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Dining at Disney: Enzo's Hideaway Restuarant Review

Alex is a self-proclaimed Disney expert who enjoys expanding her culinary skills in her free time.

This bunker-like door is the entrance. They really went out of their way to give the effect of the restaurant being hidden.

This bunker-like door is the entrance. They really went out of their way to give the effect of the restaurant being hidden.

The Premise

If you have ever visited the Walt Disney World Resort you will know that everything has a story. Nothing is just a restaurant. This is very much true for Enzo's Hideaway.

Themed after a 1920s speakeasy, this restaurant can be a little difficult to find if you aren't sure where it is. The story is the hideaway is a breakaway venture of Enzo, who has the Italian resultant on the main strip. Going down the stairs, literally, you'll see a little cafe-type setting with no signs. This is it.

There is a massive door, and you enter a dark room that has a feeling of being filled with different passageways. The hostess takes you through a winding hall into an area that looks like a small restaurant until you enter the main room. The room is large, bold, and tastefully decorated. The bar looks like something out of The Great Gatsby. The menu is distinctly Italian, with drinks straight out of the roaring '20s.

The Feel

Personally, I feel that this restaurant is best suited for adults. It has a very romantic feel about it. The first time I had the pleasure of dining here was with a coworker while in town for a conference. We had a pitcher of sangria and some of the best food I'd had in a long time. And that is saying something for Disney.

The second time I stopped by was on my most recent visit. My boyfriend and I stopped in for cocktails after dinner. We sat at the bar and were entertained by watching the bartender create various concoctions. Both times the room was rather empty, the first was pre-covid and Disney Springs was rather busy and the second was during covid with the resort being moderately busy.

I'm not saying you shouldn't bring kids here. They do have a kids menu and there isn't anything too 'adult'. I just don't know if there is enough there to really entertain small children and it has an overall grown-up feel. The dining area is quiet. There aren't any Disney characters.

The Food

The food here is fantastic. It is also a little on the pricey side. The menu is rather limited, which I liked as it helped me to make a decision. Everything sounds like it would be amazing. The portion sizes are in Disney fashion and are on the large side. I found the food to be different from what you can find at an 'Italian' restaurant back home. It felt more authentic. Having never been to Italy, I don't know for sure, but it feels like it is.

Honestly, the appetizer and dessert menus are impressive and would make for a romantic evening with fancy drinks.

The Drinks

The drink menu is larger than the dining menu. By a lot. There are so many different drinks to choose from, and they all sound so different and delicious it is almost impossible to choose. I've had the sangria and a martini, and both were great. If you are struggling you can always ask the bartender or your waiter for their suggestion.

Honestly, if you are adventurous you could just close your eyes and pick something and I'm sure it would be fantastic.

Overall Impression

I feel that this is a fantastic hidden gem of a restaurant. You can make reservations ahead of time, you can even book it on the opentables app. However, both times I've been we were able to walk in and get a table. I think this is a great place for a romantic dinner or a fun place to grab some drinks. If you are a fan of The Great Gatsby you will love this place.

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