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Updated on August 14, 2017
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Traveling has always been one of my passions. It exposes us to new cultures, experiences, and makes the world a better, more tolerant place.

Le Coin

Le Coin
Le Coin | Source

So, you’re going to Paris and you’re worried about how expensive it can be to eat out in the City of Lights. Well, we were worried also, and not just about the cost, but also about the seemingly endless reviews of how “so-so” the food is in Paris. Well, we did see some awfully expensive restaurants, and we did have a few so-so meals, but thankfully we were finally pointed in the direction of Le Coin, which translates to “The Corner.” We enjoyed this small bistro so much that we returned for three consecutive nights. Hey, when you find a good thing and it’s not broken, why try to fix it.

Upon returning from Paris, I wanted to write a Tripadvisor review on Le Coin, so I looked them up and saw that they are ranked #448 out of 12,955. There sure are a lot of restaurants in Paris! As I started to read some of the reviews, I saw a wide disparity in how people viewed Le Coin. Some folks simply loved it, while others were not impressed. Some people thought it was fairly priced, and others thought it was expensive.

What I took from this is that everyone certainly has their own personal taste, and the old adage is oh so true, “you just can’t please everyone all of the time.” What I can tell you from our personal experience is that if you are looking for a small authentic French bistro in a nice neighborhood that caters to the local crowd with exceptional food at a fair price then look no further.

A marker88 Rue de Rocher, Paris, France -
88 Rue du Rocher, 75008 Paris, France
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Had we read all of the reviews prior to our trip perhaps we would have thought it was just another average Parisan restaurant. Maybe we would have stumbled upon the place, but most likely not, given how large Paris is. Well, after three nights of dining at Le Coin I can tell you that this charming bistro is indeed something special.

In all of our travels we have never, ever returned to a place three nights in a row. There is just something so addicting about Le Coin that seems to draw people back time and time again. Like the cute elderly couple we met from San Francisco on our third night there who told us that they come to Paris every year and have been coming back to Le Coin for ten years. Or the two businessmen we met from Ireland who were eating there on their second consecutive night. It takes something pretty special to draw people back time and time again.

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Coq au vin rouge - Rooster in red wine
Coq au vin rouge - Rooster in red wine | Source
Agneau grillé - Grilled lamb with ratatouille and frites
Agneau grillé - Grilled lamb with ratatouille and frites | Source

The Menu

The Menu
The Menu | Source

So what is it that makes Le Coin so special? For starters the food is excellent. Over the course of three evenings our group of six tried a good portion of their extensive menu. The grilled lamb, duck, veal, chicken, homemade sauasage and stuffed cabbage were all excellent choices. For dessert the crème-brulee, apple tart and the chocolate mousse were all wonderful and a great way to cap a perfect evening.

And by the way, don’t expect to be handed a menu, it’s all up on the chalkboard in French. Nice touch I thought. But there is clearly something else going on here at Le Coin. The magic is in the two owners, Thierry and Edith. This French husband and wife team, they claimed to be just business associates, has created a unique atmosphere here in Paris, something akin to the Cheers Pub of American television lore. You know, “the place where everyone knows your name”. In my judgment I know I’ve found a good place when I see lots of locals dining there and speaking the local language. If it’s good enough for the people who live there then it’s good enough for me.

Thierry taking our order
Thierry taking our order | Source
A table for six
A table for six | Source

So let’s start with the totally French and debonair Thierry. We called him the schmoozer. To be honest we never really figured out what his job was? Sometimes he’s in the kitchen cooking, sometimes he’s sitting with patrons having a glass of wine, and at times he’s taking orders and greeting guests. He weaves his way around the small bistro seemingly knowing exactly where he should be at any given moment. For us he was extremely helpful with our lack of French and a joy to interact with. He never steered us wrong when we questioned what to order and he helped to make our experience at Le Coin a memorable one.

And now on to the engaging, energetic and delightful Edith. I suspect that Edith is the glue that keeps Le Coin together and running smoothly. She greets patrons, seats them, explains the menu choices, takes orders, delivers meals and drinks, and in her free time she even had time to talk to us about our travels in France and take a photo or two. She is an efficient machine who nicely compliments Thierry. Together they make Le Coin a completely addicting experience.

Le Coin Address
Rue de Rocher 88, 75008 Paris
+33 1 43 87 58 96 ‎
Open M - F for Lunch and Dinner

Our gang with Thierry and Edith
Our gang with Thierry and Edith | Source

French restaurants can be confusing because the French word for appetizer or starter plate is "entrée". The main dish is the "plat".

Le Coin is appropriately located on “the corner” of Rue du Rocher and Rue Larribe. They are located in the 8th district close to the Villiers Metro Station. While their dinner menu changes slightly every day you can expect to see five to ten entrée’s (appetizers), perhaps fifteen or so plats (main course) and a handful of tasty desserts. They are also open for lunch with a bustling crowd of locals stopping in. While food in Paris is generally quite expensive we felt that the average main dish cost of 14 to 17 euro was reasonable and well below many other establishments that we looked at. Le Coin is one of those hidden gems in Paris. This is one place worth seeking out and we can’t wait to return

Bon appetit

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    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 3 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi Glimmer. Me too. I'd rather be checking the chalk board instead of sitting here wondering what we're doing for dinner :) .

    • Glimmer Twin Fan profile image

      Glimmer Twin Fan 3 years ago

      What I wouldn't give to be in Paris right now and then checking out this bistro.

    • ubrish profile image

      ubrish ali 3 years ago from Pakistan(Asia)

      welcome dear

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 3 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi ubrish. Thank you. I hope you are going to Paris soon. Enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.

    • ubrish profile image

      ubrish ali 3 years ago from Pakistan(Asia)

      Thanks for sharing information about Le Coin in Paris .Now I will visit there during my visit in Paris

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 3 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi Flourish. Thank you. Le Coin really was a wonderful find, great food and great atmosphere. Would definitely go back if we ever return to Paris.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      Wow, any place that you return to that many times has to be excellent. Fantastic restaurant review. Voted up and pinning!

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 3 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi Mary. This place was so good and so much fun that I just had to write a hub and give them a plug. To be honest we found everyone very helpful and engaging in France, which was not what we were told. A great time was had by all.

      Thank you for the vote, share, etc. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 3 years ago from New York

      Okay Bill so now added to your wonderful travel book will be a restaurant reviewer. How excellently you've told us about Le Coin. I'm sure the owners would be honored to read this hub. You should send them a copy.

      Well done my friend, surely adding this little place to the list of any travelers. I'll have to tell my daughter-in-law as she's been to Paris twice now on business.

      Voted up, useful, and interesting. Oh, shared on FB.

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 3 years ago from Massachusetts

      Thank you Linda. Not only was the food great but it was really a fun place to dine. Paris wound up being much friendlier than we thought it would be. Have a great day.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 3 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      This is an enjoyable and interesting hub, Bill. Le Coin sounds like a great place to visit, especially when the local people like it so much.

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 3 years ago from Massachusetts

      Thanks Bill. This place was a great find. By our third consecutive night it really felt like we were walking into "Cheers" and everyone knew who we were. Great fun. You'll get there, don't despair. Someday when you have a number one book they'll be flying you all over the world for appearances and book signings. Have a great week.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      You know, of course, that I just read these so I can have a vicarious thrill from your travelling. I seem to be moving farther away from taking a trip like this and not closer. Sigh! Great job my friend.