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What Is the Sourest Gum in the World?

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What is the sourest gum in the world? And how do they make it so sour?

What is the sourest gum in the world? And how do they make it so sour?

The World's Sourest Gum

Love sour gum? Why not take it all the way?

What is the sourest gum in the world? Well, that's a matter of some debate and argument. This article talks about all of the sourest gum you can buy. Could you take it? Some people think they can chew the world's sourest gum, but then they find out that the experience is a lot more intense than they were ready for. In this article, you'll meet some of these people. We give you a front-row seat to watch them as they endure the sour gum experience.

Some of the gum in this article will make your face shrink in on itself and possibly vanish—it's that sour. You may have to spit it out as soon as you start chewing. How long do you think you could bear the experience of a mouthful of the world's most sour chewing gum?

Cry Baby Extra Sour Gumballs

Cry Baby Extra Sour Gumballs

Cry Baby Extra Sour Gumballs

Cry Baby Bubble Extra Sour Gumballs have been compared to filling your mouth with pure citric acid and washing it down with unsweetened lemonade. It's the original "tearjerker" bubblegum that is literally too sour for most people. If you haven't tried it yet, trust us—most other gums lie awake at night, wondering how they can fit more sour into their recipe so they can come closer to the sour majesty of this brand. These bad boys will turn your face inside out!

What Makes Sour Gum So Sour?

So it turns out that there's an ingredient in Toxic Waste, as well as most other sour candy and gum, that is used to get that intense sourness—and it's called "sour sanding." Basically, it's made from three ingredients: citric acid, tartaric acid, and sugar. That's it! These ingredients combined produce a nearly painful contraction in your saliva glands as your mouth tries to compensate for the water-removing properties of the acids and sugars.

So yes, if it feels like chewing super-sour gum feels like drinking battery acid (not recommended), then you're almost right—it's the acid, either citric or tartaric, that gives sour sweets their power.

The "sour sanding" is a kind of sticky powder that's used to coat candy and gum to give you that initial kick in the teeth. If you can get past that first brutal blast of sourness, then usually you'll be okay. Sour gum, on the other hand, delivers the acid trip for a longer period. Some people who have no problem with sour candy are ill-equipped to deal with the marathon of sourness that is produced by the world's most sour gum.

Toxic Waste Hi-Voltage

Toxic Waste Hi-Voltage

Toxic Waste Hi-Voltage Gum

It's been compared to chewing up a whole lime, skin and all. If that's your idea of a good time, then maybe you're ready for Toxic Waste Hi-Voltage. This gum is well-known for being long-lasting, which is a bonus for most gum flavors but in this case, seems more like a serious drawback. Not only do you get punched in the tongue by a double handful of the citric, but you get to experience that feeling for a long time!

Toxic Waste Short Circuits Sour Bubble Gum

Watch out for this stuff! Toxic Waste takes the usual high level of citric and tartaric acid found in other sour gum and really goes overboard. The increased amount of "sour sanding" in Toxic Waste is all that really separates it from other sour gum and candy, but that's enough. Some people are literally unable to take the nightmare-level sourness of all that acid that's dusting the outside of Toxic Waste. Check out the videos on YouTube and elsewhere that feature innocent mortals entering the world of soul-destroying sourness.

Mere mortals and other innocents should stand back and be safe. Don't even look at the packaging, lest your tongue shrivel up into a little red raisin. You know—a Craisin.

Mike and Ike Zours Fruit-Flavored Sour Bubble Gum

Mike and Ike Zours are a good little sour candy, and now they've kicked in a gum version. Sweet and sour, not for hardcore sour-mavens, but enough to get you through the day.