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7 Great Cupcake Shops in Melbourne, Australia!

Delicious Cupcakes in Melbourne

There is a good chance you'll be treated to cupcakes when visiting Melbourne, Australia. These cupcakes are a local handmade delight and they are made in the most delicious flavors.

They are a great treat to hand out at parties or at special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, and business events. Several stores can make wedding cupcakes for your most perfect day or a special treat in the colors of your company logo. And let us not forget the very colorful and tasty cupcakes for a children's party. Those cupcakes for kids will be loved by young and old!

Delivery Options

Have a look at a store's website to see if they also deliver cupcakes to your area. In that case, you can order your cupcakes online to have them delivered or you can pick them up yourself at a later time. Most stores have a minimum order size for delivery. They deliver to addresses inside the central business district of Melbourne and up to a maximum distance around it.

Food Allergies

Those with food sensitivities and food allergies will be pleased to know that certain stores create custom cupcakes that suit their needs. However, none of them make guarantees that their baked products will be free of certain ingredients. They do take care to prevent cross-contamination and to provide you with non-allergen cupcakes.

Cupcake Stands and Towers

Cupcake stands are available for hire at some of these stores. Contact them well in advance to be sure you have one for your event.

Online Stores

This article also includes some online cupcake stores that do not have a physical address. You can order online and have the products delivered to your address. If you wish to save on delivery costs, you can pick up yourself by appointment.

In this article, I'll share some great and well-known places to buy cupcakes in Melbourne. I will list cupcake shops in Melbourne's CBD first and then stores outside of it. Other than that, the list of cupcake stores is in no particular order.

Little Cupcakes

Little Cupcakes

Little Cupcakes

7 Degraves Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: Little Cupcakes

Little Cupcakes is a little store with a great variety in cupcake flavors. This was the first store I was introduced to after arriving in Melbourne, Australia. Everyone has their own taste but I definitely enjoyed the cupcakes here!

Little Cupcakes does custom designs (including weddings) and they deliver to addresses in the central business district of Melbourne. You can also order your favorite flavors online.

Little Cupcakes actually has two stores with the one at Degraves Street being the most well-known one. The other store is located at TG06 Goldsbrough Lane. The store at Degraves Street is small but if you are lucky you might be able to sit and enjoy your cupcakes. It is more common to purchase a box of cupcakes and to enjoy them elsewhere.

The Cupcake Queens

Shop 3 / 12 Douglas Parade
Williamstown VIC 3016

Website: The Cupcake Queens

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The Cupcake Queens creates really big cupcakes called Giant Cupcakes. They are literally gigantic and they serve ten to twelve people. You need to pick them up from their store however because they won't deliver them to your place.

Like the above stores, The Cupcake Queens has an online store and they create cupcakes for weddings, personal events and business events. They deliver in and around the central business district of Melbourne but there is a delivery charge (see the FAQ at their website for details). Lastly, they also have gift boxes.

Cupcake Occasion

3/877 Punt Road
South Yarra VIC 3141

Website: Cupcake Occasion

Like the store name suggests, you can get cupcakes for special occasions like birthdays, corporate events and baby arrivals. At Cupcake Occasion the tasty delights come in two sizes: regular and mini. Custom designs is their specialty and you can decorate the cupcakes with numbers, letters, and edible images.

At the time of writing, Cupcake Occasion does not have an online store. Delivery is available within the central business district of Melbourne and also outside that area for an additional cost (contact them to discuss the possibilities). You can pickup your orders in South Yarra or in Maribyrnong.

Cupcakes by Paolo

Shop 251
Footscray Market, Irving Street
Footscray VIC 3011

Website: Cupcakes by Paolo

Cupcakes by Paolo can create cupcakes with a custom design. They can also provide a delightful treat for occasions like engagements, hen's nights and bachelor parties but also the more common events like birthdays and weddings. Similar to other cupcake shops they provide cupcakes in two sizes (mini and maxi).

You can place orders online and they will also deliver them to your address (there is a delivery charge, see the FAQ at their website for details). Wholesale purchases are also possible.

Cupcake Central

Shop 7, 672 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn VIC 3122

Website: Cupcake Central

Cupcake Central provides cupcakes for occasions and business events; they can also create custom ones if you wish. You can order online at Cupcake Central and they deliver to addresses in the Melbourne metropolitan area (there is a delivery fee, see their 'contact us' page for more details).

Cupcake Central was founded by Sheryl and she blogs passionately about her business. Cupcake Central is now run by Sheryl and Tin. I have yet to visit to this cupcake store but you get bonus points from me! Passionate entrepeneurs are the best! I'm sure this is reflected in what you are baking.

Sugadeaux Cupcakes

700 Chapel Street
South Yarra VIC 3141

Website: Sugadeaux Cupcakes

Sugeadeaux Cupcakes has flavors that are served all year round but also seasonal flavors that are available for a limited time.

You can pickup the cupcakes at their store in South Yarra or you can have them delivered on weekdays for a certain delivery charge. Custom designs are possible but they prefer large orders when you request this.

Sugadeaux also produces Sugadeaux Treats butter toffees which is, quite obviously, a toffee!

Three Sweeties

1219 Glenhuntly Road
Glen Huntly

Website: Three Sweeties

Three Sweeties does not only bake cupcakes but also other products, such as biscuits and cakes. Three Sweeties is founded and operated by Michelle Green, another passionate baker! Her cupcakes come in standard and mini size and you can get your cupcakes in a variety of ways.

You can provide your own design or create a custom design together for celebrations and business events. You can also get cupcakes with edible images on them! Lastly, you can choose other things like the color of the cupcake paper and the decorations on them.

Delivery is available, see their website for details.

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