What Is the Hottest Candy in the World?

Updated on December 23, 2019
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What is the world's hottest candy?
What is the world's hottest candy?

The World's Hottest Candy

From nuclear-strength ghost pepper gummis to brutally hot cinnamon bears, hot sweets have never been more popular. This guide includes the hottest candy available. Some of the candy featured here is so hot that it can actually be dangerous.

What Makes the World's Hottest Candy So Hot?

The substance that makes a pepper hot is called capsaicin, and it is concentrated in the fruit of various pepper plants. World-class hot candy is made by Isolating capsaicin and combining it with sugar and flavoring to make hot candy that's both sweet and painful. Some, like Atomic Fireballs, may be familiar to you—you may even have a secret Atomic Fireballs habit. Others, like the candy made with the Bhut Jolokia pepper, are relatively new and are about 200 times more powerful. They can be actually dangerous.

If you want to try these super-hot candies, from hot cinnamon sweets to Hot Lix pepper suckers, be our guest. But be careful. Hot sweets this powerful can make you feel, as one young person who tried them said, "as if your tongue got punched in the face by a fist-full of atomic bombs."

Ghost peppers are the world's hottest peppers
Ghost peppers are the world's hottest peppers

Ghost Peppers: The World's Hottest Peppers

The hottest candy of all time uses the world's hottest peppers. These are Ghost Peppers, or Bhut Jolokia. Pretty, right? Just be careful if you ever encounter one of these bad boys—they rate up to one million on the Scoville Scale, many times hotter than the hottest Habanero. Does anyone actually make candy out of these? Keep reading...

Ass-Kickin' Ghost Pepper Jelly Beans: Beware!

Ass Kickin' Ghost Pepper Jelly Beans
Ass Kickin' Ghost Pepper Jelly Beans
I was surprised by how truly hot these little monsters are. These powerful ghost pepper jellybeans are exactly the kind of new super-hot candy that is becoming more and more popular -- but they're only for people who have experience with peppers at a certain level of Scoville units. They're not for amateurs.

Hot Pepper Challenge!

Carolina reaper peppers are nothing to be messed with. Here's a couple of brave souls trying to get through just one.

Ghost Pepper Candy

The Bhut Jolokia candy is part of a candy "new wave" that includes several variations using this powerful pepper, which score a stunning one million on the Scoville scale. This particular sweet, often called the hottest candy of all time, is dusted with a fine coating of Bhut Jolokia powder, which means you need to be very careful not to touch your eyes or itch your nose while handling it. The actual experience of eating one of these little monsters is not exactly like eating candy-- it may be sweet, it may not -- the pepper obliterates every other flavor, along with what seems to be the lower half of your face. Try this at your own peril, but be careful. This candy is too hot for pranks and should only be tried by people ready for the experience.

The Carolina Reaper is now the world's hottest pepper.
The Carolina Reaper is now the world's hottest pepper.

UPDATE: The Caroline Reaper Is Now the World's Hottest Pepper

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the hottest pepper on the planet is the Carolina Reaper, a medium-sized pepper that resembles a habanero but is many, many times hotter. You can find this pepper in mash or dried form, but the most dangerous is likely the just-picked fresh version available on the internet—for example, this package of 5+ Carolina Reaper peppers that are picked the day your order is placed!

Please be very careful with these peppers—people have wound up in the emergency room from pranks and mistakes involving the Carolina Reaper.

Hot Pepper Rankings: The Scoville Scale


The pepper used in Bhut Jolokia Candy is about 1 million Scoville units; by comparison, the pepper used in Tabasco sauce is about 50,000 units...

Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Candy Bears
Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Candy Bears

Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Candy Bears

Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Bears are made by the good people at Jelly Belly, and they are seriously spicy for a cinnamon candy. They aren't in the same league as the ghost pepper candies, but are still quite a surprise given their innocent little gummy bear appearance. Who would think that a sweet-looking little gummy bear would have your eyes watering within a few minutes?

This Guy Makes, and Eats, the Hottest Candy Possible

Facing the camera before he gets ready for work, this confectioner talks us through his experience of eating the hottest candy he could make. Do not try this at home!

Atomic Fireballs

The classic hot candy is still among the world's hottest sweets. The cinnamon-flavored classics were invented in 1954 by Nello Ferrara, of the Ferrara-Pan candy company, and they were one of the most popular candies of the 1960s. Basically a kind of super-cinnamon jawbreaker—the first outer layer is sweet, and the heat kicks in after few moments on the tongue. According to the company, approximately 15 million Fireballs are eaten weekly.

The process of making Atomic Fireballs is surprisingly involved and time-consuming, using the "hot panned process," in which a single grain of sugar, syrup and flavor are tumbled in a hot pan for as long as two weeks until the candy has enough layers and is the proper size. By the end of the process, the fireball consists of at least one hundred layers.

Atomic Fireballs
Atomic Fireballs

Make Your Own Blazing Cinnamon Toothpicks! (Wicked Good Fun)

When I was in high school in the 1980s, we used to make super-hot cinnamon toothpicks by letting regular toothpicks soak up pure cinnamon oil. We even had contests and brand names, and a few of my friends sold them to other students. We knew how to get them really hot, with as much cinnamon oil as possible in each toothpick.

The process is easy—open the little thing of oil, place the toothpicks on end in the bottle, and wait. The longer you wait, the hotter they get. Other factors, like the type of toothpick, the temperature, and the packaging also affected the hotness.

One bottle of oil makes a lot of blazing toothpicks. Enjoy!

Red Hots
Red Hots

Red Hots

I ate a lot of Red Hots as a kid, and never really considered them all that powerful—although once in a while, if you got a real mouthful, they could make your eyes water. Red Hots are a product of Chicago's venerable Ferrara Pan candy company. They don't really register on the Scoville Scale, but with this candy, the heat wasn't really the point.

Hot Cinnamon Candy Flaming Hearts

These innocent-looking sweets pack a surprising punch. The cinnamon flavor is subtle at first, a nice warm feeling to accompany the sugar. But after a little bit the heat sneaks up on you, and soon your eyes are watering and you're sucking air to keep the thing cool. Not in the same fiery league as the ghost pepper candies, but a strong contender for most unexpected burn.

Hot Lix Pepper Suckers
Hot Lix Pepper Suckers

Hot Lix Pepper Suckers

These candy fireballs aren't just sugar mixed with pepper extract or powder—there's actually an entire real pepper lurking in the clear confection. Available in jalapeño, chili, and habanero "flavors," these are as hot as you want them to be: crunch the pepper if you're feeling manly! It's worth mentioning that the twisted souls at Hot Lix are the same people who make cricket, scorpion, and worm lollipops. It figures, though—anyone who would put a bug in a sucker would also put in a habanero, one of the world's hottest peppers. Consume at your own risk!

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      big dick daniel 

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      hi i love spicy meat

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      7 days ago

      none of those candies are spicy i have had all of them. The only spicy one is the Carolina reaper pepper.

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      GreenMind Guides 

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      Mr critic 

      7 months ago

      On the picture below the caroline reaper, there is a spelling mistake where it says “hottewt” instead of hottest

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      10 months ago

      toe of satan


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