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Goode Co. Texas Barbeque Review and Photos (Katy Fwy. Location)

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Goode Co. Texas Barbeque (Katy Freeway location)

Goode Co. Texas Barbeque (Katy Freeway location)

Texas Barbeque

Generally speaking, meat lovers relish a good barbeque plate with all the fixin's to accompany one's choice of meats. There is a noteworthy small chain of restaurants owned by entrepreneur Jim Goode. His restaurants have grateful patrons of his barbeque locations smacking their lips with gusto for his finger-licking mesquite-smoked and grilled items on the menu. Whether a king, cowboy, or city slicker, this is a meeting place sure to please everyone!

My husband and I recently stopped into the Katy Freeway location for one of their delicious sandwiches for a midday lunch. The full address is 8911 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77024. We have been there many times and to their other barbeque locations on Kirby Drive and the Northwest Freeway.

With my handy small Panasonic digital camera, I thought that perhaps you readers might like to see the appearance of this particular Texas barbeque place. Many pictures were taken and can credibly refute the perception that shacks are the only places that turn out tasty and succulent brisket, ribs, and the like.

Impressive facade for a barbeque place!

Impressive facade for a barbeque place!

Decisions! Decisions!

The very minute one passes through the etched glass windowpane doors, the most tantalizing aromas immediately assault one's senses. Then it is decision time! What to order today? Will it be the hand-seasoned and mesquite smoked brisket? The fall-apart tender and spicy pork or pork ribs? How about the handcrafted sausages, either the Czech sausage or the jalapeño?

Any desire to have some honey-smoked ham? How about some chicken, turkey, or duck? Will it be a dinner plate with one or more meats accompanied by some side dishes? The sides have many usual accompaniments like beans (baked and also jalapeño), coleslaw, potato salad, jambalaya, and green beans.

Is it a stuffed baked potato that one wishes to enjoy today topped with the usual choices or perhaps some chopped meat? Or is it a sandwich that one desires? For those who like a bit of extra spice, their homemade jalapeño cheese bread offers that extra punch of flavor, whether eaten as is or used as a sandwich instead of the more usual type of bun.

There are many choices of desserts, including their famous pecan pie, the recipe of which came from Jim Goode's grandmother. Many people add desserts to their trays as they progress through the lunch counter type of line.

Customized Orders

On the other side of a glass divider, one watches one's meals assembled. Want extra sauce? No problem! One can easily direct the food preparer who is slicing or chopping one's meats or dishing up a side dish to add a little extra of this or that to meet one's expectations and desires.

At the end of the line and after paying, there are more choices at another bar area filled with sliced jalapeños, sliced onions, lettuce, and pickles, etc., of which you help yourself. So far, you probably think that it seems like many other barbeque places from the description. Correct?

If the enticing aromas and delicious food were all there was, that would be good enough or even great. But the physical surroundings of this particular barbeque place (this by no means could be considered a barbeque "joint" or "shack") make it something special. How many of you eat Texas barbeque with a spectacular chandelier overhead?

Impressive chandelier!

Impressive chandelier!

Great Food and Décor

My husband knew Jim Goode from the days before he ventured into developing this very successful chain of local restaurants, which include seafood and Mexican offerings in addition to his barbeque places. Jim Goode was a commercial artist working for an ad agency that might help explain the care and expertise in decorating his restaurants.

Suffice it to say that with his artistic talents combined with culinary prowess, the attention to detail regarding décor in his restaurants does not take a back seat to the flavors of the food offerings. They are both stellar achievements combining rustic and refined elements, as one can readily see by looking at the photos of his Katy Freeway Goode Company barbeque location.

Too bad that you cannot smell the wafting aromas of the delicious food. You will have to use your imagination as you look at these accompanying photos. Goode Co. Barbeque has become one of many of Houstonian's favorite barbeque restaurants.

Nostalgic Photos

See an example of the old photos and posters utilized in decorating Goode Co. Barbeque on the Katy Freeway in Houston, Texas, by looking below. These photos are but a small sampling of what one would find inside this restaurant.

Levi Goode (Son of Jim Goode) Discusses BBQ Restaurant Decor

Saddles, Ropes and Blankets

Liberal use of constructed boxes adorned with colorful woven blankets, saddles, and ropes are above many of the wooden booths and tables around the perimeter of the rooms. It certainly brings back images of cowboys roping cattle and doing the business of herding them, branding them, and the like. Combined with the many western type photos, the days of the Wild West seem not that far distant.

Eclectic Décor

From finely etched glass windows to bronze sculpture to a carved wooden Indian and even a silver saddle, that and more is on view making for eclectic and fascinating décor inside of this restaurant. Have a look at these photos which follow.

Native American Carvings

Before entering the back room of the restaurant, one passes between two beautifully rendered Native American carvings attached to the support columns. This sculpture is a beautiful feature, just one of many things within this restaurant that sets it apart from numerous others serving up Texas barbeque.

Homage to Texas Statesmen

The risers on the steps going up to the top floor pay homage to people important to the history of Texas, in one way or another. Birth and death dates are below the names of such people as David Crockett, who is probably best known for his fight at the Battle of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. Others include luminaries like James Bowie, William Barrett Travis, and Sam Houston (the latter of whom was the first president of the Republic of Texas).

Hopefully, these pictures and descriptions of what to see inside of the Katy Freeway location of Goode Co. Texas Barbeque will entice you to visit and order some great-tasting Texas barbeque if you are ever passing through this city.

There is no need for a horse, spurs, or cowboy hat to feel comfortable in this restaurant. The food and décor make this place truly a feast for kings, cowboys, or anyone. So saddle up your appetite, and we will see you there!

One happy diner, my hubby!

One happy diner, my hubby!


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