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The Cellar Door in Katy, TX: Cozy Restaurant and Winery

I live in Houston and love writing reviews of the local restaurants I visit with family and friends.

The Cellar Door in Katy, Texas

The Cellar Door in Katy, Texas

The Cellar Door

Discovering The Cellar Door restaurant and winery in Katy, Texas, was a pleasant surprise. The exterior setting is in an ordinary, nondescript strip shopping center. Once you've passed through the front doors, however, you have entered a different world.

Immediately upon entering, it is evident that the owners have put much thought into the design and ambiance enjoyed by patrons of this establishment. It has a winery vibe. The darkened cave-like entrance is reminiscent of underground wine storage areas my husband and I have visited if stretching the imagination just a bit.

Winery Vibe

The built-in wine racks and etched wine glasses make it apparent that wine is as important as their food. The artwork also reinforces the idea of this establishment is a winery in addition to being a restaurant.

Juice from pressed grapes is shipped here from California and formulated into 16 different house-made wines. Their wine list also offers a wide variety of other wines originating from places all across the globe. Fair pricing of their wines encourages patrons to enjoy some “nectar of the gods” along with tasty food offerings. Check the restaurant's website for more details, including information about their wine club.

The Food Menu

Their menu is wide-ranging, with many choices sure to please almost anyone entering the door. The first two times we had lunch, my husband and I made our selections from the “executive lunch menu,” which includes either a soup or salad and then an entree for the price of $20.

On our first visit, I chose the Caesar salad and my hubby enjoyed the lobster bisque. The bisque was thick, creamy, and loaded with tender pieces of lobster. Those lumps you see in the photo below are sizable chunks of lobster!

For my entree, I chose the pan-seared red snapper. It was topped with fresh cherry tomatoes, black olives, fresh basil, and tender pieces of sliced onion and finished off with citrus, white wine sauce. It was then mounded over a bed of rice. It was delicious!

My hubby ordered the Southern pork chop as his entree selection. It was a thick-cut butterflied pork chop with a Dijon mustard sauce. It is draped over creamy garlic mashed potatoes, and some bright green asparagus spears it made for a pretty plate. We sampled each other’s entrees and declared them both a rousing success.

More Good Food

The second time we visited, we both ordered the same thing starting with the delicious tomato basil soup. We had freshly cracked pepper ground over it.

The chicken Paris is a boneless chicken breast topped with cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, and mushrooms. It has a white wine cream sauce, and accompanying it is rice and seasonal vegetables.

We both liked the chicken Paris. My hubby was happy that he could start eating before my photographing the food since we both had the same soup and entree. He often kids me that he enjoys eating his food while it is still hot. I don’t take that long to take my photos! He is a good sport. If this chicken dish is an example, I would say oui-oui to Paree!

Lounge and Dining Spaces

There are a few lounging areas within this restaurant. We saw several people sipping glasses of wine while working on their laptops on several different occasions.

For larger groups, there is a beautiful room to the left of the main dining room and bar area. As you can see, all the tables are nicely dressed with clean linens and cloth napkins, whether one is dining in the daytime or the evening.

Thanks to Groupon!

We discovered this jewel of a restaurant and winery thanks to a Groupon coupon. It is a fun way to check out new places for the first time or even return visits. Three other unique restaurants in the same town we discovered this way are Hoodadak, El Cantone, and Sapore Ristorante Italiano.

In all cases, we paid far less than the posted prices because of having purchased a Groupon voucher ahead of time. I would heartily recommend it to those of you who may be unfamiliar with those discounts. Who doesn’t enjoy a bargain?

Great Escape From the Ordinary

This establishment is one of a kind. It has been open now for almost eight years, according to Alejandro, who was taking good care of us on our first visit. With live entertainment at night, this place makes for a great escape from the ordinary. We will certainly be returning there.

One caveat .. this is not a fast food place. Be sure and plan to spend some leisurely time there. The food and ambiance are worth savoring. It is worth the drive from Houston and the surrounding areas to go there.

Location: 829 S Mason Road, Katy, Texas 77450

Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures.

— Michael Broadbent


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