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The Best Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches

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Breakfast: Your Wake Up Call


Not all of us enjoy taking the time to eat breakfast. Sometimes as well, we get in a rush and want something quick to help get us through the morning.

Choices of breakfast establishments are quite large; although the options as far as sandwiches go are pretty basic. Often there is a bread (sliced, muffin, bagel, or biscuit) with an egg and cheese. A meat choice can also be found, and generally one can expect that to include either bacon, ham, or sausage.

I thought I would compile a small sample of some places that I've chosen and share them with you. Do you agree? Have you sampled some of these places yourself? Do you have one you recommend?

Because the list of choices are basically infinite, I will probably be adding to this once in a while. Feel free to stop back. And don't forget to vote in my surveys.

Also, hopefully I'll be adding nutritional information at the end.

Some Breakfast Sandwiches Rated

RestaurantTaste/QualityValue (for price paid)

Carl's Jr.



Chick Fil A



Corner Bakery Cafe









Carl's Breakfast burger includes a patty, egg, cheese, hash browns and ketchup

Carl's Breakfast burger includes a patty, egg, cheese, hash browns and ketchup

Carl's Jr.

Price: $7 - 9 (sides extra)

Packing a walloping 800 calories, this sandwich will definitely fill you up. The sandwich includes their regular beef patty, egg, cheese, hash brown rounds, and ketchup and is served on a toasted bun.

The combination is actually quite good, although I've never found the idea of egg and beef to sound all that satisfying. I've heard about people putting mayo or barbecue sauce on the sandwich for variety.

With a side of coffee and hash browns, this meal will pack enough calories to fulfill your daily needs: I don't recommend eating this daily.

As far as value, it's actually pretty expensive and the combination will run you well over 10 dollars. I guess it's a sign of the times but fast food isn't as economical as I recall it being, but then again, prices were always cheaper "20 years ago."

It certainly is worth trying—once or twice a year—but if you are searching for a staple I would option for another choice.

Chick Fil A

$6 - 8 (combo includes tater tots and coffee)

There are actually a variety of options at Chick Fil A for breakfast. You can try the breakfast muffin, a grilled chicken with egg, or the mini-sandwiches.

The small sandwiches are really nothing more than their nuggets placed on these small sweet buns that taste a little bit like Hawaiian rolls.

You are given four in a sample for the breakfast option I chose. They are plain with no cheese or egg, but you can request a sauce on the side if you wish.

The other sandwiches Chick Fil A provides are probably not that much different in that you get their signature chicken strip, nugget, or patty on a variation of bread with egg and cheese.

If you like their chicken, you will certainly like their breakfast. The mini-sandwiches have a nice bread that is soft, aromatic, and slightly crisp (this probably isn't the right word, but I am not sure how else to describe it) on the outside which is the way I prefer mine.

Four small pieces of chicken doesn't sound like much—but it is satisfying and if you can appreciate things in moderation, it makes a good morning meal.

As far as value is concerned, it is pricey, but then again so are most things these days. I don't know if it is me or because I am getting older, but the cost of a meal out today seems to have doubled in the past five or ten years. For the younger readers out there, the costs may seem normal and even appropriate.

Corner Bakery Cafe

Price: about $10

A little more expensive than your typical fast food restaurant, but basically the food is the same. The layout and presentation are what you would expect from a service place and the ambiance is more pleasant that your typical burger establishment.

The basic sandwich is called the Commuter and you can get it on a croissant or any of their other breads, which include sourdough, a bagel, or a bun. Meat choices include your basics: sausage, bacon, or ham.

For breakfast, this is a nice choice because it seems a bit fancier and you can get a side of red potatoes cooked with onions. Every time I've gone to one of these places the potatoes have been cold though and I don't think they are prepared there fresh in the morning.

The sandwich is nice, the bacon quality, the eggs are fluffy and generous, and the cheese is tangy and delicious.

While not the cheapest option, this place would be good when you have a little bit of time to sit down and eat and are looking for the convenience and speed of fast food. It would be a nice place to take a significant other as well.

McDonald's Breakfast Sandwiches

$ 1.50 - 5

Well, for familiarity, I would have to recommend McDonald's. There probably isn't a human being on the planet that hasn't stepped inside one of their 36,899 restaurants at some time in their life. They even have a vegetarian menu.

For breakfast, the sandwich options come with two bread varieties: muffin or biscuit. You can have sausage, bacon, or ham with egg and cheese.

If you are looking to save money, you can get the sausage biscuit or the McMuffin—which comes with cheese—for under $2.00 (as of this writing).

What's good about McDonalds is that you know what to expect and probably don't have to look at the menu. You probably have an idea of what you want before you walk in.

The cons include the fact that McDonald's isn't the healthiest spot to dine. Everyone knows that the fast food giant has been criticized for the fat content and calories contained in their food.

But it is a choice that will hit the spot and a good option, if exercised sparingly.


Price: $4 - 6

Probably one of the better options to come around, Subway has started serving flatbread sandwiches. I believe breakfast options have been available for awhile with your choice of their standard bread or a croissant.

They didn't have the French pastry when I went to the restaurant so I tried their flatbread.

You can get your choice of meat: steak, bacon, sausage, or black forest ham. I choose steak this time and have had the ham previously. Both are good. I'm sure if you asked, you could have your meat choice from the regular deli options.

The sandwich comes with egg, cheese, and if you wish, vegetables.

A cheap and convenient breakfast from a place where you probably know what to expect from.

With the added vegetables, this is probably the healthiest option.

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