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Review of Giordano's Pizza in Kissimmee, Florida

Sarah has tried various pizza chains over the years and loves Chicago deep-dish pizza.

What Is Giordano's?

Giordano's is an Italian restaurant that specializes in Chicago deep-dish pizzas. The idea for Giordano's was created in Torino, Italy, by Mama Giordano. She specialized in making what's called an Italian Easter Pie, which is the double-crusted and cheese-stuffed pizza we know today as the deep-dish pizza. In 1974, the first Giordano's was opened in Chicago, and now Giordano's has 65 locations around the United States. You can find Giordano's in Illinois, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Deep-dish pizza

Deep-dish pizza

Giordano's specializes in Italian food. In addition to pizza, they serve calamari, chicken Parmesan, and pasta, but the restaurant is most famous for their Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas.

There are many options for deep-dish pizzas including plain (with just cheese), meat combo, all veggie, and bacon with bbq chicken and bbq sauce. They also offer classics like sausage, mushroom, green pepper, and onion (you can substitute pepperoni for sausage). Finally, there is a create-your-own option that has two options depending on the size you order. If you select a small, medium, or large, you can add unlimited toppings; whereas if you select an individual-sized pizza you can add up to four toppings.

If you don't like Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, they also offer a classic New York–style thin crust with the same topping options as the deep-dish style. You can also order extra-thin crust pizza, which has different menu items. There's just plain cheese, chicken pesto, spinach with artichokes and feta cheese, or the create-your-own option. Whatever you choose, pizza is what Giordano's specializes in so it'll be delicious!

For those of you that aren't craving pizza, in the appetizers menu, there are also boneless wings in bbq sauce or buffalo sauce, cheesy garlic bread, mozzarella triangles, French fries, calamari, bone-in chicken wings, and soup of the day. If you're looking to try all the best appetizers Giordano's has to offer, you can order the sampler, which includes boneless wings, mozzarella triangles, and cheesy garlic bread.

If you're looking for something lighter, the restaurant also has a variety of salads. There's the classic Caesar salad; a chopped salad that includes chicken breast, diced tomatoes, bacon, red onion, red cabbage, pasta, blue cheese, romaine, and iceberg lettuce with honey mustard dressing; the Greek salad, which includes Greek feta cheese, cucumbers, baby tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, red onions, banana peppers, and iceberg lettuce with lemon vinaigrette; and Giordano's house salad, which includes a mix of spring greens, baby tomatoes, and fennel with lemon vinaigrette and asiago cheese.

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There are also sandwich options, including the chicken Parmesan, a meatball sub, and the Italian beef. There aren't that many pasta options but Giordano's has classics such as fettuccine Alfredo, spaghetti, and spaghetti with meat sauce. For dessert, you can order their skillet cookie which is a large chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.


Giordano's is definitely more expensive than fast food pizza places like Domino's or Pizza Hut, but that's because this restaurant is a real sit-down restaurant. Giordano's is just another Italian restaurant so the prices are pretty average if you think of it that way. However, the prices are pretty expensive. Most items on their menu cost between $10-20 with very few items costing less than $10.

Most of the menu items cost around $13-15 but their deep-dish pizzas cost anywhere from $20-40 depending on the size of the pizza. They say that their small deep dish feeds two to three people, their medium feeds three to four people, and their large feeds four to six people. Therefore, if you split a large deep dish with your friends, it's pretty cheap. However, if all of you can't agree on one pizza and agree on all the toppings, it gets expensive very quickly. Also, Giordano's charges per ingredient for their create-your-own pizzas. The individual-sized deep-dish already costs $10.45 then if you add veggies, it's an additional $1.10 and if you add any proteins, it'll cost an extra $1.70. You are only allowed up to four ingredients though so it'll probably cost at most around $16 but that's still very expensive.

The small costs almost $20, the medium costs almost $25, and the large is close to $30 and that doesn't include the toppings. You still have to pay an additional cost per topping and these toppings are even more expensive than the individual size toppings. The cost per topping varies by size but veggies cost anywhere from almost $2 to almost $3 per veggie and proteins cost anywhere from $3.15 to almost $4.

Quality of Service and Atmosphere

The restaurant was pretty big with a lot of seating. We went to the restaurant close to 10 pm at night so there weren't many people there. We were seated very quickly upon arriving at the restaurant. However, the table that the waitress sat us at was very uncomfortable. The booths were connected to the booths in the front and back and the amount of room between the table and the booths was very small. It was very difficult to get into the booth, the waitress offered to seat us elsewhere after hearing our complaints. However, she let us know that all the booths were like that so unless we wanted to sit at a normal table with normal chairs, there wasn't much better. We were able to move the table a little and it ended up being alright.

However, we then waited almost one hour for the pizza that we ordered. There were two other tables and I understood that perhaps the restaurant was short-staffed, but almost one hour of waiting was ridiculous as there weren't many customers in the restaurant at the time. I also understood that deep-dish pizza must take longer to cook than thin crust pizza because of all the bread and cheese inside, but I've never waited that long for deep-dish pizza at any other restaurant. Therefore, we were hungry and upset with the quality of service and the uncomfortable seating of Giordano's in Kissimmee. I considered only tipping $1 to the waitress as the service was very poor but ended up tipping $2—but I won't be back to this restaurant.

My Verdict

We ended up ordering two individual-sized deep-dish pizzas since my husband and I couldn't agree on the toppings. It cost us about $35, which included a soda but no tip, so it was very expensive. I ordered mine with salami, sausage, and mushrooms, and my husband ordered one with Canadian bacon, mushrooms, and chicken.

The deep-dish pizza tasted really good here but it's very expensive at $20 for a small pizza and $10 for an individual size. Also, toppings cost extra so they can add up very quickly. I would order Giordano's again but this time, I will take it to go rather than eat there since the service was so poor. Also, I would order from a different location because the almost one-hour wait for our food was too long.

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