My Review of KFC's Crispy Colonel Sandwiches

Updated on December 13, 2019
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I tried all four varieties of KFC's Crispy Colonel sandwiches. This is my review.

KFC's Crispy Colonel sandwiches
KFC's Crispy Colonel sandwiches

I love hamburgers, but I love chicken even moreā€”so chicken sandwiches are an important staple in fast food for me. My husband, on the other hand, loves red meat, so sometimes he gets annoyed when I want to have chicken for dinner, yet again.

When KFC came out with their line of Crispy Colonel sandwiches, I knew I had to try each one and find out which flavors I liked the best. Now I can annoy my husband and suggest that we go to KFC for these sandwiches!

The Basics

The sandwiches all come in special wrappers, each with its own unique design. For example, the Nashville Hot has flames coming off the name of it. I thought this was a very cute touch. I appreciate the presentation, at least on the outside of the sandwiches. Inside, they look pretty greasy and not as appetizing, as you can see from the picture below. (Taste is not about appearance though!)

But there are certain things all four sandwiches have in common: they have the same bun, use the same chicken, they all have mayonnaise on them, and they all have pickles. The only difference between them is the spicy sauce they put on the chicken to give it its flavor. So I'm going to review the aspect they have in common together before I review each individual flavor.

The Chicken Patty

  • Each patty has the same coating or a similar coating to the other chicken you can get at KFC, so if you like the taste of that, you will enjoy the taste of this.
  • The chicken is juicy, and the patty has just the right amount of crunch, not too crunchy (so that it hurts your mouth) and not too soggy (so that the texture is bland.)
  • Since the patties vary somewhat wildly in size, you might be slightly disappointed if you get a smaller patty that day. With smaller patties, you'll have one bite that's mostly bun more than chicken. And the reason that is disappointing is that the chicken is definitely the shining star in this sandwich. It's the best and tastiest part.

The Pickles

The pickles aren't crunchy. Ever since I had the crunchy pickles on an In-N-Out animal style double-double, I'm always wishing for every fast-food hamburger or chicken sandwich to come with crunchy pickles, but the KFC pickles were pretty good anyway. They gave a subtle pickle after taste to every bite. Just enough to make the flavor that much more interesting.

They add a lot of pickles to each sandwich though, and personally I don't need every bite filled with pickles.

The Mayonnaise

  • This may disgust people, but I love mayonnaise, so while there is a thin layer of mayonnaise on each of these chicken sandwiches (which is probably a benefit to most people), I wish there was more.
  • The sandwiches aren't dry; I just think more mayonnaise would make it better. Even when I ask for extra mayonnaise they never give me any, and they don't have mayonnaise packets anymore at fast food places, unfortunately. But for most people, I think this is a plus. For me, I just think it would take it to the next level to add more mayonnaise, but I like it the way it is anyway.

KFC's Crispy Colonel sandwiches
KFC's Crispy Colonel sandwiches

A Review of Each KFC Crispy Colonel Sandwich

I don't know what they use to flavor these sandwiches, but it looks greasy (which isn't a bad thing! It's delicious.) It seems to not only soak the chicken in flavor but also soak the bun a bit, which makes the sandwiches seem very messy.

Each sauce is packed with flavor, though. But some people who make these sandwiches use more sauce on it and some use less, so some days the flavors might be spicier than others.

Crispy Colonel

  • This is the "plain" flavor. It has no added flavoring, just the chicken.
  • The good thing is that this sandwich doesn't actually taste plain. Because it has the coating and spices the other chicken does, it's still very delicious.
  • I could see myself ordering this again if I wasn't in the mood for one of the other flavors but still wanted a chicken sandwich.

Nashville Hot

  • This is actually pretty spicy. Not so hot that you'll burn your mouth off, but hot enough that it may surprise you.
  • I wouldn't eat this if you don't enjoy spicy food, but if you love spicy food, go for this one!
  • A lot of spicy chicken sandwiches are just hot with no real flavor, but I can actually taste the depth of flavor with this one and that takes it to another level.

Smoky Mountain Barbecue

  • This was much sweeter than I was expecting. It's not as much smoky as it is sweet and flavorful.
  • I don't usually like things doused in barbecue sauce, but the taste of this is perfect because it's not like meat doused in barbecue sauce. It's like chicken with a very rich barbecue flavor added.
  • If you are not sure which sandwich to try, I'd start with this one. It seems like a crowd-pleaser, full of a flavor that most people are used to eating on meat.

Georgia Gold

  • I'm not a big honey mustard fan, so that's probably why this flavor was my least favorite. But if you like to dip your chicken tenders in honey mustard, then you will like this flavor.
  • It's definitely very tangy and my husband says it's his favorite of the Crispy Colonel Chicken sandwiches, but it's not for me.

KFC Crispy Colonel Sandwich
KFC Crispy Colonel Sandwich

My Overall Thoughts

I shared some of my complaints about these sandwiches, but take them with a grain of salt because no sandwich is perfect. Overall, I thought this was one of the most delicious sandwiches I've ever had in fast food and if KFC ever discontinues them, I will be very disappointed.

I recommend trying them if you enjoy chicken sandwiches. You will probably like them. Just make sure to choose whichever flavor best fits your palette.

Which sandwich looks the best in your opinion?

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