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Review of Rustic Spud in Kingston, Ontario

Simon Lam loves to eat. Although he isn't a trained chef, he sure knows what good food tastes like.

The atmosphere of the Rustic Spud feels like a pub

The atmosphere of the Rustic Spud feels like a pub

The Food Was All Right

The Rustic Spud, located in Kingston, Ontario, first opened in 2016 and has become quite popular. They have a pub-like atmosphere with a bit of edge—as seen in the graffiti on their wall. My friends and I visited the restaurant in early summer and were eager to try out their food.

Most of my friends ordered pizza or burgers, something they're well known for. I ordered the Logan Smash Burger with veggies, jalapeños and chipotle aioli. I got a salad with my burger. The presentation was all right, although the burger looked a bit dry. Tastewise, the salad was fresh and pretty good. The dressing was a bit too tangy for me. The burger was juicy and quite spicy. It wasn't the best burger, but it was still satisfying.

The other aspects of the restaurant were also good. Their washroom was small but bright, clean, and well-stocked. The service was friendly and efficient, albeit a bit slow. Regarding their health record, they received three non-critical violations and one repeat non-critical violation. I'm not too concerned about these.

Overall, I would recommend the Rustic Spud for comfort foods like pizza and burgers.

A Bit of History

The Rustic Spud is a relatively new restaurant. They first opened in 2016 and have since become a popular spot for gourmet pizza and burgers. Joel Lattimore, a relatively young lad, is the head chef and co-owner of this hip spot.


Located just west of downtown, the Rustic Spud is a small and cozy joint. The entrance immediately leads to a bar and a little dining area. Exposed limestone covers parts of the wall, which transitions into dark brown wooden panels. Art, beer signs, alcoholic cans and bottles line the walls. It definitely feels like a local pub atmosphere.

Further into the restaurant is the second dining area. The walls are white, with brown wooden beams and columns dividing the booths. Short pendant lights hang from the ceiling. We sat close to one wall with painted street graffiti. The tables are beautiful varnished timber with accompanying wooden chairs.

While there isn't a cohesive style that unites the space, the environment is not jarring; rather, it feels nice.

The Food

A group of us visited the Rustic Spud in June. I've heard that the food was quite good here, so I had high expectations.

Many of my friends ordered either burgers or pizza, including me, as they have received good reviews. I ordered the Logan Smash Burger, which comes with a 7-ounce patty, greens, tomato, red onions, jalapeños, smoked cheddar and chipotle aioli for $12. I got mine with a house salad for $5 more. All together, my meal cost $17.



Logan Smash Burger

The presentation was all right. The burger sat on one end of a rectangular plate while the salad sat on the other end. I thought the burger looked a bit dry, though.

I started off with the salad. It contained red lettuce, spinach, what I believe is baby swiss chard, grape tomatoes, red onions and cucumber. It looked and tasted fresh. The vinaigrette dressing was a bit too tarty for me though. On the whole, it was a pretty good salad.

I dove right into my burger after finishing the salad. The burger was juicy and had a very dominant spicy flavour, which came from the jalapeños and chipotle aioli. I did enjoy the heat and burger overall.

The Service

We were served by one waitress. She was very friendly and answered our questions about the menu. We did have to wait for some time for our food. Other than that, the service was good, efficient and friendly.

The Washroom

The state of a restaurant's washroom is often an indication of their cleanliness and upkeep. The Rustic Spud's washroom was rather small, but it was bright, clean and well-stocked. For the most part, I was pleased with their washroom.



Health Inspection

The Kingston Public Health Unit does regular health inspections of local food facilities and posts their results online. I went on their website to see how the Rustic Spud fared. The restaurant was last inspected on April 9, 2019. They had three non-critical violations and one repeat non-critical violation. As these are non-critical, I'm not too worried about them.

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