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Review of Milestones in Kingston, Ontario

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The restaurant's interior features exposed limestone.

The restaurant's interior features exposed limestone.

Superb Atmosphere and Excellent Food

Milestones is a chain of Canadian restaurants that opened its Kingston location in 2011. They are an upscale establishment serving internationally inspired cuisine. Their interior is mostly black, featuring high-end lighting fixtures, lending a very classy and modern feel.

We visited Milestones in April. I ordered the old fashioned burger, which comes with smoked bacon, veggies and their signature burger sauce. I chose a side of roasted garlic caesar salad, which also has smoked bacon, Parmesan cheese, and focaccia croutons. Read on for an in-depth review of the food.

The other aspects of the restaurant were also very good. As for the service, we had a small staff serve us. They were very friendly, patient, and efficient. I was also very impressed with their washroom. It was as classy as the dining room and very clean and well-stocked. Their health inspection record was not perfect, but the violations they received were corrected on inspection.

Overall, I would recommend this restaurant. Their atmosphere and food would be a sweet treat!

A Bit of History

Milestones is a high-end restaurant chain with a Canadian origin. The first restaurant was opened in 1989 in Vancouver, BC. The chain later expanded into Eastern Canada with locations in Toronto, London, and Ottawa. In 2011, a Kingston location was opened in the downtown area.


Milestones occupies most of the first floor of the old S&R department store. As you can imagine the restaurant is quite spacious.

The mood of the restaurant is very classy and modern. This is created by the pervasive black, and grey colour scheme. Many of the walls and partitions are painted black. Grey limestone adds texture and a bit of antiquity. Ornamental pendant and glass light fixtures impart a high-class quality. Near the front windows, exposed incandescent light bulbs create lovely soft warm lighting.

The wooden tables and chairs have a rich brown colour. On top of the tables are elegant black cloth napkins concealing oversized utensils.

The overall atmosphere is very upscale and refined, yet still comfortable.

The Food

Milestones serves "globally-inspired well-known dishes," including many Asian delights like spicy Thai basil noodles. Of course, they also have Canadian favourites like burgers and steaks.

I ordered the old fashioned burger for $17.25. The patty is a fresh, ground chuck beef topped with smoked bacon, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and their signature burger sauce, all on a toasted egg bun. I opted for the roasted garlic Caesar salad for my side dish. It has romaine lettuce and baby kale, tossed with smoked bacon, Parmesan cheese, focaccia croutons and their signature Caesar dressing.

A few of my friends also ordered the burger. One of my friends got the spicy Thai basil noodles.



Old Fashioned Burger

The presentation of the dish was very attractive and appealing. The Caesar salad was contained in its own bowl. The burger sat pretty next to the salad. The egg bun looked so inviting with its golden brown exterior. Overall, both the salad and burger looked scrumptious.

I started on the salad first. It was very fresh. The bacon and Parmesan cheese had a great umami flavour. The dressing was light but very tasty. A very fulfilling salad.

The burger was spectacular. It was well-seasoned and juicy. I enjoyed the bacon as well as the veggie toppings. The egg bun was also very delicious. A light-tasting bun that allowed the other components to shine. I was super pleased with the burger!

Spicy Thai Basil Noodles

My friend's Thai noodles looked like pad thai to me. She said that it was very delicious. This was evident as she cleaned the whole plate!

Spicy Thai Basil Noodles

Spicy Thai Basil Noodles

The Service

We were served by a small crew of staff. A hostess showed us our table. A female server got us water, took our orders, and tallied and collected our bills. She was very polite, friendly and efficient. A male server (in a black suit!) brought us our food. Everyone was very nice and professional. We also didn't wait too long for our food. The female server was able to help my friend collect Scene reward points from all of our bills. So that was very nice of her!

The Washroom

The state of an establishment's washroom is often an indicator of their cleanliness and upkeep. I visited Milestones' washroom and was very pleased. Their washroom, like their overall interior design, was black and very classy. It was clean and well-stocked. There were both electric hand dryers as well as paper towels. I was very impressed with their washroom.



Health Inspection

The Kingston Public Health Unit does regular health inspections of local food facilities and posts their results online. I went on their website to see how Milestones did on their last inspection. They had a routine and follow-up inspection on May 6, 2019. In their routine inspection, they incurred one critical violation and two non-critical violations. The critical violation was failing to protect food from contamination or adulteration, which was corrected on inspection. In their follow-up inspection, they had three non-critical violations. I'm not too worried about their violations as they have been corrected.

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