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What's the Hype With Shake Shack?

I enjoy trying out different restaurants and sharing my reviews.

The Shake Shack logo

The Shake Shack logo

Is Shake Shack Good?

Shake Shack. When you hear those words, immediately you think of great burgers and shakes. We felt compelled to try these because we enjoy a great burger from time to time.

We visited the Shake Shack location in Las Vegas, Nevada. Specifically, we chose the Summerlin location.

Now, I always get my burgers plain because I believe you're only masking the taste of a horrible beef patty with toppings—with the only exception of bacon if it's offered. On occasion, I will add ketchup. That's all. I'm a burger purist. I ordered the Single Hamburger with bacon added. My wife had the Single Shack Burger.

The meals we ordered at Shake Shack

The meals we ordered at Shake Shack


Verdict: Great

In the photo above, my hamburger is in the front, and my wife's Shack Burger is behind it. Also, we ordered French fries and a shake (since it's Shake Shack!).

I did like the overall presentation of how we received the food. I like that the burgers are in a blank sleeve, and I typically like the way the fries are served in a tray. This is similar to how In-N-Out Burger serves fries.

I also liked the use of a pan as a tray. It all made for a great presentation.

The plain burger with bacon

The plain burger with bacon

The Plain Burger's Taste

Verdict: Tasteless burger, good bun

The Meat

I found the hamburger to be tasteless. I really wanted to enjoy this burger. But I couldn't. Heck, McDonald's makes a burger with more taste compared to this Shake Shack hamburger. It's like it needed something else. It was missing a component . . . called flavor. It's like it wasn't seasoned at all. That, or the meat was just horrible.

I reached for the pepper at the last minute, but that improved the taste only a little. I even considered using ketchup. You know that your burger is horrible if it doesn't taste very good even with bacon. And you know your bacon isn't good if it can't help out the burger.

Speaking of the meat, is this even beef? It didn't look at all like a hamburger, but like slivered steak.

The Bun

The bun, however, was nice and soft and was good. Unfortunately, that's all that was really great.

The Single Shack Burger

The Single Shack Burger

The Shake Burger's Taste

Verdict: Tasteless burger

My wife said that her burger was also tasteless and agreed that something was definitely missing in regard to seasoning and overall taste. She has eaten her share of hamburgers and should know what a good burger tastes like. And she concluded that Shake Shack is not the best place for burgers. She stated that the toppings didn't add to the overall flavor of the burger either.

The French fries

The French fries

The Fries' Taste

Verdict: Acceptable

On the other hand, the fries were good. And I mention the word "good" along the lines of good to okay. Not good to excellent. Good in the sense that it was acceptable.

I've had great fries in the past, and this wouldn't quite be on that list. However, the fries were better than the actual burger itself. Which is sad because this is allegedly a place to get great burgers, not fries.

Conclusion: The Burgers Are Overrated

In conclusion, we both felt that the burgers at Shake Shack were junk. We wouldn't go out of our way to go here again. We aren't sure if this was an "off" day in which we feel that the burgers were not as expected. We typically don't have high expectations. So we went in with a very open mind. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this and find that there are other options as opposed to wasting money on this.

How Does Shake Shack Compare to Other Chains?

Versus Other Higher-End Chains

In comparison with other higher-end, non-franchised chains (that we have tried), we concluded on this ranking:

  1. In-N-Out Burger
  2. Five Guys Burger
  3. Shake Shack

Overall Comparison With Other Chain Restaurants

In comparison with other chains, we concluded:

  1. In-N-Out Burger
  2. Five Guys
  3. McDonald's
  4. Jack in the Box
  5. Burger King
  6. Wendy's
  7. Shake Shack