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Review: Mill Street Brew Pub, Toronto, Ontario

Dancia has been taking pictures and finding clients for foodies since 2012. She also acts as an influencer on Instagram.

The main street of the Distillery District where many tents are set up each week.

The main street of the Distillery District where many tents are set up each week.

Mill Street Brewpub (Toronto) Review

Originally my family and I were walking through Greek Town in Downtown Toronto, (located in Ontario, Canada) to check out Pilaros Taste of the Danforth Greek Festival—only to find out we were an entire week early. Not sure of what to do next, we decided to visit the Distillery District at Parliament Street and Mill Street.

We had never been there before, and one look at the place made us want to never leave. Its unique surrounding buildings and decorations welcomed us as we walked through the district. Many small tents were set up, selling various items ranging from decorations to pendants to snacks and much more. Apparently, these specific tents are set up only three times a year. Each week, the tents are greeted by a new store or artist. This made me interested in coming more often to see and experience different things throughout the year.

Wandering off further, not knowing where we were going, we reached a restaurant area on Tank House Lane and Pure Spirits Mews. The beautiful buildings lured us deeper into the area, and we found ourselves settling into the Mill Street Brew Pub. Never having eaten there before, I prepared to judge and rate this interesting place.

The Atmosphere

The outdoor seating area was extremely relaxing, with brick flooring and walls. There were three large red and black umbrellas to keep customers from burning under the sun. Unfortunately, our seat was unsheltered.

I took a look inside the entire restaurant and it was quite enchanting. Pretty, tiny, dim lights glowed coolly from above. There were some booths, regular tables, and high tables to be seated at. The seating arrangement was slightly too cramped for my liking, but even with tight seating, people were waiting outside for a table.

The bar is located at the far back, taking up slightly less than half the space of the restaurant. Nothing besides the size attracted me to it. However, it is possible it is due to the fact I went there during lunch hour.

What I particularly enjoyed looking at was the beer distillery on the way to the bathroom. It was enclosed of course, but nevertheless, an interesting thing to view and to take pictures of. If you like to brew your own beer, this is not something special to look at, but if you have never brewed your own beer or have seen a beer distillery, this is a pleasant showcase.

How Was the Service?

The service was quite pleasant. The hosts, waiters, waitresses, and bartenders were cheerful and friendly. Although the place was filled with people, the hosts not only let us take a look at their menus, but they were more than happy to explain anything we wanted more information about. Though I think this is the way it should be, I know many other restaurants do not take the time to thoroughly explain whatever we need to know more about.

After being seated, our waitress soon came over to give us the menus once more. She came with a huge smile and a good attitude. When I went inside, looking around, the waitress that noticed my grandmother does not like the sun came over, asking if I wanted to move to an indoor table.

I know in some restaurants, the workers do not want you wandering around, taking pictures, especially when it is jam-packed. I do admit I caused some traffic between tables, but the waiters and waitresses continued to allow me to wander. I have seen many people get yelled at for taking pictures of the staff, so I asked before taking some pictures of the bartender working. Each staff member I asked said I was free to take as many pictures as I would like and even pointed out various things I might like to photograph.

Food: Yummy, Meh, or Ick?

The food was prepared rather quickly and the presentation was arranged to my liking. From the "brunch" section of the menu, I ordered eggs and steak. Honestly, the food was not bad, but it was not great either. There was nothing special about the taste. The bread was ordinary bread bought from the market, the steak was cooked to my specifications but did not "wow" me, and the fries were like any other regular, home-cut style fries. The only thing that was new to me was the fact the eggs had more yolk than egg whites. Personally, I do not enjoy yolk, but this was actually enjoyable. It created a fluffy texture and I am guessing they added other things since it did peak my interest.

My mother ordered the pulled pork sandwich. It also came with a side of fries. The bread was soft and easy to bite into. It was crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The pulled pork itself, however, was extremely salty. The meat was tender and chewy, a nice texture, and there was a generous amount. The fries were once again nothing special. They tasted better than mine, but they still failed to give me that "wow" factor I was looking for.

My grandmother ordered their quiche. It was of average size and average presentation. The crust had a nice, soft texture and the inside was very fluffy. The taste itself was decent, but nothing special.

The Results Are In!

Overall, I had a good time. I would not recommend Mill Street Brew Pub to someone who is looking for amazing food. I would, however, recommend this place to someone looking for a nice place for a social gathering or to enjoy the view. I would rate this restaurant three out of five as an overall ranking. Going to this restaurant to enjoy the taste of food is not worth the time and money. I do hope to return soon so that I can take more pictures and enjoy the scenery once more.

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