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50 Best Burger Restaurant Names

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Looking for the perfect burger restaurant name?

Looking for the perfect burger restaurant name?

Do You Love Burgers? How Much?

If you have a deep love for burgers and the money to start a business, then a burger restaurant is just what’s in store for you! Concoct the perfect burger, then venture onto the following steps.

Burger Restaurant Names

Burger restaurant names should sound good and portray how well you know the burger biz! Here are some tips to consider when thinking of burger restaurant names:

  • Laid back: Burger restaurants are not for the fancy crowd; it’s where people can go wearing t-shirts and jeans and enjoy good food with family or friends in a laid-back kind of atmosphere.
  • Signature burger: If you thought of an awesome name for your signature burger, use it in the name; otherwise, the burger may be named after the restaurant.
  • Alliterations: Burger obviously starts with the letter “b,” which opens up a whole world of naming opportunities when you consider alliterations. If you’re not familiar with this, an alliteration is a repetition of a sound in consecutive words. For example: Bob’s Burger Barn.
  • Rhymes: If you want your name to stick like ketchup to a bun, using a rhyme is appropriate and fun!
  • Your name: Be a proud business owner and incorporate your name into the business name.

Now for a list of burger restaurant names:

What do you want to name your restaurant?

What do you want to name your restaurant?

Bob's Burger Barn

Buzz Burgers

The Burger Barn

Burger Bistro

Burger Bros.

Patty Buns Burgers

Bigger Better Burger Joint

The Smokin' Patty

The Burger Joint

Smokin' Burger

Burgers Ahoy!

The Smokin' Grill

Burger Time

Burger Smokehouse

Riley's Smiley Burgers


Burger Basement

Bill's All-American Burgers

Hang 10 Burgers

All-American Burger Joint

The Burger Grille


Rockin' Burgers

Hot Cross Buns

The Burger House

Burger Ferguson

Backyard Burgers

We Know Burgers

The Crispy Bun

We Love Beef

Toasty Buns Burgers

Buffalo Burgers

Beefcakes Burgers

Knuckle Burger

Pit Master Burgers

BINGO Burgers

Dungeon Burgers

Bullseye Burgers


Bullhorn Burgers

Sin City Burgers

The Burgery

Burgers on 22nd Street

Burger Master Mike

Burger Boulevard

PitStop Burgers

Bruce's Burgers

The Burger Pit

Bugout Burgers

The Burger Hub

Will you have a signature burger? Consider using that as your restaurant name.

Will you have a signature burger? Consider using that as your restaurant name.

Naming Your Restaurant

If these names don’t make someone want to stop in for a good burger, then I don’t know what will!

Naming your business might possibly be the toughest part, but think about the relief you’ll feel when those doors are open for business once and for all.

Considerations for Opening a Burger Restaurant

Food service establishments require special permits and licensing in order to open for business.

Filing the Correct Paperwork

First, start with registering your business with the name through the state’s Division of Corporations and then contacting your city or county to register it locally for business tax purposes. You will also need to be in contact with the health department to find out what permits and inspections are required through them; after all, restaurants are concerned with the health of others and should be deemed clean to operate!

Choosing the Location

If you’ve ever heard someone emphasise the statement “location, location, location!” there is a good reason for this; a location can make or break any business, especially in the first year during the critical period of getting established within the community. While locations in areas with lots of traffic tend to be on the more expensive side, this will work to your advantage! Try to think about where your location is in proximity to major county or city events, as during these events, you have an opportunity for an extremely busy period, which is good!

Budgeting for Expenses

Depending on the type of burger business you are securing, whether it’s a physical location or a food truck, you will need to think about what kind of supplies, equipment, and furnishings you will need for the business. While buying these things new usually means no headache, it can be really expensive. Make a list of what you need and try to find most of it secondhand and just refurbish; you can save hundreds or even thousands doing this.

Creating the Menu

Don’t forget one of the most important final steps, making your menu! Every burger place needs a signature burger. Not only this, but if you come up with one of those food-eating challenges, your customers can have an opportunity to win some restaurant swag, which means they basically take on the challenge to win a t-shirt, thus advertising for your restaurant when they wear it!

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