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My Review of Wendy’s Entire Breakfast Menu

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Here is my guide to Wendy's breakfast menu!

Here is my guide to Wendy's breakfast menu!

Breakfast at Wendy's

For years, Wendy’s has remained closed in the morning. Unlike most other fast food places, they chose not to have a breakfast menu.

It was the middle of the pandemic when we were all quarantining in our houses when Wendy’s decided to release their new breakfast options. At the time, I was too afraid to venture out of the house to try it, even though it sounded awesome. So I waited and tried the whole menu today, now that I’m vaccinated fully.

Good thing I waited because their menu is now expanded to be larger than it was before. I was so excited to try it and share the experience with everyone reading this. I included pictures I took of some of the food items along with the review.

Note: My local Wendy’s didn’t have the Oatmeal Bar or the Sausage Gravy and Biscuit, so I wasn’t able to review those, but I was able to try and review everything else.



The Biscuits

Hands down, these are the best fast-food biscuits I’ve ever had. They’re really light and flaky, unlike Mcdonald's, which seems to always serve hard and stale biscuits. They’re also really delicious and buttery tasting.

The chicken biscuit and the plain biscuit both have honey butter on them. Some people might not like this because it makes the sandwiches a bit sweet and there‘s a honey aftertaste to it. I love them a lot, but if you don’t like savory mixed with sweet or aren’t a big fan of honey, you won’t like them.

But even so, the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and the sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit are some of the most delicious breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had. I also had the sausage biscuit which has no egg or cheese, which sounds like it would taste plain. But the sausage and biscuit are both so good that I loved them, too.

They’re familiar tastes. Lots of other breakfast menus include biscuit sandwiches, but I feel like Wendy’s has raised the game to a whole new level. In fact, the chicken biscuit was my favorite thing on the entire menu.



The Sandwiches

As good as the biscuits are, the sandwiches are kind of disappointing. They aren’t disgusting, but I wouldn’t order them again, especially not the breakfast Baconator, which is the worst breakfast sandwich on their menu.

The problem with the sandwiches is that they use something that resembles a regular burger bun. I just don’t want anything that resembles a regular burger bun for breakfast.

And the Baconator just has too much of everything: extra cheese, extra sausage, extra egg. In this case, I think less is more. It also has Swiss cheese sauce on it, which both looks and kind of tastes like mayonnaise. The regular American cheese that comes on both the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and the sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich tastes much better than the Swiss cheese sauce.



The Croissants

The croissants aren’t as good as the biscuits, in my opinion, but they are still much better than the breakfast sandwiches. They are also better than other fast-food breakfast croissants. For example, Jack-in-the-Box has a dry breakfast croissant and Burger King has a greasy breakfast croissant. These croissants are neither dry nor greasy.

Unfortunately, both the bacon, egg, and Swiss croissant and the sausage, egg, and Swiss croissant come with the swiss cheese sauce which doesn’t taste as good as the American cheese.

My favorite croissant is the maple, bacon, and chicken croissant. The chicken and bacon are both cooked well, but you’ll only enjoy eating it if you don’t mind a sweet taste on your otherwise savory sandwich.

Breakfast burrito

Breakfast burrito

The Breakfast Burrito

The breakfast burrito wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. Unless you are really craving a breakfast burrito, I wouldn’t order it. It has sausage, egg, and cheese on it and just a plain old grocery store tortilla. The biscuits, buns, and croissants are much more interesting to taste on this menu, so I would stick with those.


The Frosty-ccinos

I can’t drink caffeine anymore for many reasons, so I had my husband, who loves coffee, try the Frosty-ccinos for me and give me a review of them.

They come in two varieties: vanilla and chocolate, just like their Frostys. My husband usually doesn’t like chocolate, but he said in this instance, the chocolate Frosty-ccino tasted much better. The vanilla one was too plain and tasted like regular coffee with a bit of milk added to it. It didn’t have enough sugar, in his opinion.



The Sides

There were three sides offered at my Wendy’s: Seasoned Potatoes, Applebites, and Strawberries.

  • Seasoned Potatoes: These were hands down the best fast-food breakfast potatoes I’ve ever had. Most fast food breakfast potatoes are just hash brown patties with a lot of grease and salt. These weren’t that greasy and they were flavorful. As the name says, they actually seasoned the potatoes. I could taste pepper and other spices on it. I really liked them.
  • Applebites: They give you a little bowl of chopped-up apples. They taste fresh and nice. I liked them.
  • Strawberries: I got super excited when I saw that they were selling fresh strawberries on the menu. I love strawberries! It’s one of my favorite fruits, but I wound up being greatly disappointed. They charged me $3 for this “bowl” of strawberries, which doesn’t sound expensive until you get the bowl and see that there are only two strawberries chopped up inside it at the most. I was really upset to be charged that much for so little.


My Favorites

The best things on the menu, in my opinion, were the potatoes, the biscuits, and anything with chicken in it. But that last one is probably because I’m weird and wish to eat chicken for breakfast every morning.

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