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Review: The Fish Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Midtown of Houston

I live in Houston and love writing reviews of the local restaurants and stores I visit with family and friends.

The Fish Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Houston, photos included

The Fish Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Houston, photos included

The Fish Sushi

My husband went to The Fish Restaurant & Sushi Bar before me. He reported that the food was delicious and the atmosphere was modern and pretty. After hearing his brief review, I was hooked and looked forward to my first visit there.

The location of this restaurant is in the highly popular Midtown area of Houston. We had friends who used to rent a three-story townhome in that popular area just southwest of downtown. They liked the fact that within walking distance of their place was a wide assortment of restaurants, art galleries, and shops of all different types. Plus, it was a hop, skip, and a jump away from all the many downtown venues.

They invited us out to eat one evening. It was so lovely to be able to walk to a nearby restaurant and back. Where we live in the western suburbs of Houston, that is not possible. We always have to drive if we wish to dine out.


The Fish Restaurant & Sushi Bar is located at 309 Gray Street #107, Houston, Texas 77002, in an end-cap location of the block-long variety of businesses.

The sidewalks are bricked, and there are plentiful trees providing shade. Many of the restaurants and businesses have beautifully potted plants outside their doors.

The Fish provides quite a bit of outdoor dining space in addition to what is found inside. When our Houston weather is not sizzling, it would be fun to enjoy the outdoor eating area.

There is a full bar, and for people living in that part of town, happy hour is bound to be crowded.

Parking is metered in that part of town, and at night valet parking for the restaurant is provided.

Bento Box Dining Experience

The first time I visited this lovely restaurant with my husband, we both ordered the bento boxes for lunch. First, the server brought miso soup. We both agreed that it was the best we've ever had.

I must confess that miso soup is not my favorite soup. The rich flavorful broth could have me changing my mind! Those slivered fresh mushrooms and scallions floating on the top of the bowl made it visually appealing.

The glazed salmon bento box was my choice while my husband ordered shrimp tempura. Both of them were delicious. I could have made an entire meal of the accompanying caramelized Brussels sprouts! They were scrumptious!

I will have to try and replicate them at home. My husband often turns up his nose at eating Brussels sprouts, and he admitted to liking them as they had been prepared in this particular way.

The dressing over the accompanying salad in each bento box was light and yet so very flavorful.

Chef Harold Wong

Executive chef Harold Wong has some outstanding working credentials. Two other local Houston restaurants (Azuma downtown and Uchi) had him working there before he came to The Fish Restaurant & Sushi Bar. The dishes he puts out are as pretty as they are delectable.



Small Plate Dining

My husband and I both love good calamari. The calamari here is as fresh and appealing as any we have ever eaten. A light touch is needed when cooking squid because it can quickly become tough and rubbery if cooked for too long. They do it just right here!

They open at noon and stay open until midnight on Saturdays and 9 p.m. Sundays. We have popped in there on weekends mid-afternoon just for a couple of their small plates. We wanted a little something but not a complete meal as we were not that hungry.

Sautéed jalapeño scallops in garlic sauce are a rich and spicy treat. The scallops were tender and delicious.

Beef ribeye rolls were a visual treat for the eye. It did not last long on the plate once it was tasted. Oh, so tender thinly sliced ribeye was wrapped around a slice of avocado. The taste of cilantro, lime zest, and teriyaki sauce made this beef ribeye roll a definite winner! We will surely want more of it in the future.

The video below shows how this beef ribeye roll is made by Chef Wong.

Thumbs Up!

My husband and I will surely be returning to dine at this excellent Midtown restaurant again and again. Every day they do wonders with the freshly delivered seafood offered on the regular menu, as well as daily specials.

Plan to visit this restaurant if you have a desire for sushi, Japanese, or Asian food as well as some of the freshest seafood in town. I am confident that your visit is bound to be a pleasing success!


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