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My Review of the Entire Dickey's Barbecue Pit Menu

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Here's what I think of all the items on the menu at Dickey's Barbecue Pit.

Here's what I think of all the items on the menu at Dickey's Barbecue Pit.

What Is Dickey's Barbecue Pit?

One of my favorite foods is barbecue. I hardly ever get to eat it, though, because it's a lot of work to make and my landlady doesn't like it when people barbecue. Did I mention that I only usually eat barbecue food at home?

I realized lately, though, that I'm seriously limiting myself because there are a lot of great barbecue restaurants out there. I've just never tried any of them. I looked up what was available locally, and that's when I came across the chain restaurant Dickey's Barbecue Pit. I found out it was popular and highly recommended by most people, so I knew I had to try it.

When trying a new place like this, I like to order a little of everything so I can figure out quickly what I like. I figured I might as well also write a review, so you can know what is delicious here, as well. So that's what I did.

The Meat

The meat is the star of the show here. All of it is super tender and delicious. It's all perfectly slow-cooked and melt-off-the-bone.

  • Beef brisket: This meat is my least favorite, but it's still good. It could use more spices. It's kind of plain, but it's still so delicious.
  • Pulled pork: I don't usually like pulled pork at most places. Pork can be very greasy, but this restaurant somehow makes a version that isn't greasy. It's flavorful and perfect. It's exactly what you want pulled pork to taste like.
  • Chicken breast: The chicken is nice, juicy, and flavorful.
  • Turkey: Thanksgiving is my favorite meal, and this turkey is Thanksgiving-worthy. It's spiced nicely and so well made, I'd consider catering food from this place if I didn't feel like cooking on Thanksgiving. It's that nice.
  • Polish kielbasa sausage: I'm not usually a big fan of sausage. It's usually too greasy for me, but this sausage is flavorful and wonderful.
  • Jalapeño cheddar kielbasa: This sausage is very, very hot. I can't eat it without drinking milk—but I love it!
  • Pork ribs: There's so much dry rub on these ribs that they are extremely flavorful. You don't have to add any barbecue sauce to enjoy it!

The BBQ Sauce

What is good barbecue meat without good barbecue sauce? Luckily, Dickey's sells barbecue sauce in three varieties.

It can be sort of confusing because the cups they give the sauce to you in aren't labeled, so it can be difficult to tell which sauce is which. I also didn't like how thin the sauces were. I'm a fan of thick, thick barbecue sauce that you can just lather liberally onto anything. These were watery in texture, which causes them to leak all over the place and off of the meat, making a mess.

The taste, though, makes up for it. The taste of each sauce was definitely delicious. Here's what I thought of each one of them.

  • Sweet sauce: I thought sweet was going to be sickeningly sweet. While barbecue sauce isn't barbecue sauce without a bit of sugar in it, I don't like feeling like I'm pouring candy sauce on my food. The sweet sauce wasn't actually sweet, though. It's identical to the original—just as flavorful—it just lacks that bit of a kick. So it tastes great and isn't actually sweet. It's the one you want to eat if you don't like hot and spicy food at all.
  • Original: This is the best sauce flavor, in my opinion. It has that spiciness that hides at first and then slowly creeps up on you while you are eating to give you that satisfying pleasure that hot and slightly spicy food can give you that warms your soul up a bit as you eat it.
  • Spicy: This might be the hottest thing on their menu. It's the thing you eat if you really want everything to burn your mouth a lot.
There are a number of sides available at this restaurant.

There are a number of sides available at this restaurant.

The Sides

  • Macaroni and cheese: I usually hate macaroni and cheese at most restaurants and fast food places. They either add strange white cheese to it that I don't like the taste of or make it seem like a cheap, microwaved version of Kraft Mac & Cheese. This was a step above Kraft, and it was one of my favorite sides here.
  • Baked potato casserole: Kind of dry and could use some additional flavorings, but not bad. It tastes like it's been made from actual potatoes, rather than dried potato flakes.
  • Potato salad: Bland and average potato salad. What you'd probably expect to get.
  • Caesar salad: I love Caesar salad. It's one of my favorite foods. And this Caesar salad is excellent in my opinion. You can also get it in a large size with meat on top. I could definitely see myself eating this on a diet and feeling very satisfied with my decision.
  • Green beans: I'm not a big fan of green beans, but these are very tender and flavorful. They actually made me want to eat green beans!
  • Creamed spinach: The taste kind of reminds me of a soup you would find in a can! Rich and creamy.
  • Cabbage slaw: Crunchy and nice flavor.
  • Fried okra: If you enjoy fried okra, you'll love this!
  • Waffle fries: Rich potato flavor and delicious.
  • Barbecue beans: If you enjoy beans with your barbecue, then this is exactly what you will be looking for. It meets expectations and is satisfying.
  • Jalapeño Beans: This tastes like they added hot sauce (like for tacos) to the barbecue beans and did nothing else to it.
Though the meats are very good, the breads don't quite match up.

Though the meats are very good, the breads don't quite match up.

The Bread at Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Dickey's offers three varieties of bread on the side. Bread is usually one of my favorite parts of dinner. I have a weakness for gluten, but where Dickey's meats excel, their breads don't quite match up. The bread wasn't gross, it was edible, but one of my least favorite items on the menu.

  • Yeast rolls: Rolls are supposed to be light, especially ones with the word "yeast" in them. While these rolls are fluffy, they're also very heavy and dense. It feels like if I ate one with a glass of milk, it would weigh down my stomach. The taste is good, but they'd be so much better if they were lighter.
  • Texas toast: The taste is decent and the bread is light, but they're a bit too greasy for me. I think a lot of people would like the Texas Toast, but they aren't as good as the cornbread.
  • Cornbread: The cornbread is the best of the breads, in my opinion. It's very moist, light, and flavorful. Some people might not like it because it's sweet, but in my opinion, sweet cornbread is the best! The only problem I have with it is it's very crumbly and can create quite a mess while eating it, but the texture and taste are perfect! It's some of the best cornbread I've ever had.
Their sandwiches are pretty good, depending on your selection.

Their sandwiches are pretty good, depending on your selection.

The Sandwiches

  • Double dip (westerner sandwich): Like the complaint I have with other foods, they don't add enough onion and cheese to this one. So these two sandwiches and their two varieties aren't much different from one another. The hoagie roll is very soft and delicious and the meat (as I've said before!) is fantastic.
  • Grilled cheese: This is just the Texas Toast with cheese in the middle. It's decent, but not the best grilled cheese sandwich I ever had.
  • Slider: The sliders are okay, but they are made on those dense yeast rolls I talked about earlier. If you really want a tiny sandwich, this will do, but the hoagie roll and brioche bun breads taste better.
  • Classic sandwiches (pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken breast, turkey, kielbasa sausage): If you don't like eating your favorite meat plain and instead would like to consume it on a bun, this is the sandwich for you. The Brioche bun is very tasty, fluffy, and light. It's very sturdy and won't fall apart and it has a rich flavor. It's good.
The Smokestacks combine several ingredients in a single dish.

The Smokestacks combine several ingredients in a single dish.

The Smokestacks

  • Texas Frito's pie stack: For this menu item, they take a bag of Fritos and add brisket, beans, cheese, and onions on top. This was a very flavorful dish. You can taste all the different flavors with every bite, but there's so much beef brisket to it and so little of the other foods. I wish they had more Fritos, I wish they had more onions. I wish they had more cheese! The beans were the right amount and it tasted good, even if they didn't add anything else. I loved it, but I was expecting more of a nacho situation instead of that much beef brisket.
  • Brisket mac stack: Just macaroni & cheese plus beef brisket together. If you like both these foods, you'll enjoy them even more together. That's how I felt.
  • Bangers and Mash Stack: This is jalapeno-cheddar Kielbasa mixed with baked potato casserole. It adds a lot of flavor to the potato casserole. A nice combination.
The tacos aren't bad.

The tacos aren't bad.

The Tacos

The tortilla shells aren't anything fancy or homemade. You can tell they come from a package, but for packaged tortillas, they aren't that bad. I've had worse come straight from the grocery store.

  • The fancy pork taco: This taco is filled with pulled pork and cabbage slaw. The cabbage gives it crunch and flavor. It's a pretty good taco. More of an American one, than a Mexican one, but still good.
  • Brisket mac taco: This taco has macaroni & cheese plus beef brisket inside of it. It's good, but the taco shell is unnecessary. You can eat these two items together without that shell.
  • Brisket and cheese taco or chicken and cheese taco: This taco has just meat and cheese inside of it. They don't add very much cheese to these tacos. The flavor mostly comes from the meat. Also, they make it seem like on the website that it is served with a giant slice of American cheese, but it's really just a little bit of shredded cheddar.
  • Chicken spinach taco: This taco has creamed spinach, chicken breast, and cheese. It tastes like you are eating a chicken taco covered in a really good spinach dip. Better than I thought it would be.
All of the desserts tasted nice and fresh.

All of the desserts tasted nice and fresh.

The Desserts

All of the desserts tasted nice and fresh. None of them had that strange preservatives flavor that a lot of desserts at places like this often have.

  • Double berry cobbler bar: The best dessert they offer. Lots of berry flavor with different textures come together to make it delicious.
  • Pecan pie: Sweet, but not too sweet. Pecan flavor and sugar.
  • Chocolate chunk cookie: It tasted kind of like bread with chocolate chips in it. It was fluffy rather than crispy. The flavor wasn't bad, but the texture was off.
  • Blondie brownie: The website promised me a blondie brownie, but they gave me a regular brownie instead. It wasn't gross, but it was my least favorite dessert here.

My Rating: 4.8 Stars out of 5

This food is really good. I could eat there every day if I needed to. There is a lot of variety, yet you don't need to wait long to get your food. You can come here and get food to cater a party if you needed to for that night, but despite them cooking it all so quickly, it tastes wonderful.

There are some ways I wish it would improve, like thicker barbecue sauce and less dense rolls, they also are very sparse with onions and cheese (which are two of my favorite things), but overall, this has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants. I plan to eat here many times in the future and unlike most restaurants, there are several dishes on the menu I will enjoy instead of just one.

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