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Review of North China Restaurant in West Houston

I live in Houston and have worked as a nurse. I have a lifelong passion for traveling, nature, and photography (preferably all together!).

Exterior of the North China restaurant in Houston

Exterior of the North China restaurant in Houston

Specializing in Mandarin Cuisine

The North China restaurant in Houston specializes in Mandarin cuisine, and it is delicious! There is little doubt as to the type of food served inside this restaurant. It is emblazoned on the front of the building alongside the name and colorful koi fish painted on the exterior.

Beautiful outdoor patio area

Beautiful outdoor patio area

He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skills of the physician.

— Chinese Proverb

In Business Since 1976!

This is a family-owned restaurant that has been in business in Houston since 1976. That says a lot for their popularity and staying power! According to their website, the owners operated a restaurant in Seoul, Korea, for decades before moving to the United States. Also mentioned is the fact of their being named the “Best Chinese Restaurant in Houston” by KHOU, which is our local Channel 11 Houston.

We ate at the North China restaurant for many years when it was located behind the Memorial City Professional Buildings near the Memorial City Hospital. The address of the current location is 14525 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77079.

This is in the so-called Energy Quarter of West Houston near Highway 6. It is in an enclave of buildings with an assortment of other restaurants and businesses. They have an end cap with an outdoor dining space for those days in metro Houston when the weather invites outdoor dining.

Interior Spaces

The interior spaces are bright and inviting in the North China restaurant, as you can readily see from the photos above. The poster art that adorns the walls is eye-catching. The only room without some natural light emanating from windows is the private dining room. An Asian-style screen divides that room into two spaces, or it can be moved aside to make it one ample private dining space.

Complimentary Salad and Appetizer Bar

As in the old location, a complimentary salad and appetizer bar is included when ordering any of the luncheon specials. People are invited to help themselves to the cold and spicy noodles, warm and crispy fried morsels, and lightly dressed salad. Everyone we know seems to enjoy it.

Luncheon Plates

We have yet to taste all of the many dishes offered on the menu at this restaurant. You can see some of the ones that we have tried to get an idea of how one of their luncheon plates appears.

Hospitality and Service

My husband and I enjoy eating Chinese food. This type of food is typically well-flavored, but not spicy as compared to Sichuan cuisine, which can be quite tantalizing to the taste buds.

The presentation is essential, as well. Expect to receive friendly and efficient service at this restaurant.

If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.

— Chinese Proverb

The superior man does not, even for the space of a single meal, act contrary to virtue.

— Confucius


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Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on August 24, 2020:

Hi Rajan,

The North China Restaurant does provide a comfortable and pretty atmosphere along with the delicious food. I hope that they survive this pandemic. Many restaurants have already closed their doors permanently in our part of the world.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on August 24, 2020:

From your review and the dishes displayed here, the food seems to be good and the atmosphere is to my liking. I would certainly love to visit it.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on August 16, 2020:

Hi Penny,

We enjoy dining in this restaurant, the former location, and where it is now. With COVID-19, we have not been eating in restaurants. Take-out food is the next best option. Hopefully, someday in the not too distant future, we will once again be able to enjoy restaurants like this in person.

Penny on August 16, 2020:

Love Chinese food. Good to see this place has been around for so many years.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 25, 2020:

Hi Thelma,

I think that many people choose eat foods that they do not traditionally cook when at home. Thanks for your comment.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 24, 2020:

Hi Ruby,

Fortunately for me, my husband also likes Chinese food. We seem to like a wide variety of cuisines. (Smile)

Thelma Alberts from Germany on April 21, 2020:

It has been a while since I have visited a Chinese restaurant. Maybe because I usually cook Asian food and when we dine out, we prefer to go Italian, German or Greek restaurants.

Thank you for sharing this review. Well done. It seems a good restaurant to visit.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on April 20, 2020:

Oh yes, if I lived close I would definitely eat there, but I must go alone. Ray won't even taste Chinese food. We have a great Chinese restaurant here that serves delicious food. The décor is inviting and charming.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 20, 2020:

Hi Pamela,

We do enjoy eating Chinese food every once in a while. This restaurant is not that far from where we live, which also makes it pleasant.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 19, 2020:

Hi Liz,

We have many such buffet-type Chinese restaurants over here also. Yes, it is easy to overeat when enticed by so many food choices.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on April 19, 2020:

I really enjoy this type of food and would love to go to this restaurant. It logy.oks like a very nice place to eat. Your pictures show some wonderful looking food, Peggy.

Liz Westwood from UK on April 19, 2020:

I was especially interested to read of the salad bar. We have been to Chinese restaurants in the UK that offer a full buffet for all their dishes. The only problem I find is that it's too easy to overeat. Choosing dishes from a menu might be a safer way of dining.

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