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Five Gorgeous Greek Restaurants in York

As a foodie and resident of York (UK), I like to share my experiences of York cuisine.

What's the best Greek food in York?

What's the best Greek food in York?

Greek Food in York

If you're fancying some Greek and Mediterranean-infused food, then you should be delighted to know that York has a range of fantastic Greek restaurants that should more than hit the spot. They each offer their own unique aspects; some offer a blend with other cuisines, others are specialists in the accompaniment of wine, and more.

Below are five of our absolute favourites that we highly recommend:

  1. Zills
  2. The Great Greek Taverna
  3. Taverna Yamas
  4. The Olive Tree
  5. Wine Stories

1. Zills

Zills actually offers a blended cuisine surrounding Spanish, Turkish and Greek dishes. The restaurant offers a really warm and cosy yet relatively lively atmosphere. They have a great ethos that I think they hold up well and they want every customer to “leave feeling like family”.

Zills provides a rich variety of high-quality food that as you can see from the menu link below is rich in Mediterranean culture and works very well with a bottle of wine or two. However, they do offer a range of alternative drinks too such as Greek Aphrodite and Turkish Yakut.

Address: Gillygate, York, YO31 7EA

Phone: 01904 289890

2. The Great Greek Taverna

If you’re really looking to get a proper taste of Greece, then I really don’t think you can go far wrong than heading down to The Great Greek Taverna. At the time of writing, they are currently undergoing a reopening stage, but by the time you’re likely reading this, they will have reopened.

One aspect that really appeals to me is how open they are with regard to the usage of local ingredients as well as Greek imports to offer the dishes on their menu. They also make use of a proper wood-fired stone oven as well, so you should get the smokey flavour to every meal. Certainly, one to check out.

Address: 24 Walmgate, York, YO19TK

3. Taverna Yamas

This is a slightly different option from the rest of the restaurants listed here because you can actually order online and take out if you need to. If you'd like to eat in, you will need to ‘table booking’. Personally, I don’t think their site does the ‘eating in’ experience enough justice as it is a really quaint little setup they have, and it’s well worth dropping in.

That said, the main attraction of Taverna Yamas is of course the food. It’s fantastic. It is pure Mediterranean, and their best sellers of myhtos, kleftiko and chicken wraps, and merides are fantastic. They have a specific ‘traditional Greek dishes’ section as well that is certainly worth a visit for those wanting to get a bit more experimental with their meal.

Address: 4 Acomd Wood Drive, Woodthorpe, York, YO24 3XN

Phone : 07960920979

4. The Olive Tree

Located on the opposite side of York’s Castle Tower, you have The Olive Tree, which should already give you vibes of Greece, and with a beautiful historic view to suit. They have a range of fantastic food and you can tell they really go to the extra effort to source some of the very best ingredients (and more specifically at their right ‘seasoned’ time).

They have a policy of “from the garden, sea and field to the table” that really helps you get a sense of the raw high-quality ingredients they are working with. Plus, they offer a fantastic wine list, that you should certainly be taking advantage of.

Address: 10 Tower Street, York, YO1 9SA

Phone: 01904 624433

5. Wine Stories

Close to the Jorvik Viking centre, Wine Stories is an incredibly well-regarded Greek restaurant that easily ranks as one of my all-time favourite restaurants in York. Wine Stories serves food that doesn’t only look beautiful but tastes great and fresh. They are specialists in Greek cuisine and—you guessed it—wine.

Of all the restaurants on this list, I think Wine Stories has to go down as my favourite. The food is next level, the atmosphere is great, and you can see from the reviews alone, that this is a top-quality restaurant that offers fantastic food at pretty reasonable prices too. So if you want a Mediterranean infusion, this is the place to eat at.

Address: 24 Parliament Street, York, YO1 8RS

Phone: 07479088118

Honourable Mentions

  • Stam and Maria Greek Corner Cafe: They have both a cafe that is located on Parliament Street, but they also have a street store that you can find near the Jorvik Viking Centre. It doesn't strictly make the list above as they aren't a restaurant (however, but they do own Wine Stories), but if you are fancying something a bit lighter, then heading out to their street food store or the cafe, is definitely worth the visit. Just be sure to know the opening and closing times.
  • Ambiente Tapas: A really lovely little restaurant that’s situated on Goodramgate, and they also have a restaurant on Fossgate, too. It is a perfect spot for those who are into tapas and what to get a taste of the Mediterranean but want to be exposed to plenty of other dishes as well. This is a great solution for a party of people who are split between Greek food lovers and others not so much, essentially, a good solution for those who want to account for everyone and a bit of everything. They actually have a bar set up too, perfect for those who are eating solo and what a bit of tapas and a cold beer or two. You can find it on Walmgate and goes by “Tabanco By Ambiente”.

Of course, if you know of any other Greek Restaurants in York that you think should definitely be on this list, then we would love to hear from you with your suggestion and why. Shoot us a message, and if you convince us, we’d be happy to include it!

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