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Vikings "A Feast From the Sea" Buffet Restaurant Review, SM Mall, Marikina

Maria Cecilia believes that writing is a pleasure and at the same time a challenge to her flexibility.

Viking Logo taken by celar

Viking Logo taken by celar

Popularity Continues to Rise...

Vikings' popularity is really amazing. It's a bit expensive, and you almost always need a reservation. To be accommodated, customers should get to the restaurant about an hour before it opens so that you can get on the waitlist.

It was already 5 p.m. when I reached Vikings. It wasn't open yet, but customers were already seated on the waiting benches just outside the restaurant. I approached the woman handling the reservations and asked her to list myself and three companions.

It was 5:30 p.m. when they opened and started to welcome customers. Those with advance reservations were the first to enter the restaurant. A few minutes later, the reservations lady started to call waitlisted customers. Although my group was number 24, I really didn't feel like we waited long before our number was called.

I Would Absolutely Go Back.

A Quick List of the Pros and Cons and What I Liked/Didn't Like

Best Part: The dessert bar. It had everything I wanted, and I really liked the strawberry-flavored things.


  • Spacious
  • Good for groups
  • A huge variety of food


  • Generally loud/busy
  • If you're on the waitlist, you don't get to pick where you sit (so you might sit with strangers).

What I Liked:

  • Desserts
  • Veggie tempura
  • Salmon gravlax
  • Farmer's galantine
  • Hot pot/shabu-shabu
  • Promos

What I Wasn't Impressed With:

  • Somai
  • Dumplings

The Ambiance

Vikings is such a huge place with an unbelievable number of luxurious foods that are presented in buffet-style tables. The place is spacious, but it still gets too crowded for me. There were lots of customers walking here and there, feasting their eyes on all of the tempting food. The tables and chairs were elegantly arranged and combined with fancy lights and shades, which made the restaurant look cozy. The sad part is that you can't choose a table if you're on the wait list. My group and I were guided to a long table that accommodated 14 people, meaning we are going to share with 10 other customers. Sharing a table with strangers was uncomfortable at first, but it never prevented us from enjoying our dinner.

The Buffet Tables and Bars

Like I said, the buffet tables and bars were attractively arranged. The dessert station will be the first one that you're going to see because it's the closest to the entrance, as if inviting customers to try them first. This is immediately followed by the appetizer bar and salad bar. The salad bar lets you make your own salad, including Asian, Caesar, or even Sicilian options. Potato salad is also available. Next to them or almost at the same bar are the mouth-watering cold cuts and cheese. On the next bar are Japanese dishes, followed by the drinking stations. The drinking station offers all types of beverages:

  • fresh juices in variety of flavors, like fresh dalandan juice and four seasons (a bit like a tropical fruit punch)
  • smoothies or shakes
  • soft drinks
  • brewed coffee
  • tea
  • draft beer

Vikings has a long line of buffet bars that are organized according to the country they represent. Across the bar in the middle part of the venue is the large buffet of assorted sushi and maki. Honestly, there were too many inviting foods and dishes. Even with humongous appetite, it is still impossible to try everything the restaurant has to offer.

The Dessert Bar

One of my criteria for "best buffet restaurant" is their dessert station. Vikings passed my standards with flying colors because they had desserts beyond my imagination. It was like being in my own fairy land. They had my favorite mousse and panacotta in small glasses, all placed inside the glass cake rack. Next to those were cakes of different varieties, three chocolate fountains (dark chocolate, white chocolate, and strawberry), sweet side dishes, and candies that you can mix with ice cream and yogurt. Aside from that, fresh fruits were also available.

Although I love desserts, I tried to be selective and pick what I was craving most. I chose strawberry panacotta, strawberry mousse, a crepe with blueberry filling topped with strawberry-flavored Ice cream, some dragon fruit, and something that I thought was a cream pop.

I always love strawberry mousse; it is something that I don't usually find at the nearby popular cake store. The crepe with blueberry filling with strawberry-flavored ice cream on top was a perfect flavor combination. Dragon fruit is one of my favorites, but it's usually quite expensive at the supermarket. That's why I really indulged when I saw it at the dessert station!

Whenever I am at a buffet, I have made it a rule that I always start with a dessert and end my meal with another dessert.

The Appetizer Bar

I think I enjoyed the appetizers a lot because my second and third servings were assorted ones that I really enjoyed. At the dessert station, my favorite flavor was strawberry; at the appetizer bar, I was craving something cheesy and new. Queso fresco ahumada and mussel fresco ahumada satisfied my craving for something salty and very tasty. I loved the deviled eggs too. They were just a simple egg stuffed with flavorful egg yolk, but I was so crazy about it. The salmon gravlax and farmer's galantine were also very delicious. My third serving was another set of appetizers from the cold cuts and cheese bar. It was basically just a repetition of my second serving.

They tasted so good that I think I ate too much. I will definitely return to Vikings to experience their distinctive taste again.

3rd Serving


Japanese and Sushi Bar

Next to the cold cuts and cheese bar was the Japanese bar that served tempura (shrimp, fish, and vegetables). I ignored the teppanyaki group and skipped the large buffet table in the middle of the venue that had deliciously arranged maki, sashimi, and sushi. I ended up getting one piece of vegetable tempura and another piece fish tempura. I liked the vegetable tempura. It somehow made me hungrier.

Steak, Fried Rice, and Soup

My buffet experience wouldn't be complete without trying the steak. I got the top-blade steak. It was combined with a delicious sauce, but I forgot the name of the sauce. I also tried to sample the lamb chops, but they didn't have any when I asked. Instead, I went to the Chinese-dishes bar and got a less than half serving of fried rice. My meal wouldn't be complete without some soup, so I got half a cup of "minced pork with century egg" soup.

I guess I got the perfect meal combination here. The top-blade steak was a tasty compliment to the fried rice. The soup was also good. These delicious dishes added to my list of reasons why I want to come back to Vikings.

Chinese Cold Cuts, Appetizer, and Dim Sum

Going in, it was my plan to try the dim sum. At my last buffet experience at another luxury buffet restaurant, I was already full when I got to taste the siomai and dumplings. So I promised myself that next time, I would make sure to get to the dim sum before I was full. At the dim sum bar, I got a few pieces of my favorite chicken feet, three dumplings, and one piece of siomai. Chinese cold cuts and appetizers are an old-time favorite of mine, but I only got one piece of pork and two century egg pieces. The chicken feet were fine, but I didn't enjoy the dumpling. I think the dough may have been thicker than the ones I had eaten in the past, so I didn't really like it. I don't know why I didn't like the siomai. It was probably because it reminded me that it was the last thing I had eaten when I got sick two weeks ago. Anyway, I won't give up on Vikings just because I didn't enjoy the taste of the siomai and dumplings.