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A Review of Townhouse in Detroit, MI

Richard Ford is a local enthusiast of the nightlife and bar scenes.

Townhouse doesn't have much room inside, but it has a big patio.

Townhouse doesn't have much room inside, but it has a big patio.

TownHouse is a popular restaurant and bar, originally based in downtown Birmingham, MI. Its second location is located in downtown Detroit, MI. The seats are easily filled during the weekends, and it's considered a really cool place to hang out.

  • Types of meals offered: appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and dessert
  • Types of drinks offered: soft drinks, club soda, beer, cocktails, and wine
Heart To Heart drink at Townhouse in Detroit, MI

Heart To Heart drink at Townhouse in Detroit, MI

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My Favorite Meal and Drinks

  • Veggie Burger: My personal favorite is the veggie burger. Its patty is a jaw-opening 1" thick of protein source, made with healthy black beans served between sesame-seeded buns. A choice of the sides can be a salad or a bushel of french fries.
  • Heart To Heart: My favorite cocktail drink is the heart to heart drink. It's made with vodka, lemon juice, & grapefruit juice. My first impression of the drink was that it tasted deliciously pulp-like.
  • Basil Smash: Another personal favorite cocktail drink is the basil smash. It is muddled with mint leaves, with a fresh taste of lemon juice and gin. The ice adds that sense of "coolness," which makes the bar experience much more worthwhile.


What's really comforting about this restaurant is that during the summertime the windows are open by its "balcony," allowing the fresh air to simmer the mind. While sitting at the bar, it's easy to enjoy the view of the outside patio and to observe guests coming in and out of the bar.

During night time, the fire-lit lanterns have a cool Indiana-Jones type of effect, giving it a truly adventurous experience. What makes this place stand-out, is that it feels like an outdoor activity that's really indoors! The background music provides an upbeat ambiance, and checking out the "ceiling mirror" above the bar makes it fun to connect with a random stranger.

The patio is a great place for families and group of friends to dine at, under its extended signature-red umbrellas.

For the cold-weather fanatics: During the wintertime, the windows are sealed air-tight, to prevent the blistering cold winds from tackling on the guests. Thankfully, the adjustable internal temperature makes up for that!

Pros and Cons of Townhouse


popular; easy to meet and connect with people, especially in the bar area

seats fill up quickly (show up for an early dinner at 5 or 6pm)

cocktails are delicious


great meal choices


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