A Review of Better Than Sex, a Restaurant in Key West, Florida

Updated on July 1, 2017

What is Better Than Sex?

What is Better Than Sex? It is a dessert restaurant currently located in Key West. The restaurant is currently expanding to open a new location in Orlando, Florida. This restaurant serves only two things: beverages and desserts. All of the desserts are described using mildly sexual language. Due to this ,the restaurant is considered PG-13 rated. While they do encourage an adult atmosphere, they also ban yelling, cursing, and all intoxicated behavior.


I have so far been to be better than sex in Key West two times. Both times I've walked away extremely satisfied with both the service and the taste of everything I had. The atmosphere is very comfortable with low lighting in order to encourage a feeling of privacy. The restaurant is nicely decorated with out The decorations being too distracting. I liked how the restaurant maybe feel like the main focus was on the food and drinks. In order to share the general feel of the restaurant with you I have some pictures I took of the inside of the restaurant to give you an overall feel for it. The entire place is nicely decorated even the bathroom as you can see.


The menu is on an iPad that is delivered to each table. There are no cardboard menus, laminated paper, or brochures. Instead each table gets one iPad per two people that allows the user to browse through the different alcohols, virgin drinks, and desserts.

My Visit

I visited both times with three family members which allowed us to get multiple different dishes and drinks so I was able to get a taste of a good portion of the menu between my two visits. One of the things I really love about the food is that everything is made from scratch to order. Not a single item is made from a mix or pre-made. I have to say my personal favorite is The Fever. The Fever is described as:

Smooth. Soft. Supple. A warm airy chocolate cake like brownie full of body that's oozing a subtle chocolate pudding underneath. Rubbing up against cool whit vanilla bean balls.

— Better Than Sex

The Fever

The description definitely makes The Fever sound sensual and sexual with this beautifully with in description. Personally, I simply enjoying an amazing tasting soft and moist chocolate cake like brownie with two scoops of delicious vanilla ice cream. I love the chocolate pudding fudge mix that was underneath the brownie cake. The combination of the three different elements blended together beautifully in my mouth and taste it wonderfully. It is in my mind one of the best items on their menu.

Peanut Butter Perversion

The menu describes the Peanut Butter Perversion as: "peanut butter mousse pie floating on top of a chocolate chip cookie dough crust. Salted chocolate bark. Port Wine Sauce."

This is an absolute must have for all peanut butter lovers, however be warned while the taste is amazing it is not for those who desire their dessert to be sweet. I personally found it lacking in the sweetness department, however a quick drizzle of some of the chocolate pudding sauce from the Fever on top of this dessert quickly solved the problem. I do wish the crust had been a bit thicker, but overall with a bit of chocolate sauce I would call it a win!

Banana Bazooka

The Banana Bazooka is described as: " Layer Crepe like tortilla torte. Big banging banana hunks. Tickle of Caramel. Tease of cinnamon. Callebaut white chocolate sour cream ganache. Brown sugar icing. Health bar crunch."

I am not a banana fan normally, but even I have to say this tasted pretty good. The flavors of the Banana Bazooka were well balance and played out nicely together and separately. This is also not a very sweet dessert instead it is more on the savory side.


The drink option range from alcohol to virgin beverages all the way to a nice glass of milk. Almost all of the drinks come in large glasses that are dipped in one of three types of chocolate or other toppings, popular choices include white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or caramel. My personal choice was just a normal plan glass of milk as what goes better with some rich chocolate cake that a nice glass of milk. However, my fellow dinners were much more adventurous so here are some snap shots of their beverages.

Has an almost cotton candy like flavor. The white chocolate drizzle was hardened and unfortunately this made it difficult to taste it alongside the drink.
Has an almost cotton candy like flavor. The white chocolate drizzle was hardened and unfortunately this made it difficult to taste it alongside the drink. | Source
Local Brew with caramel drizzle and cookie chunks.
Local Brew with caramel drizzle and cookie chunks. | Source


I highly suggest that you make a reservation using the website before going to the restaurant as they only have 15 tables in the main dining room. The small number of tables really gives the restaurant a nice cozy feel up to it, but it also makes it difficult to get a table for walkins especially because the restaurant only opens at 6 PM. I actually ended up having to go a day later than I wanted because reservations filled up too quickly. I would recommend booking your reservation at least a full 24 hours before you actually plan to go. That said if you're walking by and you see it I would definitely say go ahead and try your luck as they might have an empty table with your name on it.

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