Ten Great Restaurants for Outstanding Food in Sedona, Arizona

Updated on March 3, 2018
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I have lived in Sedona since 2000. Weekend tourist traffic requires some patience, but durin weekdays Sedona retains small town charm.

Restaurants for Your Sedona Arizona Visit

Sedona Arizona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in not only Arizona, but in the world. Most people come to view the massive red rock formations, set against a clear blue sky and surrounded by the green of pinion pines and juniper pines. They come for the beauty of Oak Creek Canyon and the fun of Slide Rock on Oak Creek. Some come to camp and hike or the Sedona Marathon, while others come for the annual film festival or art festivals. Some come for spiritual peace or guidance,or for a special occasion, but whatever the reason for a visit, I'd like to suggest some of our family's favorite restaurants. ***It needs to be noted that I do not have any financial connections to any of our favorite restaurants, and my opinions are just suggestions of restaurants that we continue to enjoy.

Sedona Arizona

Getting To Sedona and Locations

Getting to Sedona from towns in Southern Arizona or Central Arizona requires traveling north on I-17 to Exit 298 Sedona, and getting to Sedona from Flagstaff can be reached by taking the 89a Exit to Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, or by staying on I-17 to Exit 298. Coming down Oak Creek Canyon by car offers some breathtaking views but there are some switchback turns to consider and weekends the Canyon is especially congested and requires more travel time.

Once in Sedona, the restaurants I will suggest will be located in Uptown, our tourist shopping area, or West Sedona on 89a or in the Village of Oak Creek which is located in the area of Bell Rock and Courthouse Rock. (You can receive a free area map in a number of visitor centers, our Chamber of Commerce, or in many of the Uptown stores.)


Miley's is a local favorite given a great review by restaurant review PBS show Check Please.
Miley's is a local favorite given a great review by restaurant review PBS show Check Please. | Source

Miley's Cafe

Miley's is located at 7000 HWY 179 in Tequa Plaza in the Village of Oak Creek.. The restaurant serves breakfast, and lunch. Very generous portions at moderate prices. They specialize in cafe comfort food such as burgers, meat loaf, liver and onions, chicken, fish and mashed potatoes, but they also have wonderful Mexican food. Daily specials. Beer and wine license. Great place for families. Great place for pie and coffee. Friendly service. Their outside tables are pet friendly for those walking or traveling with their pets.


Hudson's opened in 2016, in the Hillside Shops on Hwy 179. While considered a "new" restaurant, it is owned by the Shugrues a family well known in Sedona for many years. The decor is modern, the bar has been expanded and the views to the north are outstanding. Dining can be inside or outside and dress is casual. During the day, the views are wonderful The menu is varied and the portions are huge. Their wine selection is impressive and their signature cocktails are varied. A few of our favorites include pulled pork tacos, burgers Thai scallops and their Kale salads. Their desserts are meant to be shared. My favorite is their Cherry Cobbler. The biscuit is rich, the berries have a sauce that isn't overly sweet, and it comes piled high with ice cream and a strawberry. This restaurant isn't inexpensive, but it's a great value for the selection and quality of food. Perfect for special occasions.

The Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits

The Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits in Uptown Sedona is located in the heart of Uptown on Hwy 89A. Formerly The Oak Creek Tavern has a rich history as the bar where 4 cowboy artists met and formed The Cowboy Artists of American association in 1965. During the days when many Western films were made in Sedona, Hollywood stars such as John Wayne, Joan Crawford, Glenn Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Rock Hudson and Maureen O'Hara all enjoyed "hanging" at the Tavern. Many remember a giant polar standing in the back of the bar. Today the restaurant is a fine place for lunch opening at eleven daily or dinner and serves Western specialties such as Cactus fries, Rattlesnake bites, wild game, such as their buffalo burgers, planked salmon, and clay pot chicken. The Cowboy Club features several cuts of steak, prime rib and b-b-que. The atmosphere is one of fun and the Western decor and art is an experience for cowboys and cowgirls of all ages. Their margaritas are great and their prickly pear margaritas are a favorite. Appetizers, salads and entries are a la carte. Sandwiches are very generous and average about $15.00 and dinner entrees average about $30. Their carrot cake is dense and delicious. This is a good choice for those who arrive on bus tours in Uptown.

Cucina Rustica

Well known for rustic Italian food, ambiance and great wine selection.
Well known for rustic Italian food, ambiance and great wine selection. | Source

Cucina Rustica

Cucina Rustica located at 7000 Hwy 179 in Tequa Plaza in the Village of Oak Creek, features rustic Italian cuisine and wines. They have a "farm to table" approach of serving organically grown foods, according to chef/owner Lisa Dahl who owns three other restaurants in West Sedona. Whether you dine indoors or outdoors, the setting is lovely and the menu varied. Appetizers, salads and entrees are a la carte, so a "typical" dinner for two with wine will cost over $100. But, it is well worth the cost, as the restaurant has consistently won Trip Advisor's Award of excellence. Cucina Rustica often features live background music and the setting is warm and romantic. While I have seen young children eating there, the sophisticated dishes, and the amount of time between courses that is perfect for conversation and eating at leisure add up to a very long dinner for children. Cucina Restica has recently began to serve lunch during the warmer months and, dinner reservations are suggested. Owner Lisa Dahl also owns Mariposa on 89A. Mariposa is the most elegant restaurant in Sedona, with the best views, but they come with a hefty price tag.


Elote (Mexican Street Corn) Restaurant is located at 771 on State Route 179 in the Arabella Hotel in Sedona. Elote serves Mexican food with sophisticated twists, such as their seafood tacos, baked not fried chili relleno, corn crusted scallops and of course their Elote roasted corn appetizer with chile, lime and cotija cheese. There are usually several wild game offerings. I always save room for their Mexican chocolate ice cream with it's homemade dense chocolate flavor. Space is limited to a small outdoor seating and two small dining rooms and a tiny bar. The only negative to dining at Elote, is the fact that they don't accept reservations and there is always a wait. They are open for dinner from 5-9 on Tuesday-Saturday.

Non-Restaurant Sources for a Picnic

While many Sedona restaurants offer carry out service, there are a few places that are perfect for on-the-go eating. The Safeway and Bashas grocery stores in West Sedona make great sandwiches to order and the price is right. They both offer top grade deli meats and cheeses and have all the sides such as potato salad, beans, other salads, chips and cookies. Sedona Memories Bakery and Cafe in Uptown is a bit pricey at $14.95 for a turkey sandwich; however one overstuffed sandwich can be shared. A good place for to-go food in Oak Creek Canyon is found in the general store at Garland's Indian Gardens where there are also picnic tables behind the store. In the Village of Oak Creek, to-go foods may be purchased at the Desert Flour bakery, Subway or Webbers Market.

The Coffee Pot Since the 1950s

The Coffee Pot has been a favorite restaurant for breakfast since the 1950s. They boast serving 101 different omelets that are served with various bread, meat and potato choices. I recommend their homemade biscuits and hash browns. They have a variety of pancakes and other breakfast favorites. They also serve lunch. The decor is standard cafe, but their omelets are anything but standard. There is a gift shop inside that offers a variety of merchandise. Located on 89-A in West Sedona. Open 6:00 until two, daily

Bar 1902 Whole Foods Market

Bar 1902 is located inside the Whole Foods Market at 4120 W Hwy 89A. The 31,00o sq ft natural foods market was recently renovated to include Bar 1902. While the market portion of Whole Foods opens daily at eight, Bar 1902 is open from 11 to 8:30 daily. The Bar offers indoor and outdoor seating and boasts serving 18 local craft beers. The market offers healthy, responsibly grown selections of hot and cold foods such as pizza,deli salads, soups, an extensive salad bar, an olive bar, sandwiches and fabulous desserts from their bakery. It is rapidly becoming one of Sedona's most popular gathering places for juices, coffee or wine in an indoor or outdoor setting..

The Mesa Grill

The Mesa Grill offers a unique dining experience high atop Airport Mesa and is located on the Sedona Airport property, so while dining one can view small aircraft taking off and landing. The panoramic views from the property are amazing. The Mesa Grill is owned by the Wildthyme restaurant group in Phoenix which operates Brick and Timo and specializes in Urban creative cooking. Their breakfast selections include several selections with their breakfast hash, several types of eggs Benedict, and a New Orleans breakfast of oysters and eggs. Their hamburger has received the best "$100 hamburger"" award by the pilots' association in 2014. Dinner selections include favorites of seafood, beef, and chicken, but they have several unusual vegetarian dishes too. The bar offers great views of the runway too, and there is outside seating available too. Mesa Grill is open from 7am to 9pm daily.

Wildflower Cafe and Bakery

Wildflower Cafe and Bakery is located in Uptown on 89 A in the Hyatt Stores .Wildflower is a great place to pick up a variety of excellent breads, pastry, and desserts, or to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in a casual setting with indoor and outdoor seating. Six soups are offered daily and their signature soup is potato cream cheese which is served with bread or in a bread bowl.,There is a variety of salads and sandwiches, and for breakfast, try their pancakes. Expect a line during breakfast and lunch, but it moves quickly. After eating, browse the specialty shops.

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      • profile image


        20 months ago

        Thank you for the suggestions. This is a beautiful town, and it's great to see the new restaurants arrive, and the established ones continue to thrive! I like Creekside American Bistro also!

      • mactavers profile imageAUTHOR


        3 years ago

        You would be amazed at all the new restaurants and growth. Thanks for reading.

      • Ericdierker profile image

        Eric Dierker 

        3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

        Great article. Fun to get caught up as I have been away from home for some time. Drank too much at the Tavern and short ordered cooked at Coffe Pot. Certainly not a wasted youth.


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