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Top 3 Outdoor Bars in Jupiter, Florida With Live Music Entertainment

I love recommending good bars for people who are visiting Jupiter, Florida.

Looking for live entertainment to go along with your drinks in Jupiter, Florida? Check out these bars!

Looking for live entertainment to go along with your drinks in Jupiter, Florida? Check out these bars!

Coming to Jupiter? Have a Drink With Me!

Stuck smack-dab in the middle of the East coast, between Florida hot spots Miami and Orlando, Jupiter is a small and very relaxing beach town. Unfortunately, we have very little to offer in terms of entertainment. By "entertainment," I mean we don't have any water parks, we don't have any theme parks, we don't have laser tag, nor do we really have much that you can do for fun (however, we don't have to travel far to get to some of these things).

Sure, we've got the beach. Our waves aren't too great for surfing, but we definitely have a lot of surfers here. There are also a few shipwrecks not far from our beaches, which makes scuba diving an interesting experience. But the straight-up truth is that a lot of people come here to retire.

We do have a nightlife. I swear. We're not all boring old people.

A College Student in Jupiter

I'm 23, and I've lived here all of my life. I manage to have fun on the weekends. It might not seem like much of a town if you don't live here, but being a college student and living here, I've gone to lengths to come up with fun things to do around here.

For those who are less adventurous, I've come up with my top 3 favorite bars in Jupiter. We're going to define "bar" as "any place in Jupiter that serves alcohol and is open past midnight." That should clear up any confusion, as many of these are restaurants during the day.

A view of the Square Grouper

A view of the Square Grouper

1. Square Grouper Tiki Bar at Castaways Marina

This is my top favorite outdoor bar in Jupiter. When I was 15 (8 years ago), when my dad was teaching me to drive, we would come down here on a Sunday afternoon, and I would get a hot dog and a soda, and since I was driving, he could have a couple of beers. Back then, it wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now. A normal Friday or Saturday night is packed. It’s definitely one of the few things Jupiter is famous for (though how famous, I don’t know because I love my town so much I hardly leave).

The Square Grouper Tiki Bar and Castaways Marina is probably our most popular spot in Jupiter, and this is because of Alan Jackson’s “Its’ Five O’Clock Somewhere” video with Jimmy Buffet. Between the Fish Tournaments and the fundraisers every year, there’s always something to do at The Square Grouper. They also help our Jupiter musicians by hosting local bands six nights a week. Every once in a while, they delight our small town with a famous artist (thanks to Alan Jackson, putting this bar on the map).

One of the coolest things is the view of the Jupiter Lighthouse and the Jupiter Inlet.



2. Guanabanas Jupiter Tiki Bar And Restaurant

A Guanabana, also known as soursop, is a fruit. The Tiki Bar and Restaurant is definitely the fruit of Jupiter.

Guanabanas has live music Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, along with "Big Wednesdays" on...well...Wednesday. Big Wednesdays usually have a band or two and some interesting theme or event, like celebrity surfers or maybe a band that is bigger than just local. If you're bored on hump day, that's the day to hit up Guanabanas.

"Saturday Nights Live" is every Saturday, which includes special deals on food, drinks, and multiple live bands playing dub, reggae, and other kinds of music that fit the tropical Florida atmosphere.

Guanabanas is also known to run fundraisers, such as one for Haiti, which are always fun events and a great way to show you care.

You can get their music and event schedule at their



3. Pineapples

Pineapples is an interesting place, to say the least. Since Abacoa opened, this leased spot has always had trouble. I always felt it was because of the expensive restaurants. The rest of Abacoa is affordable, but for years, in this spot, there were expensive restaurants that the majority of Abaoca patrons couldn't afford (other than that guy who drives the Lotus around the Town Center).

Now, it's a club/bar called Pineapples, and every time I go by, it's hopping. I've only actually been in there once, but I had a lot of fun the night I did. Maybe it was because I came over from a night of drinking at Jumby Bay. Either way, I would check this place out at least once.

One interesting thing is the Dueling Pianos, which is every Friday and Saturday from 7:30 pm-10:30 pm.

Other than the Dueling Pianos and karaoke they sometimes do (I avoid that night because I'm tired of hearing people do terrible renditions of Journey), it's really just a fun place to get your drink on and dance.