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Rio Ranch Restaurant: Texas Hill Country Ambiance in Houston

I live in Houston and have worked as a nurse. I have a lifelong passion for traveling, nature, and photography (preferably all together!).

Exterior of Rio Ranch Restaurant in Houston

Exterior of Rio Ranch Restaurant in Houston

Delicious Food in a Charming, Rustic Atmosphere

The Texas Hill Country is alluring for many reasons, and the Rio Ranch Restaurant captures some of those qualities. There are rolling hills, creeks, and lakes that offer much in the way of beauty as well as recreation. Each city or town has its unique qualities drawing people from far and wide.

Texas Hill Country Decor

One does not have to travel to Wimberley, New Braunfels, Fredericksburg, Canyon Lake, or the many other Hill Country locations to be able to appreciate a small sense of what one might find by way of building materials, decor, and atmosphere. It is right here in Houston at the Rio Ranch Restaurant, founded in 1993, and located in the Westchase Hilton Hotel.

There is a beautifully landscaped water feature outside of the restaurant that they call the Rio Ranch Creek.

Lots of cedar trees grow in the Hill Country. Notice the knarled cedar posts utilized as supports outside of this restaurant. I have the cutest photo of my mother hugging one of them when we took a visiting relative from Wisconsin to the Rio Ranch Restaurant many years ago. We wished for Aunt Arry to experience the ambiance and good food in this particular restaurant. She loved it!

Entryway looking towards the bar

Entryway looking towards the bar

Interior Decor

The warm and inviting atmosphere inside the entryway includes comfortable rocking chairs, warm earth-toned walls, and lots of Texana-inspired accent pieces.

Limestone that comes from the Hill Country is used both inside and outside of this establishment. The limestone fireplace is a whopping 30 feet tall! The bar in the “saloon” consists of a long solid piece of mesquite wood, which is another type of tree common to the Hill Country as well as other areas of Texas.

As you can see from my photos, the decor is Western-inspired with a Hill Country twist. From horseshoes to horse saddles, punched tin light fixtures to leather-type table coverings, there is much to admire.

Eye-Catching Chandelier

One of the most eye-catching features is a large chandelier in the main dining room. At first glance, it appears that it consists of a bunch of antlers. With further inspection suddenly other items are also part of its design. Those items include garden rakes, scythes, plows, and more.

Delicious Food

You are probably curious about the food if you are reading about this restaurant for the first time. Let me assure you; it is delicious! The first thing presented to the table is a basket of delicious cornbread and biscuits—housemade, of course.

Chef Hemwattakit

In consulting the Rio Ranch website, I learned that Chef Hemwattakit was one of the restaurant chefs who cooked for President George H.W. Bush and other attendees of the 1990 Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations held here in Houston.

Chef David Wang of Shanghai River Restaurant was also another participant. That alone speaks volumes!

Chicken tortilla soup

Chicken tortilla soup

Weekly Lunch Specials

One of the best deals on the menu is the Monday to Friday "Meat and 3 Sides Lunch Special," currently priced at $13. My husband and I recently ate there on a Friday when the blackened tilapia was the “meat” of the day.

  • Monday: Buttermilk fried chicken breast
  • Tuesday: Beef and sausage brochette
  • Wednesday: Pork chop
  • Thursday: Mesquite savory chicken

One has a choice of these sides for the lunch special:

  • Cup of chicken tortilla Soup (or soup of the day)
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Creamed corn
  • Mac and cheese
  • Green beans
  • Side salad

Our Lunch Choices

As you can see from my photos above, we indulged a bit and ordered the mac and cheese as one of our sides. It indeed was loaded with cheese! The green beans still had a bit of crunch, which was perfect, and the tilapia was tender and oh so delicious! We started with a cup of their tasty tortilla soup. It was a considerable amount of food, and we did not need much more to eat later in the day.

There are many more menu items as well as a couple of private dining rooms at the restaurant. The waitstaff is friendly and attentive.


The Rio Ranch Restaurant is a part of the Westchase Hilton Hotel located at 9999 Westheimer, Houston, Texas 77042. You may enter the restaurant from the free parking out front or via the hotel. The food, ambiance, and service make this a restaurant well worth patronizing. I know that we will be back!


Rio Ranch Restaurant

Texas Hill Country

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Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on August 20, 2020:

Hi Devika,

It is fun discovering the flavors that come from different cultures. They offer a variety of foods at the Rio Ranch Restaurant to suit almost anyone's taste.

Devika Primic on August 19, 2020:

The food is spicy and sometimes not much spice. The taste must be with different flavors.

I like spicy foods here you show me a different meal from another culture that is what I find unique and delicious.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 05, 2020:

Hi Ruby,

Sorry if reading this made you hungry. Ha! I am also getting hungry for dinner now. Enjoy the balance of your evening.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 05, 2020:

Hi Liz,

I agree with you. I have never seen such a distinctive restaurant as a part of a hotel previous to this one.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on April 05, 2020:

You have done it again. I'm hungry from looking at the food. I know it must be delicious. The entryway is beautiful and the chandelier is very unusual. I would certainly eat there.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 05, 2020:

Hi Bill,

The ambiance of the place alone makes this Rio Ranch restaurant special.

Liz Westwood from UK on April 05, 2020:

It's the most distinctive hotel restaurant I have come across.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on April 05, 2020:

Cool place! We don't do restaurants, but cool place nonetheless.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 05, 2020:

Hi Liz,

You are correct. This is a part of the Hilton chain. Rio Ranch is a very distinctive restaurant, don't you think? It is not your typical hotel restaurant by way of decor.

Liz Westwood from UK on April 05, 2020:

This looks like an interesting dining experience. Am I right in thinking that the hotel is part of the global Hilton chain?

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