them at once it was so bad

      • profile image

        Violet 6 months ago

        I first got toxic wast in Indiana it is not sour at all if you think it is sour you are a idiot

      • profile image

        Jazz 6 months ago

        Went into a candy store, some hot clerk store guy wanted me to try a toxic waste, i put the candy in my mouth and i straight up stared at that guy not pulling a face and asked him if there was anything even more sour than this.

        I owned the candy itself and scored a date xD

      • profile image

        Person 7 months ago

        I've eaten so many sour things in my life (a bag of assorted warheads, atomic waster, baby bottle thing, etc.) that whenever I eat anything remotely sour the skin on my cheeks starts to peel.

      • profile image

        Danno 7 months ago

        +1 for Barnett mega sours i ate 10 over the course of a hour, my tongue had cracks which eventually bled and couldn't taste much at all the next day and i dont regret it at all. My missus looked at me after about 6 and my eyes were watering and cheeks were swollen yet i still kept going and trying to act normal in a woman's underwear shop haha

      • profile image

        The Nation 7 months ago

        I love the Toxic Waste I had to order 1,000 pieces!

      • profile image

        keri 8 months ago

        warheads are sour for about 5 seconds and after that they are sweet. The toxic waste are ok but they dont last long either. there are smog balls bu toxic waste and they are quite sour and they are sour all the way through. some tend to be a little sweet but 80% are very sour. sour nerds should not even be on this list. or the sour punch straws those are not sour.

      • profile image

        BlueLightning33 8 months ago

        I can eat toxic waste with no reaction, the real deal are mega sours

      • profile image

        eli 8 months ago

        I had all the toxic waste candies at the same time and it wasn't even that bad at all.

      • profile image

        step it up 9 months ago

        toxic waste is childs play

      • profile image

        Fernanda 9 months ago

        Those seems pretty awesome, but have you ever tried Super Lemon candy !? Oh my gosh ! Delicious !

      • profile image

        Annabell 9 months ago

        I've tried it and it was nothing to me.

      • profile image

        nawuj baby 9 months ago

        Toxic waste isn't sour.

      • profile image

        Sour expert 9 months ago

        Toxic waste is good and warheads are pretty similar but Barnetts mega sour balls out of the UK are well above both, other than warheads and toxic waste (and obviously the mega sours) nothing on the list is sour, and nothing lasts forever, wish the sour would last for minutes not 30 seconds of less, not a fan once it goes away

      • profile image

        Jerry 11 months ago

        The, toxic waste is the first of this list I ever tried, and on my first try, I am a hero of toxicity.

      • profile image

        Redraptor2099 11 months ago

        I've had a toxic waste and it tastes like trash

      • profile image

        Mr Swamzi 11 months ago

        I have already eaten that toxic waste stuff and completly swallowed it, it wasnt that bad

      • profile image

        clash of clans 12 months ago

        i have had the sourest candy in the world but its no that sour!

      • profile image

        anonymous 12 months ago

        but.. the toxic waste candy is barely sour at all... it's mostly sweet..

      • profile image

        Vicky 12 months ago

        I just had a toxic waste and didn't have a sour face lol

      • profile image

        DaBoss gasg 12 months ago

        I ate 4 toxic wastes the other day at the same time, I was fine with it, it tasted good and I liked it actually. But my gums broke and now I am visiting a doctor every 2 days, but I always say, "I am fine, stop doing checkups!!!"

      • profile image

        harmonicAnt1 12 months ago

        the most sour candy is cry babys

      • profile image

        Ian99 12 months ago

        I've tried toxic waste and honestly, warheads are more sour

      • profile image

        Logan petersen 13 months ago

        This might sound like a lie but I have been able to eat all the candies without freaking out or making a weird face.:) SUPRIZING

      • profile image

        josh 13 months ago

        warheads are the most sour candies

      • profile image

        THE DARK SOUL 13 months ago

        I LOVED BUT also hated toxic waste and war heads

      • profile image

        Liam 15 months ago

        Warheads are actually more sour than toxic waste, could you correct it?

      • profile image

        Facebite 15 months ago

        What a pansy list of sour stuff... Toxic and Warheads barely make it on to the MOST sour candy.

      • profile image

        Yasmin 15 months ago

        Sounds cool but sour!

      • profile image

        Wesley 15 months ago

        We can take it we don't spit out sour candy I bet our family can win

      • profile image

        Abdul 16 months ago

        Im bizarrly immune to acidity so this is nothing. Me and my friends done the 10 toxic waste challenge and i won after 1 hour. I could have done it for the rest of the day but I didnt want to since it was so boring becuase all my friends gave up in like 10 seconds Promise I am actually immune to acidity or sourness

      • profile image

        hop jeff 8 17 months ago

        toxic waste are actually nice when the sour bit has gone there still sour though

      • profile image

        bethany wallbank 17 months ago

        these sweets are not even sour they are so nice

      • profile image

        harambe 17 months ago

        actually its not the first 30-45 seconds for the sourness to go away its the 2nd minute

      • SakinaNasir53 profile image

        Sakina Nasir 17 months ago from Kuwait

        Wow! Nice article, it was fun reading. I have just tried Nerds out of all the sour candies you have mentioned! ☺

      • profile image

        catcher 17 months ago

        I ate four toxic waste at a time and kept a straight face. I challenge anyone else to do that also

      • profile image

        Madyin 17 months ago

        Acid pips are top end if u can find them

      • profile image

        kk 17 months ago

        I think that war heads are more sour than toxic waste! !

      • profile image

        18 months ago

        I'm 9 and I ate it and its not that sour (only the peach one was sour)

      • profile image

        Gyro 18 months ago

        I had just recently bought some candy at the market. The guy selling them had a whole range of sours I could choose from, I was going for the toxic waste then he said that this other packet of candies were the most sour. I doubted him but gave it a shot as I 'had his word for it'. A few minutes later I shoved one of them into my mouth and it was torture! Normally I'd take anything like toxic waste like it was nothing but this one was demonic! My tongue then stopped tasting for the next hour or so. Unfortunately, the candies are only branded with the place I bought them from s you won't be able to get them from anywhere else (I think)... So beat that Toxic Waste!

      • profile image

        Chris 19 months ago

        Mega sour balls are much more sour than toxic waste and warheads.

      • profile image

        jazzy 19 months ago

        when it says almost dies dod you almost literally almost die or is it a figuritive speech and i only tried 2 at a time

      • profile image

        Richie Devenney 19 months ago

        They are lovely sweets tbqh,especially the Blueberry and Apple..!! The Black Cherry is somewhat peculiar,lol.

      • profile image

        jess 20 months ago

        but toxic waste aren't sour ;-;

      • profile image

        Sathem 20 months ago

        I think they missed out on some really great lesser known sour candies! MY personal fave and super sour pick is Sour pop rocks. Those things will ruin your tastebuds in the best way

      • profile image

        juice 20 months ago

        I love toxic waste sweets. The double layered red tub ones are the best. To all saying they're not sour... grow up, you know they are. If you want to go for the ultimate in sour mix half a teaspoon sugar with half a teaspoon of citric acid and a third of a teaspoon malic acid and see how long you can keep that in your mouth!

      • profile image

        Thomas 20 months ago

        Am i the only one who thinks Warheads dont taste that good? I just think they are quite dull after a while?

      • profile image

        Brent 20 months ago

        Ok so i have been eating this sour powder for ever and i recomend the true sour lovers do this too. I buy a slurpee from the 7-11. Then i buy koolaid unsweatened packets. I pour the koolaid powder on the top of the slurpee and scoop it off with a small sour key. I use about 4 packets and the fourth one is just mixed into the slurpee and at the end what ever slurpee is left is now a great sour slurpee of your choice flavor of koolaid.

      • profile image

        Blue wolf 20 months ago

        i had toxic waste. not actually that sour.

      • profile image

        the guy 20 months ago

        toxic wase is not sour

      • profile image

        Kean 20 months ago

        If you think 'toxic waste' sweets are bad and probably the surest things you have tasted you need to try bassets mega sour cherries you can buy them off ebay or most British candy stores they are by far the surest things I have ever put near my mouth and make toxic wastes taste like harribo sweets they are lethal

      • profile image

        Austin 21 months ago

        I have a box of the toxic sludge, and it must have gone bad or something, as it sincerely isn't that sour at all.

      • profile image

        Annonymous 22 months ago

        The dude almost frickin killed himself r.i.s. ( rest in sourness )

      • profile image

        crap 22 months ago

        warheads are the best and sourness, my tongue cracked

      • profile image

        Blue wolf 23 months ago

        What about mega sour cheeries?

      • livetech profile image

        Livetech 2 years ago from United Kingdom

        Sour Haribo sweets is as far as I can go! Will be sure to grab some of these if I'm trying to ruin someone's day! :D

      • profile image

        IDK 2 years ago

        I guess the list is okay, but yeah, I think there are more soury sweets out there

      • profile image

        Dylan 2 years ago

        yep here in the uk i live close to a shop where i buy apple or sometimes lemon mega sours and they are sour enough that i had to take it out my mouth the first time i ate a lemon great for pranks order them now as barnetts mega sours

      • profile image

        noah 2 years ago

        actually, the ONLY candy more sour than toxic waste is called MEGA SOUR.

      • profile image

        db 2 years ago

        this is a pretty bad top list, any box of "mega-sour" beats any of these

      • profile image

        Plankton 2 years ago

        I ordered toxix waste, not nearly as sour as it claims..maybe i got the wrong kind, but i ordered the sludge bars as well as the warhead-style hard candies and was very unimpressed.

      • profile image

        Ghost0t0 2 years ago

        I have eaten a war head this morning and it's nothing

      • profile image

        kjb 2 years ago

        I was telling my dad we got to get some toxic waist I have a bag of war heads right next to me maybe you will see me crying my eyes out on the


      • profile image

        Mikala McMillian 2 years ago

        All of these are sour, can't there be a new candy and base it from 1/10 and 10 be the soy rest and 1 be the sweetest

      • profile image

        uhhhuh 2 years ago

        LOL the toxic waste nuclear sludge production was stopped because it was....well...actually toxic :D

      • profile image

        2 years ago

        I just bought toxic waste. I had one in the car and I was nervous. I look at the time for the next minute so I start it correctly. It turns 4:07 and I pop it in my mouth. And it is...NOT EVEN SOUR! It is so disappointing and I was thinking... Hmmm sourest candy my ***! No way. There has to be illegal sour candy somewhere that causes like tongue swelling. I hope so because I would want to try it. Tell me if you find something, anyone. Thanks