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Angelo's Pizzeria: South Philadelphia's Best Philly Cheesesteak

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A traditional old-school Philly cheesesteak from Angelo's Pizzeria with steak, Whiz, and fried onions on a seeded roll.

A traditional old-school Philly cheesesteak from Angelo's Pizzeria with steak, Whiz, and fried onions on a seeded roll.

A Brief History

Owner Danny DiGiampietro is definitely a food guy. How do I know? The line of smiling customers standing outside of this tiny pizza and sandwich shop in South Philadelphia is all the proof anyone needs. Oh, and the food is fantastic as well! (Spoiler alert.)

Danny's journey began in 2014 when he purchased a pizzeria on Haddon Avenue in Haddonfield, NJ. He named it Angelo's, after his newborn son. The Haddonfield location did well enough and when the opportunity to purchase a location in South Philly came along, Danny took it. Located in the former Sarcone's Bakery storefront on South Ninth Street in Philadelphia, this new location has been crushing it ever since.

A stroll along South Ninth Street, Philadelphia. Pictured: Sarcones Bakery.

A stroll along South Ninth Street, Philadelphia. Pictured: Sarcones Bakery.

Getting There

My trip to Angelo's Pizzeria was quick and straightforward, Ninth Street is known for the Historic Italian Market with plenty of parking opportunities in the area. For GPS navigation, the physical location is 736 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

I ended up parking at a Rite-Aid just about a block away and walked the rest of the way. After a short stroll along South Ninth Street, I arrived. There were probably two dozen people standing outside waiting for their food orders on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon.

The block was bustling with the sound of music provided by a street corner band who had set up shop here. The action was non-stop—a really cool small-town vibe.

Outside of Angelo's Pizzeria in South Philly

Outside of Angelo's Pizzeria in South Philly

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What to Expect

I made my way to the counter and was greeted by friendly smiling staff eager to take my order. After a very brief ordering session, I was told it would take about 15 minutes. I had my carefully packaged cheesesteak in less than 10 minutes and was out the door. Perfect.

Angelo's currently doesn't offer indoor or outdoor seating and is cash only, take-out only. No sides or fries, simply sandwiches, drinks, and pizza. I hustled back to my car for some good old-fashioned cheesesteak on the hood action. You know what I'm talking about. I ordered a traditional old-school Philly cheesesteak, "Whiz-Wit." For those that don't know, this means "steak with CheezWhiz and fried onions." No ketchup this time for the haters in the comment section.


My Honest Opinion

My judgment may be clouded because of my love for good bread. You could put just about anything on Angelo's seeded roll and I would probably score it a 10. But seriously, aside from the crusty, chewy, seeded roll holding all of the delicious thinly sliced ribeye, this cheesesteak was perfectly constructed—just the right amount of perfectly seasoned steak, caramelized onions, and of course CheezWhiz.

The steak had a wonderful, beefy flavor. A clue that Angelo's uses high-quality meat in their cheesesteaks. There were no chewy, fatty steak pieces that I could detect and everything melded together perfectly on the short walk back to my car.

Another winner in Philadelphia, Angelo's Pizzeria is not your average tourist trap, but a genuine South Philly, Italian-owned mom-and-pop joint with owners that care about their product as well as the customers they serve. I took a point off for the lack of fries or onion rings and gave my overall experience a solid 9 out of ten cheesesteaks.

If you're in the South Philly area, make sure to stop in and grab a sandwich or two, and don't forget the pizza that Dave Portnoy rated the highest in Pennsylvania! I'll be back for the pizza real soon! Thanks, Angelo's, for a wonderful late lunch.

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