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Updated on January 7, 2018
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Jimmy John's Restaurant Review

Jimmy John's restaurants are pretty awesome, guys. This article contains a brief, frank, and candid restaurant review of my local Jimmy John's. Have you ever eaten food from their restaurant before? I can finally say that I have and only just recently. Various friends, former co-workers, and acquaintances have all mentioned to me in the past, "Hey, you should try Jimmy John's sometime." Somehow, foodies like me get into these types of conversations. If you're a foodie too, you probably know what I mean. With so many restaurants to try in my area, I never get around to sampling food from numerous restaurants that have been recommended to me. Finally, though, after almost a decade since first hearing a recommendation specific for Jimmy John's, I have gotten around to actually taking the opportunity to purchase food from there.

Ordering Jimmy John's food online was a breeze

None of us like to waste our time and I must say that it was simple and seamless to use Jimmy John's restaurant website to place a food order online. In this experience, it was a snap, a breeze. There were no kinks in the system causing me to re-enter information that I had already entered. You know what I'm talking about. There were no delays with Web page loading at the Jimmy John's website either. I found the website functionality to be superb and my order was received in like I said, a snap.

Jimmy John's sandwiches were received with "exceptional delivery"
Jimmy John's sandwiches were received with "exceptional delivery" | Source

Using my smartphone to place an online order was great and convenient. The order was fulfilled with complete accuracy. I did not have to call the restaurant on the phone to clarify anything in addition to placing the Web order.

Jimmy John's

The sandwiches from Jimmy John's were fresh and tasty
The sandwiches from Jimmy John's were fresh and tasty | Source

Jimmy John's has "exceptional delivery"

The eatery incorporates the colors red, black and white for its logo and marketing materials including commercials, restaurant decor, paper menus that are delivered to the customer who makes an order (no doubt to entice for the next purchase), and even on the white paper bags that contain the food. On the very bag, Jimmy John's has a quote boasting "exceptional delivery" of the food. The statement is so very true. I was impressed. If you are hungry and need food in your belly pronto, the delivery is super fast or shall we say exceptionally fast.

Jimmy John's sandwich with turkey, salami, heaps of fresh and tasty shredded lettuce, tomato slices, cucumber slices,..
Jimmy John's sandwich with turkey, salami, heaps of fresh and tasty shredded lettuce, tomato slices, cucumber slices,.. | Source

Ordering Jimmy John's on a budget

My family of four has no problem eating 'half portions' by ordering just two large submarine sandwiches and sharing each sandwich for 2 people. The large submarine sandwiches average approximately $8.75 each. Some toppings are offered as freebies including sprouts and fresh cucumber slices. You can select the freebie toppings that you would like to have and order just a little, an average amount or extra. I enjoyed having the opportunity to order an extra generous portion of fresh and tasty cucumber slices. Cucumber slices are so refreshing and when you take a crunchy bite into the cucumber slice, you know that you chose a healthy addition to your sandwich.

With Jimmy John's, you can also order accompaniments including drinks, chips and dessert of course. Very large gourmet cookies that can be shared are sold for approximately $1.50 each. Deliciously fresh and naturally made potato chips are also sold (peanut oil).

Including the tip to the delivery driver, I recall spending $28.75 on our family's recent order from Jimmy John's. Of course, the much appreciated break from having to cook reminded me that it is much more economical to cook meals from scratch at home. Nevertheless, no regrets here. I love cooking so much but sometimes it feels like a cumbersome chore of course. How could it not? Anyone who is cooking so often would want to take a break from it from time to time. I like having Jimmy John's food as a possible option for those days that we choose to order food delivery or do a food pick up.

The sandwiches ordered were ordered cold but still very good. Personally, I usually prefer to order warm or hot sandwiches to cold ones. I have gotten some great hot sandwiches at Firehouse sub or Potbelly's for example. As far as cold sandwiches go, I really did enjoy what the chain had to offer.

If anyone is looking to eat at this hour, another positive aspect about them is that the restaurant is open until 3am! That is 11am to 3am. With Jimmy John's open until 3am, college students are just one large example of a segment of the community that would love this convenience. The restaurant franchise is highly profitable and is growing in leaps and bounds across the United States. In terms of successful restaurant franchises in America, I am sure that we will continue to say and hear a lot of positive things about Jimmy John's in the future and for many years to come.

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