A Review of Gigi's Cupcakes in Greensboro, NC

Updated on October 18, 2017
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Review of Gigi's Cupcakes in Greensboro, NC

Gigi’s Cupcakes is a bakery that is located in an often busy and high-traffic section of Westover Terrace in Greensboro, North Carolina. This article will contain a brief review of Gigi's Cupcakes. This is a franchise and has many other locations in other states as well. In Greensboro, NC, Gigi's Cupcakes is conveniently located immediately next door to Pot Belly’s sandwich shop, which I also love. I could easily stop by both places in one trip. During my first visit, I spontaneously decided to walk in with my son to see what they had to offer. We really enjoyed our visit to Gigi’s. I was pleasantly surprised by how quaint and cute this cupcake shop was. There was fine attention to detail in the beautiful cupcake decorations displayed in glass cases, and there were complementary colors on everything from the cupcake shop décor to the cardboard boxes used to package the goods. Here is a little cupcake shop that really appears to care about its branding. Using eye-catching pale green and pink cardboard boxes with a hint of brown is a lovely way to package the scrumptious baked goods. Consistent throughout, Gigi’s Cupcakes uses these pale green and pink colors on its website as well.

Cupcakes at Gigi's Cupcakes are generous in size

Cupcakes at Gigi’s Cupcakes are very large and can easily be cut to share between two people. The cupcakes cost around $3 each. A box of four cupcakes costs around $12. A box of four cupcakes is very neatly divided and can be transported to another location without getting messed up. The packaging is very good for preventing the cupcakes from getting squashed or crumbled, and preventing the frosting from getting messed up.

The treats at Gigi’s Cupcakes are elaborately decorated with lots of frosting. When it comes to choosing what cupcakes you will buy, you will be thinking, “Decisions, decisions!” as there are a wealth of options to choose from. My son wanted the birthday cake option, which comes with pink frosting and confetti-style sprinkles. I was enthusiastic about ordering wedding cake cupcakes and cheesecake cupcakes for us and the rest of the family to share. We did indeed decide to cut our cupcakes so we could each try some, and every variety of cupcake that we purchased was delicious. The cheesecake cupcake was very creamy and good, and had frosting and fruit topping, while the wedding cake cupcake was especially soft, moist, and flavorful.

Great customer service

The people who work at Gigi’s cupcake shop in Greensboro, North Carolina are very pleasant in their customer service delivery and will readily answer any questions you might have about the establishment or the product offerings. Visiting the cupcake shop is a memorable experience which might prompt you to want to learn more about the business as their website, gigiscupcakesusa.com. This website is very informative as well. The background of the business and the menu options are discussed on the website.

On our next visit to Gigi’s cupcakes, we might try other cupcake varieties such as the red velvet or some of the various types of chocolate cupcakes.

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      • Journey * profile image

        Nyesha Pagnou MPH 6 months ago from USA

        Hi Nancy,

        I hope that you have been doing well. I have started writing some more on HubPages again after not having written anything new on HubPages for a while. I so appreciate you posting your nice comment to this hub about Gigi's Cupcakes. Thanks.

      • alekhouse profile image

        Nancy Hinchliff 6 months ago from Essex Junction, Vermont

        Good review, thanks, and the cupcakes look great, but I 'm alwayss leary about buying them from a bakery; they tend to be a little dry. I really prefer to make mine at home.