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Maine-ly Sandwiches: Seafood With Nautical Decor in Houston

I live in Houston and love writing reviews of the local restaurants and stores I visit with family and friends.

Maine-ly Sandwiches. The man holding the sign gave me permission to take and publish his photo.

Maine-ly Sandwiches. The man holding the sign gave me permission to take and publish his photo.

Lobster Rolls in Houston

Based on the recommendation of a good friend, my husband and I recently visited Maine-ly Sandwiches, a successful chain of restaurants in Houston. Our friend happens to spend some of his vacation time each year in Maine doing volunteer work, so he's very familiar with lobster. He teaches Boy Scout leaders so that they can instruct the next generation. We think that it is admirable!

Art on a wall inside the restaurant

Art on a wall inside the restaurant

Maine Lobster

It all started when we were comparing notes with our friend, who regularly spends time in Maine, about tasty local restaurant meals we had enjoyed. We mentioned having had a lobster roll. That is when our friend began to speak fondly of the delectable lobster rolls he enjoys every time he visits Maine. It is all about the pure fresh taste of lobster, according to him. He orders fresh Maine lobster to be shipped to his home occasionally for special meals that he prepares.

The way the perfectly cooked lobster is served on a toasted, fresh buttered hot dog type of bun is the way he has grown to love it. He told us that Maine-ly Sandwiches comes the closest to the lobster rolls he knows and loves in Maine. We wanted to one day give them a taste.

Nautical Theme

The photos above show the exterior of the building adorned with mural scenery. We parked in the back. During busy times of the day or evening, that small parking lot probably fills quickly. People would then have to find available nearby street parking.

A Maine-ly Sandwiches food and catering truck was in the back parking lot at the time of our visit. Upon entering this casual eatery, the nautical theme was instantly apparent.

Food Offerings

Customers order their food and pay for it at a counter. That is where one sees the food offerings on a blackboard written in chalk.

Naturally, we decided that we must taste a lobster roll! My husband ordered a half lobster roll and a cup of clam chowder. Accompanying it was a package of oyster crackers and a wrapped piece of saltwater taffy. Since we regularly share our food, I decided to order the crab roll. I also chose the clam chowder soup as an accompaniment.

We liked both of our sandwiches. The clam chowder had an excellent clam broth taste. We did not end up with an enormous amount of actual clam bits in our styrofoam cups. Perhaps the next person in line lucked out with more when the chowder was ladled into the container.

Interior Decor

The pictured seagulls below are on the wall at Maine-ly Sandwiches. It brings back my memories of seeing and hearing seagulls in places like Galveston, Fort Walton Beach, and Sarasota, Florida, among others.

Without sea breezes and sounds of seagulls, the interior decor is the next best thing. We almost feel as though we are dining at a casual restaurant in our nearby coastal city of Galveston.

If you desire a casual nautically themed restaurant in which to savor some good Maine lobster, be sure to add this restaurant to your list of places to visit. They have many other types of sandwiches in addition to seafood.

Seagulls aplenty!

Seagulls aplenty!

Lobsters Facts

Did you know the following about lobsters?

  • There are warm-water lobsters, as well as cold-water lobsters.
  • Maine lobster is a cold-water lobster.
  • Cold-water lobsters are the only ones with defined front claws.
  • There are hard- and soft-shelled lobsters.
  • Maine lobster is hard-shelled, but all lobsters molt to keep growing.
  • The meat of lobsters is reputedly most delicate after molting but is hard to ship.
  • Lobsters keep growing while alive and can get to live up to 50 years old!
  • These crustaceans live in crevices and under rocks walking on the ocean floor when feeding at night.
  • They have blue blood and are omnivorous crustaceans.
  • According to the Guinness World Records, the heaviest caught lobster was 44.4 pounds!
Interior decor

Interior decor


The Maine-ly Sandwiches we visited was located at 3310 S. Shepherd Drive, Houston, Texas 77098. Note: It has now closed, but they have one location that's still open in Houston. They open every day at 11 a.m. and stay open until 9 p.m. on weekdays, 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.


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