Review of Chez Piggy in Kingston, Ontario

Updated on January 18, 2018
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Chez Piggy's Second Floor Dinning Area

The atmosphere is bright, airy, and warm.
The atmosphere is bright, airy, and warm. | Source

A Restaurant Not To Be Missed

Chez Piggy has been around for nearly 40 years in Kingston. Over the years, the restaurant has become a popular destination for food lovers. You will love their comfortable atmosphere, which is bright, cheerful and warm. On this particular visit, I tried their The Enright Chuck Cheeseburger and Limelight dessert. The burger was too die for. The sides were also fantastic--so yummy. Their dessert, however, wasn't as good. It was too sour for me and had an odd frizziness to it. I was pleased with the service though. Our server was attentive, and very efficient. The washrooms were also very clean and well kept. They also passed their health inspection, which was a relieve to know. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Chez Piggy and would recommend it, even though one of their desserts was a flop. I think you will like Chez Piggy too.

A Bit of History

Zal Yanovsky, a musician, and his wife, Rose Richardson, opened Chez Piggy in 1979. They renovated an abandoned limestone horse stable in downtown Kingston and turned into a world-class restaurant. After Zal's death in 2002, his daughter Zoe took over the business. Over the years, Chez Piggy has become a favourite destination for many locals and tourists.

Their menu is inspired by global travels and many of their ingredients are locally sourced.

The Atmosphere

Chez Piggy has two floors of dinning space. On the first level, you can order a drink at their fully stocked bar. The bar overlooks a small dinning area. Upstairs, you will find a much bigger dinning room.

Grey limestone walls surround you on the second level. Rich caramel coloured wooden chairs and tables fill the dinning space. On the cold stone walls hang large colourful tapestry and artwork. The entire space is illuminated by roof windows and decorative white pendant Danish lights.

The atmosphere is bright, airy, and warm.

The Food

My friend and I were at Chez Piggy just before Christmas. I had a hard time choosing what I wanted to order. I debated between The Chez Piggy Club and The Enright Chuck Cheeseburger. The Chez Piggy Club has chicken, bacon, tomato, jalapeƱo havarti, chipotle mayonnaise and rosemary chips and is $16. The Enright Chuck Cheeseburger comes with cheddar, bread & butter pickles, lettuce, tomato, burger sauce, a cabbage salad and pomme frites. It is priced at $18. The Enright Cattle Co. is the supplier of the beef for their cheeseburger.

That day I was in a mood for a nice juicy burger so I finally decided to have the The Enright Chuck Cheeseburger. I don't like cheese on my burger so asked the server to take it out. She accommodated my wishes.

For dessert, we both got a dessert called Limelight. It consisted of a top layer of penna cotta and a bottom layer of clear jelly. It was topped with blackberries and honeydew balls and garnished with grated lemon zest.

The Enright Chuck Cheeseburger

The burger was very tasty.  The sides were also very good.
The burger was very tasty. The sides were also very good. | Source

The Enright Chuck Cheeseburger

The Enright Chuck Cheeseburger came with coleslaw (the cabbage salad) and fries with aioli. The fries were crispy on the outside and with the aioli were superb. The coleslaw was fresh, creamy and very tasty. I saved the burger for last. It was amazing. The beef was juicy and tasted wonderfully. The entire burger was mouth-watering and really well done.


The name limelight suggested a particular flavour profile, that of limes. This indeed was the case. The entire dish had a very tart taste. I'm not a fan of strong sour-tasting food so this dessert did not suit me very well. The clear jelly at the bottom also had an odd frizzy sensation. We were told that it contained carbonated water. In any case, this dessert was not very appealing.


The Limelight dessert was not very appetizing.
The Limelight dessert was not very appetizing. | Source

The Service

We were served by a soft spoken, young waitress. She was very helpful when we had questions about the menu. Her service was efficient, and timely. When we returned the limelight dessert, she handled it very pleasantly. Overall, I thought the service was very good.

The Washroom

The state of a restaurant's washroom often indicates a restaurant's attention to detail and cleanliness. A poorly kept washroom often means they do not care about sanitation or overall appeal. I checked out Chez Piggy's washroom on the first level. In general, they looked quite clean and well stocked.

The Washrooms

The washroom were clean and well-stocked.
The washroom were clean and well-stocked. | Source

Know Before You Go

The Kingston Public Health Unit has a website called Know Before You Go, where they post their results of recent health inspections of food facilities. I wanted to know how Chez Piggy did on their most recent inspection. I found out that they had a follow-up inspection on September 11, 2017. On all the categories, they were compliant. I was thrilled to know that they had passed all checking points in their inspection.


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