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Review of Susuru Restaurant in Orlando, Florida

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Entrance to Susuru, located in Orlando, FL

Entrance to Susuru, located in Orlando, FL

Where Is Susuru Located?

Location: 8548 Palm Parkway, Orlando, Florida (about 10 minutes away from Walt Disney World)

In my opinion, Walt Disney World lacks good Japanese food, and it's hard to find good ramen or yakitori places close by. For me, Susuru was a welcome discovery.

Susuru offers freshly grilled yakitori, grilled fish, and ramen, as well as appetizers like gyoza and chicken karaage and mini rice bowls. The restaurant also offers many alcoholic beverages, so it's a fun place to get good food and good drinks with your friends. I recommend this restaurant if you're craving good Japanese food and/or you're looking for a decent bar to hang out with your friends.

Wait Times

I visited Susuru during the coronavirus pandemic on a Saturday night, so my wait time was a lot longer than expected. The restaurant can definitely get busy on weekends, so it's good to take that into consideration when planning your visit. Also, they're only open for dinner starting at 5:30 p.m., so you can't go for lunch.

Due to the coronavirus, there were fewer tables available, so my friends and I had to wait 90 minutes to be seated! I honestly thought about going to a different restaurant, but I had never been to Susuru before and wanted to try their ramen. In my honest opinion, the food and atmosphere was great, but I don't think it was worth more than an hour of waiting for a table.

Waiting for our food was thankfully not that long, even though the restaurant was pretty busy. Personally, I don't like it when the food comes within five minutes because you know it's not fresh. It takes time to prepare and cook the food, so I think a wait time of about 20 minutes from the time you put in your order is a good amount of time. We waited about 20 minutes for our food to come to the table, and we could tell it was made fresh.

Quality of Staff

The staff at Susuru were amazing! I had to use the restroom before the table was ready due to the 90-minute wait, and the hostesses were very kind to let me inside to use the restroom.

When we were seated, the server came around multiple times to check if we were ready to order. It took us a while to decide what to order since we were a party of six, but the server was very kind and patient. My friend's fiancee has food allergies, and even though it can be difficult to handle food allergies, our server helped recommend food to order and spoke to the chef for us. I really liked the staff here and have no complaints about the level of service.

Interior of the restaurant

Interior of the restaurant


I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Susuru. Some restaurants are just awkwardly silent and others are so loud you feel like you need to scream to be heard. Susuru had just the right volume for their music. The restaurant was busy, but I wasn't having to yell over 20 people to be heard.

The restaurant was nicely decorated, as well. The interior is very beautiful and looks like an authentic Japanese restaurant. There was a lot of Japanese art hanging on the walls, and most of the hostesses and servers looked Asian.

Susuru is a great place to hang out with your friends and get a few drinks. The restaurant has a fun but relaxed vibe, and it makes for a very enjoyable night out.

Tonkatsu ramen

Tonkatsu ramen

Food Quality

I know what you're thinking: wait times, atmosphere, and staff are all really important, but tell me about the food!

The menu had many different items to choose from, including gyoza, chicken karaage, yakitori, ramen, grilled fish, and mini rice bowls. You'll definitely find something to eat here.

I ordered the tonkotsu ramen and the ramen came with pork chasu, seaweed, half of a soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, and scallions. I personally don't like onions so I ordered mine without the scallions. The ramen had a pork broth which is why it's called tonkotsu. The noodles were fresh and had a nice flavor to them. The broth was just right; it wasn't too salty or too rich with spices, but it really brought out the taste of the pork.

I've eaten at various ramen places around the world but the pork chasu here was one of the best I've ever had. Pork chasu is similar to pork belly, but it's in a round shape and less fatty. The pork chasu was a little sweet and wasn't chewy. The bowl looked small at first but I couldn't finish it. The tonkatsu ramen is a good size and will fill you up. I definitely recommend ordering the tonkatsu ramen if you are looking for traditional and non-spicy ramen.


Another thing you might be wondering about is how much does the food cost at Susuru? I felt that the prices for food were pretty average. The food wasn't cheap but also wasn't expensive. I paid $12 for my bowl of tonkatsu ramen and other items on the menu ranged from $4 to $18. The yakitori costs around $4 or $5 each but yakitori is just one skewer of meat. The grilled saba shioyaki costs around $14 but only includes the fish and nothing else. In my opinion if you're looking for something good but cheap to eat, you should try the appetizers or yakitori. The chicken karaage wasn't too expensive and you get a lot of chicken.

Final Word

All in all, I recommend this restaurant if you're craving good Japanese food and/or you're looking for a decent bar to hang out with your friends.

The next time I eat here, I will write another review of what I tried. Let me know in the comments if you have eaten here and what your thoughts are. Also, let me know if you have any recommendations for good ramen places elsewhere!